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What have you been playing?
What are you looking forward to?

What is the greatest cRPG of all time?
What is the best game to come out of the cRPG renaissance?

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Right now Shadowrun Returns. I have a huge hardon for anything cyberpunk and its scratching that itch. Interface feels super clunky though. Is it worth going through to mark it off the list? Any recommended mods to make the UI not garbage?

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Can't stay away from Divinity: Original Sin 2. Only 5 days till release, but I keep dicking with various shit in the starting location to pass time.

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I was considering one of the newer CRPGs. There was a massive PoE thread earlier, but it didn't help much. So far I am leaning towards DOS 2 when it releases.

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The gameplay is extremely shallow though, I love the shadowrun games but the combat is pretty weak. Ones I liked:
>age of decadence
>divinity original sin
>expeditions conquistador and viking
>pillars of eternity
>baldurs gate 1 and 2
>icewind dale
>dragon age origins
>fallout 1 and 2

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I wish someone would actually make a mod to add isometric party based movement/combat to any of the 3D fallout, it can't be impossible.

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Wasn't this an actual mod that was being worked on?

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Good list. I would add Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines to the list of goat RPGs

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What's the verdict on this game?

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I'm really fucking ready for DOS2.

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I'm still mad PST EE isn't compatible with unfinished business and that hacks from Beamdog scum said it's "non-canon garbage that doesn't belong in the game" despite literally being cut content made by Black Isle themselves and thus canon.
Fuck Beamdog.

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>What have you been playing?
Tyranny, Icewind Dale and Arcanum

>What are you looking forward to?
Divinity Original Sin 2 in co-op

>What is the greatest cRPG of all time?
VtM:B maybe ?

>What is the best game to come out of the cRPG renaissance?
Underrail and Original Sin.

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Returns is pretty simplistic but, BUT, it works well as a glorified tutorial before the proper games that are Dragonfall and Hong Kong.
Returns was basically a glorified tech demo tutorial.

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Pillars after all the patches and with both parts of the expansion and IE Mod installed on top (it's on Nexus, google it) is absolutely stellar.
IE Mod lets you get rid of all the backer cancer like their self-insert NPCs as well as tweaking various mechanics, interface, making it overall closer to Infinity Engine if you so wish.

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Deadman's Switch was something they threw together after spending most of the budget on building and engine and creation software. Most people forgot it even existed after Dragonfall was released.

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If you own Shadowrun Dragonfall it was possible to copy the contents from Returns to Dragonfall and play the first campaign with the UI improvements of the second one.
It isn't great, but it feels a little less like a tablet game.

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Will look into that. I really dig the IE aesthetic in PoE and if the mod fixes at least part of the complaints I might play that too.

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>Blue selection cirecles IE-like blue
This is an option for the autistic members of the Codex

>IE Mod lets you get rid of all the backer cancer like their self-insert NPCs
Best option by far.

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>Underrail and Original Sin.
This x100. PoE is literally a poor mans divinity OS

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>This is an option for the autistic members of the Codex
It's unironically a lot more visually pleasing. Even if I wouldn't know about IE games, I still would have it enabled because light green and teal rings are far more appealing than dark green and yellow rings.
Disabling Engagement is by far the best option though, imo. That and unlocking the artificially locked spellbook slots.

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tell me more

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PoE had much better world and better writing (despite how meh it was).
Writing is why I can't stomach DivOS.
I'll take purple prose and exposition over DivOS' toilet humour FOR EVERYTHING any time of the day.

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name ONE (1) example of toilet humor in divinity OS

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>Disabling Engagement is by far the best option though, imo.
Not a fan of the engagement system but didn't have an issue with it since I played on normal.

>That and unlocking the artificially locked spellbook slots.
Never used a wizard in my party, I don't even know how the spellbooks work in PoE.

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Gameplay >story and PoE doesn't even come close in terms of gameplay. Why not go read a book if you like story so much anon?

VideoGAMES are about GAMEplay. Stick to your interactive visual novel garbage.

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How does AoD redefined anythings ? I played it and outside hard locking content behind skill check it work like any crpg.

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I'm playing underrail and it's great.

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This is agony, my housemates and I are going to co-op it but I'm the only one whose purchased it so far.

I can only do so much in character creater and the first 10 minutes not to spoil anything.

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is it really that good? I keep hearing praise about it but when I first ran it I got lost in the UI and graphics.

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AoD took choice & consequence to a new level and made the limitations of conventional RPG mechanics apparent. The problems that AoD has are systemic and any RPG that takes character builds as well as C&C seriously rather than making everything accessible to everyone and reducing it to mere flavour choice will run into the same issues.

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Grimoire tier should be on top tbqhwy

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I was confused in the beginning too, even had thoughts about uninstalling. Low amount of options, strange economy with everything multiplied by 10. But after few first hours it become very pleasant.

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What's there to tell? The screenshot is self-explanatory. The "resolution" options you can only know what they do by hovering over them since it's a hardcoded limitation in PoE that modder couldn't get around. He basically duplicated resolution selection boxes to insert his own functions there.

Anyway to describe all from top to bottom left to right:
One tooltip at a time - self explanatory, only shows tooltip for shit you hover on when pressing Tab instead of everything on screen
Disable engagement - removes PoE's GOD AWFUL engagement system that makes positioning worthless and that only affected your characters but not enemies because fuck you that's why
Blue selection circles, self explanatory, selection circles are blue instead of dark green. IE-like makes them teal-shade of blue like in Infinity Engine games.
Always show circles - self explanatory
Unlock combat inventory/loot - allows you to open inventory and loot enemies during combat and swapping all types of inventory items EXCEPT armor
NPC Dispositions - actually makes your Paladin companion's dispositions (think Benevolent/Aggressive etc) affect the game, and not just your own. It was pants on head retarded that companion Paladin was special snowflake unaffected by Dispositions.
Disable friendly fire - self explanatory.
Custom NPC stats - allows you to specify custom stats for your companions in a separate config file
Enable cheats - self explanatory
Make cloak in/visible - self explanatory
Loot shuffler - Generic "trash" loot in the game is randomized per reload of the game (as in you need to leave an area to refresh random loot), this makes the loot randomization actually be performed upon opening container instead so you don't need to walk out of area and back in to reset loot for example.
Game speed mod - adds Very Slow and Very Fast game speed options in addition to the default of Slow/Normal/Fast

Will cont in next post

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This is some next level shilling tacticts. AoD was extremely disappointing and buggy. Choices and consequences don't matter if the base game itself is rubbish.

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Not the guy you're talking to but I ended up playing DivOS like Diablo, merely running over the maps and killing everything. The combat system was great but the quests weren't well that well designed. The game could have allowed the player to make more use of non-combat skills for solving quests and the RP-mechanics weren't handled that well, with the characters frequently talking on their own without querying the player before. The loot was also extraordinarily crappy, making it feel like a bad MMO.

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Elaborate on how AoD was disappointing.

