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lol no
Infinite is shit

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saints row 2 is an exception.

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>own the trilogy
>never played any of them yet
>still comfy playing cuphead.

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based and redpilled

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>the trilogy is all good

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based unironically

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>spinoff is the best in the series

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How did that franchise go to shit so fast?

>tfw there's probably not a single person left at Volition who worked on SR1/2

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This. Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando as well.
Even before Inifinte I remember there being a sharp divide whether Bioshock 2 was a step up or step down from 1.
After Infinite however, a lot more people consider it on par with 1.

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it might not have the constant change in scenery as the first game, but it improves on literally everything gameplay wise

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not an argument

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the first part was literally an argument, kek
second part i just didn't feel like expanding, but you could just google 'bioshock 1 vs 2 differences'

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>Numbered sequels are actually non canon

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you mean best?

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>game with a poorly paced plot, under-developed false equivalencies, flat characters and lack of player choices is better than a game with a story that is okay paced, has a more well developed counter-point to Bioshock 1's, well developed characters and meaningful character choices

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still seeing bomberman.

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2 > 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>> shitfinite

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patrician taste

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I like them all desu

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When in reality, Bethesda never will acknowledge that the only good 3D Fallout was never made by them and they'll never come close to reaching the quality of New Vegas.

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I love 2.

The game lacks moments like the Rapture introduction, a slave obeys, would you kindly, etc., and the cast of characters is generally weaker in the sense that it doesn't have Ryan or Cohen, because that's all anyone remembers from 1. However, 1 goes to shit after the Fontaine reveal, and just fucking embarrasses itself with that boss fight and ending. Whereas with 2, everything at the end starting from the Little Sister sequence is fantastic. Sinclair being a bro, seeing Eleanor rip and tear or be a big dumb hero, you mowing down hordes of splicers like a true Big Daddy, that good ending, all great. I get why people would prefer 1 still, but I personally value a strong end.

Moreover, 2 is actually really fucking fun to play. It never gets old drill charging dudes screaming about bees in their face, while two drones named Jedediah and Bartholomew are smacking around into shit like retards going BREEE BREEE BREEE while chasing down some poor unsuspecting splicer.

Infinite isn't even in the running.

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Except 2 is decent, Infinite is just bad.

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Witcher 2

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it's cool to retroactively hate infinite now?

it was a good game.

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It's an average game that looks a lot worse than it is in comparison to it's predecessors.

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They indirectly acknowledged it by giving up on trying to make an RPG and focusing on an open world multiplayer survival meme game.

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you gotta play 1 anon

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No lies detected anon.

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>all these literal plebs preferring 2 over 1
maybe if you like to eat shit

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>2 fans: give reasons for their enjoyment

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t. pleb

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Being the bomberman bit daddy was amazing, I don't get why people hate it. Infinite is pure shit compared to what the game should have been from the early trailers.

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If /v/ actually played 1 first they would see how fucked 2 is. It's only merit is that there's dual-wielding and Sinclair being a bro. Bioshock Infinite is unironically more like the original game, where you enter this exotic city you've never been to before and shit hits the fan with powers and all that. I like 2 but its the Opposing Force of the Bioshock series, but its a full-priced retail game instead of an expansion.

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it was hated by the contrariansphere when it came out, but for a good reason for once

they removed the stealth shit and just made it a shooter even though its mechanics are bad at straight up shooting, and the setting and lore are absolutely retarded racebait tripe that treats the issue in the most hamfisted, eyerollingly normie way possible.

the original games weren't exactly a scholarly take on objectivism but at least they didn't go full infinite

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>If /v/ actually played 1 first they would see how fucked 2 is.

