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Haven't saw one in a while let's go!

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Go to /d/ retard

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shouldnt this be in /aco/?

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someone has the other drawings in this pack

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Drop everything you got :)

I'm in love with Mirage

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Thread for cock/balls showing from under shorts/underwear/clothing

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Kaeya and Diluc are so damn hot

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I don't mind people posting Venti here but he's just so unappealing to me, no matter how you draw him. Boring as fuck babyface, compared to all the other hot boys in the game.

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All boys from gi are boring for now call me when they agree a hot guy with muscle

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How much you wanna bet more than half of the Venti art here is tagged as shota by by the original artists

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Big dick twinks?

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Anyone have the Camohouse art folders? Doesn’t seem to be any place to find them for free.

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ADF-affiliated catalog has one drive, with works older than 6 months posted there:
I don't know if any of the newer stuff ever leaked

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The last thread hit the bump limit.

For discussion add Dwego#4612 on discord for access to the main server.

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caspar fucking pumpkins edition

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hottest FE guys coming through.

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This is so good

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Does anyone have a link.magnet to the missing Omegaverse episode of Caso Cerrado?

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jesus, what the deal with all the retards making threads lately?

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it is the most sought out episode of latin american tv

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Yolo tengo

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>The LGB People have no place for you!
Holy fuck that's even more cringe then the LGBT

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A genre based on aesthetic you piece of goddamn pedo garbage is like you only use your dick instead of your brain.

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Signifiers to appease both the straighfags trapshits so they feel less degenerate
Is like loli artists giving the girls massive knockers and mouth breathers going "b-but loli's don't have tits! I-im not a lolicon see?"

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does anyone have it uncensored?

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someone has the image?? 0.-

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If it wasn't against the rules I would fill these request threads with gore.

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Does anyone have the full videos of his works? I used to watch them when they used to be on PH.

I have a still from his gifsample site, it only has the sound effects and most of the screen is blacked out except the video flashing in.

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does anyone have the original image?? :(

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Kamuijack is not Kfutaba though

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I know, it's why I said it's not the same artist but I miss their works from ygallery. Those two guys were my favorites.

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Sorry, I didn't read.

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Does anyone got the text files that come with the purchase?

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This new comic says it happens after Batboys 3, and it references Damin having sex with his dad.

Phausto said the Batboys "parent lessons" or something like that is not #3. What happened to 3? I can't find it anywhere.

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It hasn't been made yet, he already said that.

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who else needs literary character porn

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Pretty obscure request, but anyone have anything from Terra Ignota?

pic unrelated

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I remember there was one pic of Lenny and George from Of Mice And Men but sadly I no longer have it

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I want more shit from percy jackson

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Like Ada Palmer's Terra Ignota? If so *very* obscure. But I would be equally interested.

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anyone has this?

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just buy it you retard, we don't need yet another fucking begging thread.

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Hi, someone who have this nude model from naruto? please

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this kind of naruto art is fucking disgusting

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naruto has a small dick so his model is trash anyway

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