It was great. And it was significantly less buggy than plenty of games that are nowadays hailed as the greatest RPGs of all time.

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>merely running over the maps and killing everything
>he played on classic mode
yawn try playing on a real difficulty playing like that.


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Currently waiting for DivOS2 by doing a Bhaalspawn party members-only run through all BG games as a multiclassed cleric/mage and having lots of fun. Bleak shit like PoE just can't compare to the amount of fun IE games give you.

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I beat the game before these modes were added.

Also I already said that the combat was good. The point is: a good RPG does more than just combat.

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I am in no rush, if I can't decide and don't want to risk I will reinstall BG2 and do an annual run and be done with it. From what I read so far I am leaning towards DOS more, but if I like Divinity I will most likely try Pillars too. I just hope I can replay them more than once.

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>AoD took choice & consequence
After two run with different char it felt like the only choices you make are during the creation screen, after that you are railroad by your starting skill since picking a new one will result in him or one of your starting skill always being underleveld for the skill check.
I don't ask for something like Skyrim where you can be everything but it's nice when you can evolve your character beyond some of his initial restriction.

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Remove combat only restrictions - allows you to use spells, potions and shit out of combat. PoE is fucking awful and refuses to let you pre-buff before combat making scouting for enemies worthless, same with buffs since you could only cast them in combat. This allows you to use all your buffs and shit outside of combat before going into it just like in Infinity Engine games.
Bonus spells - Gives you bonus spells for your Intellect stats. Int of 14 gives you 1 bonus spell for given level, you get more for each additional 4 Int points.
Target turned enemies - allows you to still target and attack enemies that are under effects of Charm and the like. Basically without this Charm spells were worthless since you couldn't attack enemy you Charmed until the spell wore off and had to wait like a retard before you could resume attacking.
Fantasy names for backers - replaced backer OC donut steel NPCs names with generic names that don't break your immersion.
Disable backer dialogue - also removes their backer OC donut steel cringeworthy stories.
UI Customization - you can completely customize your UI with on-screen drag/drag/rotate functionality, you can even relatively faithfully recreate Baldur's Gate-style interface if you so wish.
Hide anticlass spells - For example if you're a Wizard and have a ring that gives you a Priest spell, it makes the Priest spell appear under your Wizard spells instead of adding one giant "Priest" extra icon to your action bar.
Hide weapon effects - hides the World of Warcraft-style weapon enchantment effects, no more horseshit like glowing dildos and shit
Chanter base phrases - allows your Chanter to start with maxed Phrases so you can actually pick which bardsongs you wanna use instead of having to wait pointlessly in combat for obligatory charge bar to fill.
Unlock all inventory slots - self explanatory, companions can't use some item slots because fuck you, your OC is spehshul. This allows them full access like you.

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Get this hothead outta here
Age of decadence is a top notch crpg with some of the best lore/world in a decade. They expanded the combat last year using the extra options available in their other game Dungeon Rats, so definitely give it another try friendo. Lots of reading might turn away tree brainlets though, fair warning

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*the brainlets
Phoneposting was a mistake

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how the fuck do i read this, this isn't the normal top shit is better than low shit chart

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This looks pretty accurate desu bUT "redefined the genre" might need to be changed to "strong fundamentals make a comeback" or something, since the game is competely overlooked

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Only consistent cRPG I've played is Dragonfall.
Everything else seems to fail in some area, while excelling in another. Even mighty Planescape has shitty gameplay to go with its excellent writing. You'd have thought that modern devs would have learned the pitfalls by now, but they keep messing it up in new ways. It's kind of fascinating.
Either the story is good or inconsistent, but has shit combat and mechanics. Or there's some good gameplay, but the writing is either uninspired or just plain bad.
What game can give me both /v/?

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Thank you for this anon. Gonna give the game another try

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And now for the "resolution" options, top to bottom:
1. Rebalance Experience Table - you can change amount of exp required between levels, by 25% extra exp needed, 33% or 50% or make it square progression (1000 -> 4000 -> etc)
2. Modify Druid/Wizard Per-Encounter Spells - Change levels at which you gain Per-Encounter spells (spells that don't need resting to refresh), you can also make all spells per-encounter (noob cheat option) or turn per-encounter spells off entirely (hardcore option)
3. Add extra wizard book slots - by default wizard book only allows 5 spells per level despite explicitly being programmed to allow max of 8, with last 3 slots never becoming available in the game, EVER. This allows you to unlock 1, 2 or all 3 of those slots.
4. Cipher starting Focus - allows you to change with how much Focus the Cipher classes start. default is 1/4, you can make it 1/2, 3/4, Max or None.
5. Change how Autosave works - By default the game is full retard and autosaves AFTER area transition, you can change it to autosave BEFORE area transition as well as various sub-options based on time.
6. Change Scouting (Stealth) walking speed. By default it's super slow, you can change it to normal. You can also make Line of Sight individual instead of party based.
7. Change amount of custom companions (IWD-style companions) you can make, up to max of 8. You can still only have max of 6 people in party of course.

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It's the combat that killed PoE for me, and some world building. I might just be too used to bugs combat, but I never really had fun with combat in PoE

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Get IE Mod, you can unfuck a lot of the combat thanks to it by getting rid of Engagement alone and allowing you to use spells/potions/buffs out of combat.

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>After two run with different char it felt like the only choices you make are during the creation screen
While your starting abilities define what kind of character you will be (talker, fighter, "hybrid"), there are plenty of options for all of these characters - in particular when it comes to whom you side with, whom you betray and when, etc.

>I don't ask for something like Skyrim where you can be everything but it's nice when you can evolve your character beyond some of his initial restriction.
I would argue that AoD gives you the tools to do that but it may not be as apparent in the beginning. Hegel said that the nature of the warrior is betrayed in the choice of his weapons. You need to pick what is appropriate for your build. Even a weak and smart guy can become competent at fighting (albeit not "great") but instead of a sword he may have to use a crossbow instead and use alchemy to poison his enemies.
I'll eagerly admit that it's easy to manoeuvre your character build into a corner, spending experience on the wrong skills at the wrong time, but I'd argue that the game is good in spite of that. It takes a bit of experience, a few runs through the game with one-sided characters to get a feel for how things work before you can play the jack-of-all-trades who will be the hardest to play.

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>tfw beat Dungeon Rats as a 10 charisma max armor+ shield khopesh bleed user

That sword when made out of meteorite and given max upgrades + sharpened is a thing of beauty.

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It doesn't fix it being the most boring rpg I've ever played rivaled only by Obsidian's following releases. They can't make good games anymore, not trying to be edgy, it's fucking sad.

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That's neat I guess. It didn't help that I rolled a pike rogue that was squishy even for a rogue. The prebuffing could be tedious at times in bg2, especially since fighter/cleric was my favorite, but it was almost always before big boss fights. I might try PoE again

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Well, it's slightly more nuanced than that, hence why I said "in new ways." Wasteland 2 is in two halves, one bad and one good. Tides needs an editor and needs a polish on its fundamentally a good idea combat system. Tyranny has an interesting premise but the world is tiny and segmented, feeling more like vignettes than a grander story.
Rather, what's a game that manages everything its scope sets out. And perhaps, why isn't there one yet? (Other than Witcher 3, but I'd argue that's not technically a cRPG.)