I played them in release order because I had to since they were still being released. 1 is the best, 2 is just more of 1, infinite is a departure and you are reaching far up your ass to justify your bad game

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Resistance 2

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>how fucked 2 is.
>when it's better in every way
oh no it doesn't have le plot twist

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2 was vastly superior to infishit in every way, it was also superior to BS 1 in terms of gameplay and it didn’t need to rip off the Shodan reveal to have a good story

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If you want to go full autism, Bioshock 1 until the fontaine reveal > Bioshock 2 > Bioshocks 1 second part > infinite > Infinite Burial at sea episode 2 > Burial at sea episode 1

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It’s a respectable position if you value the combat *that* much more over the story and characters, but
>However, 1 goes to shit after the Fontaine reveal
Is completely overdoing it.
Olympus Heights, Apollo Square, and Point Prometheus are all fantastic levels on-par with the rest of the game (except maybe Med Pavilion and Fort Frolic).
It’s just the final 30 minutes with the escort mission nonsense and final boss that were lousy, but it’s unjust to lump the entire final third of the game in with those.

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>episode 2
>better than episode 1

The Elizabeth waifu pandering going in to full throttle with the retarded retcons automatically drops it to the bottom of the list.

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Or go play Systemshock 1 and 2, then bioshock 1 and 2. Ignore infinite as it’s not even the same genre

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Pic unrelated. In case of Bioshock, the 3rd one is the worst. The same with DoW and DoW III.

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Judgement is the worst game though.

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Wait, shit, I saw GoW instead of DoW for some reason, my mistake.

To get over my mistake:
>Best Plasmid
>Best Weapon
>Genocide or good run when you played?

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I just preferred the more stealthy approach of 2 over 1

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>2 is bad
You guys understand that it's objectively the better game of the 3 right?
1 is going to be move Favorited because people like it more but 2 is OBJECTIVELY in every way possible.

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NMA begone

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>Subject Delta can use plasmids, run fast as shit, have a massive arsenal and exterminate everything in his path with ease
>He is a “prototype Big Daddy”
>Every other Big Daddy is slow and has a limited array of offensive capabilities, no plasmids

Did anyone else found it kinda weird? Fucking great game anyways, I loved using the recording camara and wrecking the shit out of splicers.

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Please stay on Tumblr, Undertalefag

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Might be due to the link with one little sister instead of every single one?

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Thread's over

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Never played undertale, just too early to remember what they called it in 2.

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>Best Plasmid
Incinerate III is always good fun
>Best weapon
Fully upgraded shotgun was pretty nice, the drill with upgrades and some melee tonics was also fucking great
If you ever harm a little sister you are both a bastard and an idiot, because a good boi run gives you more benefits in the long run. I did kill Stanley because he is a goddamned snake and Alexander because he begged me for it.

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Did you play the game? Most of the alpha-series ended up dying or going crazy. Turns out making dumb mass produced Big Daddies is much more efficient.

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>Shotgun or Crossbow
>Always pure good

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Not that anon. It’s not called anything, you just get a happy if you save them, or everything sucks and fuck you ending if you kill even one little sister, a full on bad ending if you kill all.

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I have not played it since 2015 sorry. I must have forgotten. Most of my hours were on the suprisingly fun MP.

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Quoted By: >>424546721

It doesn't really have a name. Maybe you mean the choice of either harvesting or saving the little sisters or killing certain NPCs in the second game.

>> No.424546721

I guess that's why my mind went to "genocide" because that is basically what you are doing.

It indeed was surprising.

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oof, hurt me right where it matters. Thats my favorite western rpg mate, but I respect your opinion

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the design of a big daddy is to act more like an unthinking machine with a specific purpose than a person, so having an intelligent one who goes around fucking shit up isn't an asset.

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Oh look, there's a new IP out that was made by the people who worked on System Shock. It's not groundbreaking but it's a technically competent FPS that wasn't Halo or a sci-fi derivative that was popular during those days.

More of the same, I guess?


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take that back you filthy whore OP

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Bioshock 2 is the best Bioshock though.