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Can you even backstab in PoE? Never used rogues.

>> No.389748681

It depends on how one interprets "redefined", the word has multiple meanings after all. I would however argue that AoD took the genre a step further. It made use of mechanics that have been in use before but it used them more rigorously and took them to their logical conclusion. Not without flaws of course - the game essentially invites the player to hoard experience in order to "unlock" content, which is a problem. However, it's a problem I've never encountered in a game to a comparable degree and it's questionable whether an RPG that has meaningful character builds (i.e. builds that significantly impact how the game is experienced) won't always run into such issues. In that regard it is an academically important title which future game developers should take a look at.

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how do I into AoD?

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What kind of character do you want to play?

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Act1 in DoS1EE is so boring.

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How do I get good at these games? I'm playing POE now and the only other CRPGs I've played are Fallout 1/2. This real time shit is so hard for me to get a grasp on.

I get BTFO by the ghosts and shit in POE even though I have like 5 people in my party.

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Vtmb is not a crpg.

>> No.389749189

>Grimrocks that low

Kill yourself.

>> No.389749194

Pretty easy to force camera perspective.

Everything else would be incredibly difficult.

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Play Underrail if you haven't. It'll feel very comfortable for you.

>> No.389749380

how so

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Start a merchant with:

INT 10
CHA 10

Primarily focus on Persuasion, Streetwise, Trading. Secondary skills could be Etiquette and Lore depending on when you need them.

Enjoy jewing your way to victory and beating the game in a few hours.

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This thread is clearly focused on party-based/turn-based/isometric RPGs. Vtmb is an action-rpg.

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I understand that and I felt the same. Gonna try it out one last time with the IE mod to see if at least the combat becomes a bit better

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Like this.


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Just something that doesn't fuck me up.

This sounds fun thank you famillia.

>> No.389749714

Remember to save often though, there are a few pitfalls in the sense of other people trying to out-jew you or pissing off the wrong people which may bite you in the ass later.

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Not him but it's an Immersive Sim, like Deus Ex and System Shock.

Or if you don't like that term and want to use a less precise one: an action-RPG.

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action-rpg is diablo clones.

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sneak attack you will be doing all the time. backstab is a specific talent for something you will never be doing, so don't take it. rogues are dope, I typically opened with a blunderbuss sneak attack, then moved into melee when engagements are mostly locked in and when my rogue won't get melted in seconds

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Quoted By: >>389750797

It's officially classed as an aRPG. aRPG means every RPG with real-time combat.

>> No.389750350

So i take it's impossible to reach the insane backstab damage and do things like simulacrum backstab shenanigans you could in BG?
Sounds rather boring but it's better than nothing, i guess.

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Quoted By: >>389750638

>backstab is a specific talent for something you will never be doing, so don't take it
Yes he will, thanks to IE Mod.
Eat shit for spewing misinformation.
Literally LITERALLY get cancer and die.

You can with IE Mod, he's shitposting ignorant cockmuncher.

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Quoted By: >>389750908

>What have you been playing?
Fallout 4. I'm pretty close to 200 hours and I just beat the main story yesterday for the sake of it. Did Far Harbor and started Nuka World. I'm worried I have some kind of problem because apart from the week I spent playing Skyrim when it came out I haven't been so engrossed by a game in years. I even uninstalled it, and fired up NV and Skyrim to try and get away from it but now I'm downloading it again and figuring out a different build I want. Even though the game itself is poor, optimization and lack of RPG mechanics I'm drawn to it. Maybe it just tickles my autism in the right way.
>What are you looking forward to?
Honestly I have no idea what RPGs are even coming out, I've been stuck in the past for a while now.

>> No.389750638

you can take the backstab talent and spend your whole time trying to use it to get that 1 attack for more damage, and then use per rest abilities to go invisible during combat. I don't know why you're complaining, you are freed from the baldur's gate choice of doing that or being useless, you can actuall take part in combat properly now

what the fuck are you talking about you massive faggot kill yourself

>> No.389750797

genres do not work like that. they are descriptive and made up

>> No.389750853

>you can take the backstab talent and spend your whole time trying to use it to get that 1 attack for more damage, and then use per rest abilities to go invisible during combat
Sounds terrifying.
>you can actuall take part in combat properly now
So you're telling me i'm freed of something because instead of rogue acting like a rogue now he's just acting as another fighter?
Anon, if i wanted an offensive rogue in BG not focused on backstabs i could simply go with Swashbuckler.

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Quoted By: >>389751182

Divinity Original Sin 2 looks promising.

You should start playing actual crpgs though, friendo. Try Planescape Torment, or the original Fallouts.

>> No.389750937

>what the fuck are you talking about you massive faggot kill yourself
With IE Mod:
You can remove Engagement entirely so you can move your Rogue during combat and get the most benefits
You can remove out-of-combat restrictions
You can make Stealth and LoS individual instead of Party-wise

Basically you can use your Rogue to its fullest.

Eat shit, get cancer and die die die mother fucker die.

>> No.389751034

Don't listen to that faggot, see >>389750937
And Backstab isn't "one time only" like he claims. It's a passive that's ALWAYS in effect as long as you're in Stealth, with IE Mod you can keep going into stealth without relying on per-rest cancer and the per-rest shit actually becomes what it should be, an emergency ability you can use when swarmed.

>> No.389751178

>simulacrum dual class exploits and having to run off screen repeatedly or chug 1 invisibility potion per attack
>rogue acting like a rogue
you're really stupid aren't you. this is honestly what you want, and what you think is reasonable to be effective with a rogue isn't it
>just acting as another fighter
did you even play the game? did you take 2 minutes to look at the difference in stats and abilities between fighters and rogues?

removing engagement lmao, how retarded can you be

>> No.389751182

I played the first Divinity if I'm not mistaken so I'll check out D2 for sure. I have to be honest I didn't play Baldur's Gate (or Planescape) in its heyday, I was in my Quake phase and I've tried getting into it with the Enhanced/HD but I just couldn't, combat didn't quite click for me. Fallout 1 on the other hand was pretty good, maybe it was the visuals. I really like the style and atmosphere of that world (I guess one of the reasons I like F4 so much).

>> No.389751465
Quoted By: >>389752001

>removing engagement lmao, how retarded can you be
Enjoy a literally broken mechanic that punishes you for trying positioning and to which ALL enemies in the game are immune, it's entirely one-sided and broken.
I bet you're Josh Cucksawyer.

>> No.389751580
Quoted By: >>389752001

>this is honestly what you want
I want a variety of playstyles and BG gives them to me, yes. I can be a hit and run focused assassin or shadowdancer, i can be a bounty hunter baiting enemies into traps, i can be a swashbuckler who acts reasonably well in close combat and becomes even more fun with dualclassing. What PoE even offers me as far as rogues go? Another boring melee class with a really uninteresting shtick further limited by awful engagements?

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Quoted By: >>389768798

So, is Tranny development done? Is there gonna be more DLC? I kinda refuse to play it until all content is out.
Ditto for Torment Tides of SJW.

>> No.389752001

>to which ALL enemies in the game are immune
you've never played pillars have you, you absolute retard
lmao, jesus christ

it punishes you, because you are shit at positioning. it rewards good positioning. having no engagement and just everyone kiting about endlessly does not reward good positioning. your mod is shit

>I want a variety of playstyle
>What PoE even offers me as far as rogues go?
>Another boring melee class

I linked you the wiki, can't you read? rogues can sneak attack with ranged weapons. they have an optional backstab talent for autistic players like you. they can lay traps. in general they do massive damage

>limited by engagements

please kill yourself. good use of engagements is how you keep your rogue safe. it goes both ways

and fuck off with your nostalgia shit, there is nothing fun about baldur's gate swashbucklers at all. it's a bad fighter with out of combat thief skills. no abilities, nothing to do, apply script and ignore

>> No.389752158
Quoted By: >>389752365

>it rewards good positioning

>> No.389752365
Quoted By: >>389754370

there are some enemies that can break engagement sometimes. just like your characters can break engagement too. why don't you calm down and kill yourself, there is nothing wrong with engagement. there are similar mechanics in a shitload of games

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Quoted By: >>389752646


Age of Decadence would've been so much more enjoyable if it had some sort of Art Director or something

It's just fucking ugly for me. I can't get into it because of it.

Which makes me feel fuckin' stupid. I still enjoy Arcanum, FO1&@ and shit like Shadowruns & UnderRail/PoE * Wastelands 2

>> No.389752439
Quoted By: >>389752984

>you've never played pillars have you, you absolute retard

You must be joking.
Engagements on your tanks are worthless because disengagement attacks from them tickle.
Engagements on your damage dealers are worthless because you don't want enemies to attack them.

Engagements only matter on the enemies, they are a non factor on player characters.

The only thing that makes engagements matter is the fighter talent that gives them CC and that was only introduced in the second expansion.
Enemies literally ignore engagements on your characters.

>> No.389752569
Quoted By: >>389752984

>I linked you the wiki, can't you read?
Yes, i can read and i don't see anything remotely as fun as completely messing up with enemies with one well-placed backstab in BG.
>they can lay traps
Ah, a joy of one trap per character!
Jesus fuck, anon, there's really no need to autistically defend a shit game design.
>it goes both ways
Well say this to any teleporting enemies or any enemy freely breaking the engagement and not getting any reasonable punishment for it.
Engagement destroys any semblance of mid-battle repositioning and i dread to play as a reposition-heavy class in poe.
>there is nothing fun about baldur's gate swashbucklers
Swashbuckler is a very easy to use and versatile melee class that can be dualled into a mage for even more fun times. Certainly funnier than PoE rogues.

>> No.389752646

The portraits look pretty good in my opinion.

>> No.389752778

I don't understand why people hated Tides of Numenera. It's one of the best in the genre imo. Otherwise this list is solid.

>> No.389752846
File: 39KiB, 131x169, nofunsawyer.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Do the druids still turn into an animal form for a fucking twenty seconds?

>> No.389752984

>Engagements on your tanks are worthless because disengagement attacks from them tickle
if you've built your fighter to do no damage, that's a choice you've made, you can't blame the game for it
>Engagements on your damage dealers are worthless because you don't want enemies to attack them
so you don't think the enemy being stuck there and taking damage from your damage dealer is relevant at all? you might want to look up the 'flanked' effect and sneak attacks

>i don't see anything remotely as fun as completely messing up with enemies with one well-placed backstab in BG.
you just take the backstab talent it's the same you massive aspie
>autistically defend a shit game design.
there's no need to make laughably bad criticisms of decent game design
>Swashbuckler is a very easy to use
it's very easy to use, you just put the relevant script on it and go back to micromanaging your casters, and enjoy those +1 thac0 +3 hp level ups

>> No.389753073

Is there such a thing as a crpg without combat? Or with a minor focus on combat, at the very least?

>> No.389753329
File: 2MiB, 3132x2792, rpg list.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

this covers all the "modern" crpgs that came out in 97 +

>> No.389753527
Quoted By: >>389753881

>f you've built your fighter to do no damage, that's a choice you've made, you can't blame the game for it
If i built my tank to be a tank and he does no damage because of it that's actually the games fault, not mine. There's no such thing as an engagement based tank that does damage in PoE because of the various stats and systems in place.

>so you don't think the enemy being stuck there and taking damage from your damage dealer is relevant at all?
I think it's very relevant that my damage dealer is getting smacked in the face after the enemy completely ignored my tanks engagement and went on to my damage dealer.

Do yourself a favor and play a bit with engagements disabled.
It makes absolutely no difference to the way AI behaves.
It's completely irrelevant. Engagements simply do not exist as far as enemy AI is concerned.

It's a mechanic that works only against the player, not for the player.
That might even be fine for some people balance wise but it makes fights extremely static in nature, after the first round of abilities and everyone gets glued to each other the combat turns into a slugfest where everyone stays their ground.

>> No.389753532

terrible list made by a try hard

>> No.389753605
Quoted By: >>389754885

There is a very old and small rpg that's entirely about exploration and puzzle solving, but the title escapes me at the moment. I can try to look it up if you want, but be warned that the game is ancient.

>> No.389753613

this list is so bad it made me giggle :3

>> No.389753686
Quoted By: >>389754885

Age of decadence with the right build/background, it's basically a VN disguised as an RPG if you want to play it that way.

>> No.389753698


>> No.389753710

List like this are retard, you don't look for the same things in BG, the Witcher or Shadowrun for example.

>> No.389753767

Jesus Christ it's like they were making Starcraft. What were they thinking.

>> No.389753797
Quoted By: >>389754413

>you just take the backstab talent
+150% damage in a game with way shittier, per-rest based ways of mid-battle concealment is not nearly as fun as x6 damage backstabs with shit like Shadowwalk or potions of invisibility giving you a lot more freedom of approaching the encounters. Not to mention how awful engagements are for anything relying on dealing burst damage and moving out.
>decent game design
One trap per character is a hilariously restrictive mechanic that also makes absolutely no fucking common sense at all. I can't be a trap-focused rogue in this game.
>and enjoy those +1 thac0 +3 hp level ups
As well as full thief utility outside of a combat, but it's not like there is such a thing in poe where even a fucking mage can learn how to deal with complex traps for whatever reason.