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Fontaine is nowhere near the level Ryan is as an antagonist, or even really the small players like Steinman and Cohen. As well, nothing involved with stopping him in those levels is particularly interesting, aside from the becoming a big daddy bit which they completely fucked up. It's been a long time since I played 1, but the only thing I remember about those levels aside from that fuck up, is the overbearing sense of "it feels like this game should have ended with Ryan's confrontation" while playing through them.

Removed from the rest of the game, those levels would have been alright/good. But as it is, it still feels like a HARD step down.

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Infinite is lightyears worse than the first 2, not even the same subgenre of FPS actually

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>freezing plasmid
>kill everyone
Now let’s talk about how Prey is the System Shock/bioshock spiritual successor we deserve

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Quoted By: >>424548013

What a shit opinion. I bet you think Infinite is the best one.

>> No.424548013

Wait a minute, that letter

>> No.424548136

Literally just started this the other day, and I'm liking it so far. Why does /v/ hate this one?
On a side note, why does /v/ hate the first one now? That game was really good.

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Patrician opinion right here

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Bioshock 2 is an objectively better videogame than Bio1

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Genuinely felt bad for this dude

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It was always fucking hated here you goddamn newfag
It was fucking bad, and im still mad

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The only way to get a Bioshock thread going now is to shit on the first two while pretending Infinite was worth a damn.

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Quoted By: >>424548904

Fuckin hell, are we at the point where Infinite is considered an old game

>> No.424548423

The worst part of the third act is that the first two were about the whole meta narrative of players having zero agency in games. What do they do after making their point? More of the same shit, just with Tenenbaum giving you the fetch quests instead of Atlas/Fontaine. It's pretentious.

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Electric bolt
Goodest goy

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Quoted By: >>424548954

This. Rapture is supposed to be about the vision of one man. For a setting that's supposed to be an expression of Andrew Ryan's ideas, they go pretty light on the ideas and heavy on the generic video game antagonist bullshit. Rapture never really felt like some Objectivist hell, it could have just been any failed utopia. After he dies the villain is just some smuggler gaywad.

Would have been more interesting if they actually explored the themes more.

>walk into ryan's plaza
>don't leave
>a horde of machine gun golems and wall-mounted bazookas come to remove you from the premises

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Metal gear rising

>> No.424548827

you talking about far cry blood dragon?

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Quoted By: >>424553627

>2013 was 5 years ago
>2012 and 2013 were both abhorrent years for video games
I unironically mentally supressed those years because literally fucking nothing released that was actually good

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What girl is that

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Infinite was loathsome, lets not speak lightly of dark things here.

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I warned you about objectivism bro.

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Friendly reminder that Infinite is the best of the 3 and anyone who says it's bad is an assblasted /pol/fag who got triggered by the setting shitting all over religious right wing racists.

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I played the first two Bioshocks back-to-back and honestly enjoyed 2 more. The gunplay was more fun and they got rid of those annoying hack minigames.
Shame it was a shorter game.

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1/10 i replied

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Quoted By: >>424549360

1 was okay. I didn't like it very much.

>> No.424549109

(you) deserve one

I'm black though, not the suburban kind. Thought it was pretty full of virtue signaling.

>> No.424549360
Quoted By: >>424549539

I found it was most fun when i killed every little sister so i could play with all the magics. Too bad the game makes you feel bad for it

>> No.424549494

I just thought it was boring.

>> No.424549539
Quoted By: >>424549971

I only felt bad about it in 2

>> No.424549661
Quoted By: >>424550590

I beat 2 in one sitting years ago. Wasn't a very long game but it was good

>> No.424549726

The game flips the script halfway through and just makes the blacks the bad guys.

>> No.424549749

pic not related, I suppose?

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Quoted By: >>424551924

>2nd game is the best of the trilogy

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Don't lie to yourself, anon. Like everyone you've ever met, Sinclaire was just a tool to be utilized until it no longer became convenient to do so, at which point you simply tossed him aside. Monsters never feel bad over their actions.

>> No.424549971

I'm actually gonna try the opposite, so maybe i'll end up using more than two guns this time.