>> No.389753881
Quoted By: >>389754459

>If i built my tank to be a tank and he does no damage because of it that's actually the games fault, not mine
no it actually is your fault. if continuing to take tank abilities isn't helpful you shouldn't be doing it. it's your fault
>I think it's very relevant that my damage dealer is getting smacked in the face after the enemy completely ignored my tanks engagement and went on to my damage dealer.
perhaps you could learn about some of the game's many status effects you can make use of in these situations. plenty of character classes shit them out. also your rogue has a bunch of escape abilities for when you've fucked up like that

I don't remember people being this retardedly autistic about attacks of opportunity in NWN

>> No.389753890

Yes. But hey, at least they made animal forms once per encounter instead of per rest!
Maybe they will fix the game in 4.0 or 5.0 version, who knows!

>> No.389754370

>there are similar mechanics in a shitload of games
Not in any of the golden age CRPGs, die bitch

>> No.389754413
Quoted By: >>389754881

>not nearly as fun
you mean not nearly as easy
>One trap per character is a hilariously restrictive mechanic that also makes absolutely no fucking common sense at all. I can't be a trap-focused rogue in this game.
you mean you can't lay 10 'bear traps' that are actually this weird retarded thing that shoot arrows at people who enter their AOE, and aren't items, but things you pull out of your ass each day, and let you just cheese your way through any fight in the game by instakilling everything. quality game design
>where even a fucking mage can learn how to deal with complex traps for whatever reason
yeah that makes no sense does it, a guy can learn how to disarm a trap. what really makes sense is baldur's gate, where a thief cannot use an axe, and bards have the option of wearing armour, but cannot cast spells if they do, unless it's armour made by elves

>> No.389754450
File: 1MiB, 1920x1080, Dragonfall 2017-09-09 18-49-52-39.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I own the package with all the Shadowrun games and did what everyone was telling and skipped Returns. Dragonfall has been fucking fantastic thus far.

>> No.389754459
Quoted By: >>389755097

>if continuing to take tank abilities isn't helpful
But it is helpful, it's what makes the character a tank and makes him able to survive all the enemies focusing on the character.
I honestly don't understand what you are talking about right now.

You don't tank with engagements in PoE, because they don't work, you use chockepoints or send them far ahead of the rest of your team.

>perhaps you could learn about some of the game's many status effects you can make use of in these situations.
Again, i have no idea what you are talking about right now. It's like you have a split personality.

You do realize we were talking about the engagement system, right?
Right now you are telling us how to deal with the fact that engagements don't work after saying that they are not a bad system.
You realize that, right?

>> No.389754671

Returns was enjoyable, it lack a bit of depth in the mechanics and most people don't like the fact that you don't have companion

>> No.389754681

what's so good about underrail?
i see it highly rated yet discussion is mostly about how difficult it is

>> No.389754838

It's fallout 2 with much more focus on character building, exploration and combat and much less focus on story, dialogue and characters.

I love it mainly because i'm a sucker for detailed and specialized character builds and turn based combat.

>> No.389754881
Quoted By: >>389755352

>you mean not nearly as easy
No, i mean not nearly as fun.
>let you just cheese your way through any fight in the game
So, it's actually a good build with distinct, viable playstyle, then? You know, the thing PoE lacks?
>a guy can learn how to disarm a trap
A scholar who spent his entire life studying the ways of arcane magic typically doesn't have time to pick any rogue skills. But we're talking about the game where a dwarf wizard can lift people by their throats because it's mandatory for him to have high might so it's really not the only completely out of place thing it allows you to do.

>> No.389754885
Quoted By: >>389761583

If it's not too much trouble, thank you anon.

I'll check it out, thank you.

>> No.389754957

I liked this game at first but a few hours in and the gameplay is getting very repetitive, it feels like there's no character development (in terms of getting new loot and abilities). I like everything else about it but the gameplay feels like a slog. Does it get any better?

>> No.389755097
Quoted By: >>389755680

you invested too much in tank abilities for your fighter, and your reason is probably something retarded like 'he's a tank XD', you gave him a shitty weapon and no damage, and now you're complaining that his disengagement attacks don't do anything. if when he's getting wailed on by a bunch of bad guys, he's still way way more survivable than the rest of your party, maybe you should've invested more in him being able to hit people
>You don't tank with engagements in PoE
you aren't getting this past me sorry, I have played the game
>Again, i have no idea what you are talking about right now. It's like you have a split personality.
no, you're just slow. you're mad because your 'damage dealer' presumably with zero survivability is getting raped senseless by 1 enemy. you can use status effects to not die in this situation, to survive the disengagement attack
>You realize that, right?
that's not what's happening, it's just you having a big moan because wyrms can fly or something

>> No.389755116
Quoted By: >>389755705

It's not really a combat focused RPG. It lives mainly on it's characters, setting and story.

Combat is more of an afterthought.

>> No.389755195

It's an exploration-heavy RPG with loads of builds, loads of places to visit, some very fun quests (how about getting poisoned by some girl who throws you into her own rape dungeon and tries to kill you with a knife while you're weakened and can't really use any weapon so you need to take her out in some creative way), good crafting system and one of the best casting systems since the days of IE games.

>> No.389755352
Quoted By: >>389755961

>So, it's actually a good build with distinct, viable playstyle, then? You know, the thing PoE lacks?
are you really shitting on pillars' game mechanics and defending baldur's gate trap spam as 'good, distinct and viable'? it turns the entire game into a joke, it's completely retarded
>A scholar who spent his entire life studying the ways of arcane magic typically doesn't have time to pick any rogue skills
yes if you put all your skill points into lore you won't be putting them into mechanics as well
>But we're talking about the game where a dwarf wizard can lift people by their throats because it's mandatory for him to have high might so it's really not the only completely out of place thing it allows you to do
it's not mandatory at all faggot. wizards can do just fine without might, they are really excellent at just shitting out AOE status effects too, which gain nothing from might. and I've no idea why you're shitting on dwarves being strong, kys desu

>> No.389755680
Quoted By: >>389755849

>maybe you should've invested more in him being able to hit people
PoE works in an exponential matter, the more defense you stack the better it gets.
The more offense you stack the better it gets.
Doing half measures simply doesn't fucking work on PotD, with the notable exception of monk because they are busted as fuck in the offtank/DPS role.

>you aren't getting this past me sorry, I have played the game
Have you played it with engagements disabled?
Have you? Because i have completed the game with engagements and then without.

The enemies react EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME with them on and off.
Engagements do NOT exist as far as AI is concerned.
As far as 'tanking' in PoE is concerned, engagement being on or off does not make any difference.
With the exception of that one fighter talent that gives CC to disengagement attacks and even then it's minor.

Engagements only matter when you want to reposition your characters and enemies make disengagement attacks.
Your characters doing disengagement attacks does not matter, in any way.

>> No.389755705

The combat is like 90% of the game though... or that's how it feels since it's so slow.

>> No.389755795

I found the biggest thing making the game feel like it progresses slow is the ammount of dialogue and text in general you pretty much have to read if you want to have any knowledge what the fuck is going on. Gear/ability progression picks up after few hours when you start to get more karma and money. It's not very complex system that much is clear. I'm a roleplaying fag so I get lots of enjoyment from stuff that only exists in my head and for that the game is great.

>> No.389755849

that's not what exponential means you fucking retard
POTD is not balanced at all
no I've not played your shitty mod, why would I ever do that
wow the AI wasn't made with your engagement removal kiting mod in mind, shocking revelation there

>> No.389755961
Quoted By: >>389756608

>are you really shitting on pillars' game mechanics and defending baldur's gate trap spam as 'good, distinct and viable'?
Yes, because it's an optional yet highly viable mechanic that allows you to do some very distinct runs if you decide to. You merely have this option, while PoE doesn't give you shit aside from mmo-like tanking and spanking gameplay formula which gets incredibly stale before you even finish your first playthrough.
>yes if you put all your skill points into lore you won't be putting them into mechanics as well
A mage with low lore makes even less sense than a tiny midget lifting people twice the height but whatever floats your boat.
>wizards can do just fine without might
Sure, they will just be shit mages who can't use some of the best offensive spells in the game like shadowflame in which case you may as well not use them at all over, say, priests or druids.

>> No.389756042

Doing my annual playthrough of IWD.

Such a comfy game. Im reminded of the brilliant sound design, excellent atmosphere. There was a lot of love put into this game.

>> No.389756141
Quoted By: >>389756608

The AI wasn't made with engagements in mind you mean, since it completely ignores them.

>POTD is not balanced at all
Wait, so you are having a discussion about balance, optimization and mechanics based on you playing on EASY?
Well fuck me, consider me baited.

>> No.389756245
File: 10KiB, 250x250, 1495828591913.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>389756886

>POTD is not balanced at all
Brilliant game design you have there PoE faggots.

>> No.389756271
Quoted By: >>389756886

>wow the AI wasn't made with your engagement removal kiting mod in mind, shocking revelation there
My god you are retarded. I'm not the guy and I didn't have an issue with the engagement system.
The other guy is saying that in the vanilla game the enemies act like the engagement system doesn't exist. It's a mechanic use against the player but the player can't use it against the npc because the AI don't take it into consideration when choosing her actions.

>> No.389756608
Quoted By: >>389756970

>highly viable
you're putting it laughably mildly

>mmo-like tanking and spanking
do you think fighters are not durable in your precious baldur? do you think squishy ranged spellcasters are also somehow without mmo equivalents?
>A mage with low lore
it is possible to put just some investment in something, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. it sounds like you have this problem with fighter builds too
>they will just be shit mages
that's a criticism of spell balance, not the attribute system, and I don't know that it's valid

where did I say easy?

>> No.389756675
Quoted By: >>389756872

so playing Neverwinter nights
how do I backstab?
got one first but other than that I cant

>> No.389756872
Quoted By: >>389757950

You have either hit from invisibility or while enemy is fighting someone else.

>> No.389756886

I understand what the words mean, but the words are wrong

nice r/gaming-tier arguments and funny picture

>> No.389756970
Quoted By: >>389760564

>do you think fighters are not durable in your precious baldur
No, but they are not glued to enemies and can actually move in a middle of encounter or actually use ranged weapon when needed.
>that's a criticism of spell balance, not the attribute system
It's both as PoE manages to majorly shit the bed in both of those aspects at once, then try to fix it with DLC by adding blatantly overpowered shit when they understood that they overnerfed everything too much.

>> No.389757345
File: 336KiB, 1920x1080, 20170122024135_1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>389760889

>this fucking fight in POTD

I still can't believe I managed to pull it off. What a shitshow.

>> No.389757950
Quoted By: >>389777674

oh no wonder
thank you

>> No.389758016

What modern (since 2012 or so) WRPGs are considered essential? Anything missing from this list? Anything should be removed?

Divinity: Original Sin
Expeditions: Conquistador
Expeditions: Viking
Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Shadowrun: Hong Kong
Wasteland 2
Pillars of Eternity
Legend of Grimrock
Legend of Grimrock 2
The Banner Saga
The Banner Saga 2
Age of Decadence
Dead State
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Torment: Tides of Numenera
The Witcher 3
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3
Hard West
The Dark Eye: Blackguards
The Dark Eye: Blackguards 2
NEO Scavenger
Path of Exile
Darkest Dungeon

>> No.389758525

Add lords of xulima (never see it in these threads which is a shame).
Also xcom, banner saga, hard west are certainly not rpgs.

>> No.389758685

Isn't the Van Helsing just a solo player diablo clone?

>> No.389758721
File: 83KiB, 350x197, Pathfinder_-_Kingmaker_logo.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Will the Pathfinder video game be good?

>> No.389759117

I just don't understand, why would someone want to make a Pathfinder game? You can't get more boring than that.

>> No.389759719
Quoted By: >>389760015

>Expeditions: Conquistador
What are similar games to this?

>> No.389759774
Quoted By: >>389774430

Drakensang: The River of Time is criminally underrated.

>> No.389760015
Quoted By: >>389760340

Expeditions Vikings obviously.
Blackguards has somewhat similar combat.

>> No.389760302
File: 2MiB, 1024x368, JetskiTrail.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>What have you been playing?
I finished New Vegas and the DLC for the first time a few days ago if you count that. I'm taking an RPG break and playing Hollow Knight right now before trying out Pillars of Eternity.

>What are you looking forward to?
The Underrail expansion and Deadfire at the moment.

>> No.389760340

I mean old games that was inspiration for it.

>> No.389760541

I've been playing the real shitty ones like the Arkania remake and D:OS1 recently and the more I play them the more I crave to replay PoE, even though I've played through that game already.

>> No.389760564

>No, but they are not glued to enemies and can actually move in a middle of encounter or actually use ranged weapon when needed.
you realise you can just take a disengagement attack right? you don't instantly die. and as I've mentioned, you can use status effects to break engagement, like knockdown or whatever
>It's both
no, it isn't. either status effect spells are worse than damage spells, which isn't a problem with the attribute system, or they aren't, which also isn't a problem with the attribute system

>> No.389760774
File: 42KiB, 344x344, 1470178317705.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>age of decadence that fucking high

>> No.389760889


>> No.389761041
Quoted By: >>389761229

That would be PoE

>> No.389761062
Quoted By: >>389761229

Pillars of Eternity, specifically the White March Part 2 expansion

>> No.389761229

Oh ok thanks, I googled POTD and it gave me ff shit.

>> No.389761583
File: 123KiB, 503x372, dark-disciples_9.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Sorry man, no luck so far. But I've found this instead:

I'm not familiar with this game and it seems to have some combat, but it still looks fairly close to the kind of game you are looking for. And it's free, I guess that's as plus.

>> No.389762107
File: 667KiB, 1920x1080, icewind 2017-09-09 19-36-18-96.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Just finish Icewind Dale is the 2nd game good ?

>> No.389762146
Quoted By: >>389762329

I'd say its better than the first in every way.

>> No.389762329
Quoted By: >>389762575

Any mod required ?

>> No.389762454
Quoted By: >>389763001

Better than the first one and one of the most amazing h&s games ever made with amazing encounter design that shits all over all other IE games. It's the reason most people love Josh "The Balance Man" Sawyer in the first place. It's pure ludo.