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Fuck (you)

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The 2nd game was bitchin. I don't know what you're on about. One of the biggest pitfalls imo in Bioshock 1 was the inability to use plasmids and weapons at the same time. Bioshock 2 remedied that.

Infinite is where they dropped the fucking ball. Elizabeth had her head in anoose in their advertising video for the game. Those goons were going to hang her and Booker got his ass in trouble with a handyman. Then suddenly Elizabeth is a fucking idol tier person admired by all?

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Quoted By: >>424550481

>Game doesn't need a sequel because it's one of a kind timeless masterpiece that has no paragon

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Quoted By: >>424550737

Infinite was at least better than 2. Your opinion is shit and I would advise you to end your life immediately, friend.

>> No.424550265

I played Infinite a bit and while the story and the exposition seems childish as someone like Levine would make it, I'm amazed at how well the ligting, the clouds and the reflections are done.

>> No.424550481
Quoted By: >>424550575

I can't fucking tell what game this is from these low quality images

>> No.424550548
Quoted By: >>424551025

But the story also shits on the retarded commies as it shows that the populist revolution ultimately leads to dictatorship and craze for power

>> No.424550575

I think Vanquish and God Hand. Not entirely sure.

>> No.424550590


I'm pretty sure it's a good bit longer than 1 or Infinite, plus its multiple endings are somewhat more varied than 1's last five seconds of the game and Infinite's clusterfuck of a non-story.

I also remember reviews immediately shitting on 2 for daring the have a multiplayer mode, but that shit was fun too.

>> No.424550620 [SPOILER]
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Every day that I am reminded that it was left neutered and broken by the absurd dev time, shit engine, and console limits is a bad day.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

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>2nd game is the best of the trilogy

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Quoted By: >>424551765

2 = Infinite > 1

People who think 1 is the best are brainlets for whom it was their first exposure to the specious bullshit that is Randian Objectivism. And they probably bought it too.

>> No.424551025

It was more of a revolution gone out of hand. Like the horrible shit people did during the anti-apartheid revolution.
Not even sure where you got "communism" from this.

>> No.424551076

3 and 4 are more canonical than 2 lol.

>> No.424551091

This post is 100% true.

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>literally nobody talking about Minervas Den.

Best piece of bioshock there is.

>> No.424551231

Fuck off you communist cunt

>> No.424551262

>Devs went on to make Gone Home of all things.

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Quoted By: >>424551362

>Implying I'm going to read all of that autism
1 > Infinite > 2. This isn't even up for debate. Have fun trying to fit in with your infinite hate though, faggot.

>> No.424551362
Quoted By: >>424551525

>hating infinite is trying to fit in
Newfag get the FUCK out holy shit, 10/10 im mad

>> No.424551392

>Minerva's Den
I saw the ending coming from a mile away, but it was still an absolute blast.

I think I'm going to go re-install all of the Bioshock games right now actually. Hard mode of course.

>> No.424551408

>Nail Gun
>I genocided back then because it gave me more points :c

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>> No.424551508

honestly like lamb more then ryan just because ho much of a cunt she is and how she projects it on you
>yeah you didnt really kill anyone but you're still a monster excuse me while I backstab someone else

>> No.424551525
Quoted By: >>424551852

He's right though. If you were around when Infinite was released, it was about 80% hate 20% defenders.

It's shifted a bit since then, but it's still like 60% haters.

>> No.424551765
Quoted By: >>424553093

Infinite had some of the worst enemies in the series, disgustingly shit level design and a plot that gave up half way through.

>> No.424551852
Quoted By: >>424552471

It should be 100% hatred, anyone who likes the game is a genuine shit eater

>> No.424551924
Quoted By: >>424552081

>crash bandicoot
Trilogy has no good games

>> No.424552081

Other than the jetpack and backtracking in levels like the Pits, what's wrong with Crash 2?