>> No.389762575
Quoted By: >>389763001

Not him, but no. Vanilla is so good, nobody ever bothered to properly mod IWD2.

>> No.389762609


Depends on your definition of RPG.

Darkest Dungeon and the Xcom series are their own kind of game; more of a strategy than anything, as is Legend of Grimrock, which is more about exploring areas and solving puzzles. I dunno if I'd really call them "RPG"s, at least, not in the same way as a standard RPG like KOTOR.
The former have mostly randomly generated stories and the latter doesn't really have a story

>> No.389763001
Quoted By: >>389763367

Is it playable in 1080p or should I stick to 800*600 ?

>Better than the first one
I guess I will enjoy myself a lot, I really enjoyed the first game.

>> No.389763241
File: 66KiB, 500x500, 1488300395877.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


aww yeaah

>> No.389763367
Quoted By: >>389763531

I believe I played at 800*600, but I'm not sure anymore..
Is there a enhanced edition of IW2 too btw?
I remember replaying the first one as enhanced edition..

>> No.389763531
Quoted By: >>389763690

Only the first got a enhanced edition but I just found a french blog with a link for a GUI fix for playing widescreen IWD 2

>> No.389763690
Quoted By: >>389763836

Cant trust the french

>> No.389763836

I'm giving it a try and will post the result.

>> No.389763994
File: 3MiB, 3540x2780, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Fixed your mistake.

>> No.389764053
Quoted By: >>389764192

tier lists are inherently shitposting, please don't do it

>> No.389764192
File: 51KiB, 445x622, 1451977750703.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>please don't do it
This is /v/ my friend, shitposting is how we communicate.

>> No.389764276
File: 1MiB, 1240x1754, e9bd159edd2194e7ae6dd098b5e7ec90.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>389764786

Speaking of IWD2, it had the best dragongrill design ever made.

>> No.389764292

My last CRPG was Shadowrun Dragonfall
It's good but being dropped in missions with a hub visit in between felt wrong.
I found myself replaying KOTOR 2 and listening to grandma Kreia about the Sith life.

>> No.389764335
File: 571KiB, 1920x1080, iwd2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>389774601

It look like it's working.

>> No.389764515
Quoted By: >>389765765

Some games sort of disorient me now that I have a gaming computer. Dishonored, Fallout 4 (free weekend), Skyrim (same). It's like the game is uncomfortable to play. I don't have this problem with other games (R6 Siege). Anyone get this / know why this happens?

>> No.389764786
File: 61KiB, 193x187, anims-blackhalfdragon-animated.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.389764892

The entirety of first few hours of the game is one big casual filter, culminating in a location called Depot A.

>> No.389764918
Quoted By: >>389765002

Fuck IWD 2 system is completly different than in the first game, I will once again spend a long time in the character screen.

>> No.389765002

It shifted editions I think, so yeah.

>> No.389765078
File: 4MiB, 2288x3610, BG Sword Coast map 1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

If you enjoyed BG1 and 2 is it safe to assume you'd enjoy IWD1/2? For what it's worth I liked BG1 more than 2.

>> No.389765119

I still remember the time when ME1 was in god tier before DA2 was released.

>> No.389765283

It masterfully scratches an itch, the absence of which leaves you with an uncomfortably clunky game.

If you can dig it, you´ll most likely love it, if not you will most certainly hate it.

>> No.389765579
Quoted By: >>389768223

BG games pretend to be RPGs, IWD games are pure combat focused h&s games and are actually very good at what they try to do. If you want character interactions and waifus, you won't find that in IWD games. What you will find, though, is great encounter design and challenge, which is the reason everyone who likes RTwP tactics games should play IWD games.

>> No.389765765

Because you're underage. It's terminal.

>> No.389765893
Quoted By: >>389765998

I wish someone would remake FO2 in Fallout 4 engine.

>> No.389765989

icewind dale 1 is alright but overall pretty boring since the combat systems of these games are too easy to cheese and thats bascially all you have in this game

I haven't played the addon yet, that seems to have more story

>> No.389765998
Quoted By: >>389766262

Wouldn't work

>> No.389766118

That map is painfully obvious that it's separated into squares. Yet the rivers are well done. How'd they fuck up so much with that?

>> No.389766210

Hmm. I thought crpg meant Chinese role playing game. Damn I've been making a fool out of myself for years. I wonder why no one corrected me or why I never googled it. I thought China was the shit goddamit

>> No.389766253
Quoted By: >>389774082

>redefined the genre

>> No.389766262

says you

>> No.389766287

It obviously means console roleplaying game, dumbfuck.

>> No.389766305

are there any good loot based ARPG/RPGs

>> No.389766590
File: 473KiB, 639x933, swordcoast.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Because you never see the whole picture in the game. You see this, roads and rivers connecting between maps, and use your imagination to fill in the rest.

>> No.389766807

What are some good rpg's if I want something more akin to d:os's first hours,meaning not a lot of combat,doing detective stuff and lots of hidden shit?

>> No.389766903

I really loved the exploration in BG1, something I really missed in BG2.

>> No.389766943

autistic diablo grind games are all garbage

>> No.389767393

What are some fun classes in PoE? I did most of the game as a really squishy rogue, but the micro managment of keeping her alive, and how she died instantly wasn't that much fun. Considering cipher, I don't care much for their lore, but I've always been weak to psychic attacks in games

>> No.389767408


>> No.389767504
Quoted By: >>389767743


>> No.389767583

Is that a mod?

>> No.389767670
Quoted By: >>389767942

They didn't fuck up at all.
There are a few hours of walking between each location. The map is close to an open world, but it's not the literal open world.

>> No.389767707

>top down view

>> No.389767743

I like the music, the prerendered graphics, some of the quests. I want to like the game more than I do now

>> No.389767809
Quoted By: >>389768185

When will this meme word end?

>> No.389767863

It's stands for cool rpg, opposed to junk jrpgs.

>> No.389767942

But look at it. They clearly tried making it all "connected." They just got lazy for the most part and didn't make it smooth, probably because as this guy said >>389766590
the players never see it all stitched together like that.

>> No.389768080

Ranged Cipher, priest, musclewizard, and monk are really fun IMO. For more ideas:

>> No.389768185

when autism cure is found

>> No.389768223

spotted the idiot

>> No.389768723
Quoted By: >>389771502

That's your OCD speaking. They wanted to make a believable quasi-open world and to have somehow diverse locations. Some locations are actually close but some of them are far away.

>> No.389768776

Lazy or they didn't want to change too much. The map wasn't intended to be connected like that, I think.

>> No.389768798

I have yet to find the tranny???

>> No.389769262

They wouldn't be able to make it smooth because IIRC not every square map is the same size. For example, the Friendly Arm Inn map is small (and subsequently the actual inn looks huge compared to Candlekeep), because the only thing there is the inn and a road. Whereas the Candlekeep is a large map, hence it looking zoomed out/small in comparison.