>> No.424552471
Quoted By: >>424555132

You just hate it because it was acclaimed (and because it's cool to hate acclaimed things) -- not because it was genuinely bad.

>> No.424553093

>worst enemies in the series
Because they weren't wearing goofy masks?
>disgustingly shit level design
As opposed to corridor world?
>plot that gave up half way through
I'll give you that. I gave up hope for the story after they jumped realities for the first time. Kinda makes everything inconsequential.
I liked the reveal that Elizabeth gets her powers from being from another reality though. Her ability to open tears is like the universe trying to repair itself.
The ending was pretty dumb though.

>> No.424553209


>> No.424553618

>spergs out because someone kidnapped her daughter and made her a little sister
>kidnaps loads of girls to make little sisters
>realise that she actually didn't give a shit about her daughter as a person, just as an asset

I fucking hated Lamb desu, was very annoyed when I saved her in the final cutscene.

>> No.424553627 [SPOILER]
File: 61KiB, 1280x720, 1530717930942.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>424555232

Hey anon...
____ ___!

>> No.424554221

Holy fuck I'm glad I'm not the only one who used this strat, stun em with whatever prop I picked up and blast em with the shotty.

>> No.424555132
Quoted By: >>424555226

No i bought it day 1, it was shit, fuck you

>> No.424555226
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Yeah, it was totally shit.

>> No.424555232


>> No.424555328

Correct, it was shit. Glad you agree with me, anon.

>> No.424555380
Quoted By: >>424555714

2 is a linear game where you escort little girls the entire time yet people seem to love it

>> No.424555619

>minerva's den>2>1>>>>infinite

>> No.424555714
Quoted By: >>424555793

but 2 is the least linear bioshock

>> No.424555793
Quoted By: >>424557321

all the maps are pretty much straight corridors

>> No.424556304

Rivet Gun
Good end

I actually tried doing a bad end run once but killing the little sisters was so heartbreaking I quit after the second one. Fuck they really did a phenomenal job on the voice acting, tucks at your fucking heart strings.

>> No.424556463

It might as well have been a very long dlc.

>> No.424556526
Quoted By: >>424557336

Bioshock 2 and Minerva's Den were the series peak, glad to see so many good opinions in here

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Quoted By: >>424558198


>> No.424556896

That last audio diary where he test the thinker is so fucking heartbreaking.

>> No.424557321


>> No.424557336

Minervas den is the definition of DLC done right

>> No.424558198

at least takahashi broke his curse

>> No.424558552

i think the 1 is better overall but the second is more polished, follows the same formula and plays better

>> No.424558660

spiderman 2 says no

>> No.424559216
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Fake news

>> No.424559376

When I was first playing I was about 50/50 on whether the game would have him go Fontaine on you, or if you'd just see him get ganked by a splicer behind some glass or something, so I was really pleasantly saddened with what actually happens.

"So long, kid." ;_;

>> No.424560052

You mean DMC 2?

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>> No.424560551

sonic 2 is a rushed piece of shit

>> No.424560627

nigga how long have you been playing it? i can finish it in under 2 hours casually.

>> No.424560871
Quoted By: >>424561250

all 2 does is crank the little sister defense sections to 11, you know THE WORST PART OF THE FIRST GAME.

>> No.424560872
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>appealing to authority
Do you suck cock when prompted, newfag?

>> No.424561067

Halo 2 is the worst of the trilogy.
Not bad, just not as great as the other 2.

>> No.424561167

I just platinumed BS1 for the 3rd time and BS2 for the first time(multiplayer in the original release can suck a dick).

I was debating playing through Infinite again, but I feel like it would just bum me out. Should I give it another chance?

>> No.424561250

>implying setting up your defensive traps isn't the tightest shit

>> No.424561371

>Game journos

>> No.424561406
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the true kino story of bioshock 2

>> No.424562696


>> No.424562938

You're in the minority of the population who thinks Infinite is shit. You're just part of the hive mind on /v/, newfag.

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