Sorry if I explained that poorly.

>> No.389769390

What's a good CRPG that's pleb accessible?

>> No.389769673


>> No.389769812

shadowrun games, fallout 1+2, PoE

>> No.389771502

I see what you mean now that I look closer. But because this is /v/, I'm not going to concede and am prepared to spend the next twenty minutes arguing with you.

>> No.389772135

I'm download BG1 EE. I don't have any experience with crpgs or d&d. What do I need to know before starting? Also what mods do I need besides the one that removes the new EE characters?

>> No.389772390

Read manual for game a bit. Don't dual class on the first run.
The lower thac0 and armor - the better.

>> No.389772667


also you don't really need a mod to remove the new EE companions, you can just ignore them. for reference their names are Neera, Rasaad, and Dorn. Rasaad himself isn't actually that bad imo, but his class (Monk) sucks.

>> No.389772849

What character are you planning to use?

>> No.389773097

the game lies to you about attributes because it's badly designed. intelligence and wisdom don't do anything unless you're a wizard or cleric. charisma only affects shop prices slightly. if you're making a fighter character, make it easy on yourself and get a half orc with 19 strength

don't use wizards for shit like magic missile, use them for area effect status shit. you can KO 5 guys with sleep, or you can hit 1 of them for 4 damage with magic missile. the choice should be obvious

other than that, I guess pause a lot, and in the early bit of baldur's gate 1, you probably want to focus on having a lot of characters with ranged weapons, because they hit better for some reason. I mean like your entire party maybe minus 1 frontliner all shooting bows/crossbows/slings

>> No.389774071
File: 138KiB, 693x693, 1436498750920.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>389783552

>top down view

>> No.389774082

t. casuals

>> No.389774340
Quoted By: >>389774436

ranged weapons are op as shit, get one dude to tank and use ranged weapons on the rest of you team

slings are fucking awsome btw

>> No.389774430


The original Drakensang felt rather tedious but The River of Time reminded me a lot of Baldur's Gate 1.

>> No.389774436
Quoted By: >>389774591

they'd better put slings in pillars 2, goty ranged weapon irl

>> No.389774463

Start as a Cavalier or Inquisitor with 18STR/DEX/CON/9INT, it's probably the most beginner-friendly character you can do with lots of useful immunities that will keep your ass safe throughout the BG1.

If you want to play as a mage or cleric i actually advise to go into multiclassed cleric/mage with 10STR/18DEX/CON/WIS/INT to grasp the casting system in its entirety. In BG1 you will only lag ~1 level behind non-multiclassed allies but in BG2 the gap will become wider, though in the end it's still one of the most powerful characters you can ever do.

Charisma is a dump stat in both cases.

Both will require a roll of ~90+ so be patient on character creation.

>> No.389774470
Quoted By: >>389774774

What do you mean by locked spellbooks slots? I had no issues with the spellbooks. Are you talking other grimoires or the one one for your character?

>> No.389774490

Puzzles too hard for you, "oldschool" neckbeard?

>> No.389774591
Quoted By: >>389775420

nobody wants to play that garbage

>> No.389774601
Quoted By: >>389775708

Wait what widescreen mod is that?

>> No.389774774
Quoted By: >>389776428

i think he's talking about the fact every spellbook can hold way more spells per level than 4
and the very concept of grimoire is retarded to begin with when casters already have to deal with the concept of vancian casting in a game with way weaker individual spells than in bg

>> No.389775420


>> No.389775708

A mod I have found on french blog.
You use the widescreen hack from gibberlings3 first
and then the Gui fix

>> No.389776428

Oh ok I get it but I wouldn't call that artificially locked, the spell books have more than 4 slots per level because there are items that can increase your spell slots as well as talents so they just added more slots to adjust to that rather than not having enough to show all your spells.

I thought the spells were quite good for the most part with quite a few d&d/BG spells coming back so I already feel it's on par with BG 1 except for the fact that in bg 1 many spells were op and later on bg2 certain lower level spells weren't as good because the enemies had better saving throws. I would still like to see the improvements to spells in deadfire since certain spells in PoE were objectively better than others making it better to just avoid certain spells.

>> No.389776442

On one hand, I can understand not including it since quite a bit of the content was just some small quests that either didn't have proper endings or just gave some extra EXP, but yea, you'd think they could have added it and maybe even gotten one of the old writers to drum up some improved conclusions to the things since it probably wouldn't have taken a fucking afternoon to do.

>> No.389777409
Quoted By: >>389777585

It can but the game just isn't made for that. You would need a complete combat system overhall. Just using vats would feel shit and you would realise how bad the graphics are.

>> No.389777445

I am looking forward to Tim Cain's project.

>> No.389777585

Pretty much this. You'd either have to deal with looking at murky voids whenever the camera was zoomed out, or the modder would have to fill those spaces between the corridors with shit to hide it so it doesn't look like an episode of those shitty "camera hack" youtube shows

>> No.389777591
File: 313KiB, 429x471, 1503196671366.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>start up wasteland 2
>get to character creation screen
>default portraits suck
>realize i'll have to come up with 4 characters and find decent portraits for them and then stat them
>realize i'll probably a few hours doing this then get bored after 10 minutes in game
>exit game

>> No.389777605

Div:os is a way better game for newcomers to the genre and the humor wasn't toilet tier. Just goofy.

>> No.389777650

>Start up wasteland 2
>Autism kicks into overdrive
>Close wasteland 2

shortened your blog post

>> No.389777674

Enjoy, man, one of my absolute faves.
Comfiest ever. Dem forests, though.

>> No.389777739

i dont think you know what toilet humor actually is, i think there's like 1 instance of it, did it trigger you that bad in your absolute maturity?

>> No.389777982

Playing pillars of eternity ps4 version after playing it on release on pc, its decent, frame rate sucks at times.

Looking forward to poe2 hoping it will be good.

greatest crpg? I think I had the most fun with baldurs gate 1.

>> No.389778407

you're retarded, just use the 3d portraits

>> No.389778601

To be fair, the models aren't much better looking. Though one could also just fucking throw in custom portraits.

>> No.389778669
Quoted By: >>389778763

>playing dota 2.5k bracket on the weekends
big mistake familia

>> No.389778752

this is an awful list

>> No.389778763
Quoted By: >>389779035

what? kill yourself dotafag

>> No.389779035

wrong thread

>> No.389779310
File: 1MiB, 1920x1080, !CURSED!.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I just completed Xcom 2 WotC.
I really need something with somewhat similar gameplay to lose myself in for the next couple weeks at least.

Any CRPG's that kinda fill that hole?

>> No.389779324


>What have you been playing?
Played some Grimoire.
>What are you looking forward to?
Divinity Original Sin 2. Gonna be playing it with three mates so it's gonna be pretty fun. Loved the first one to death.

>What is the greatest cRPG of all time?
Baldur's Gate 2 probably. My personal favorite is Eye of the Beholder II.
>What is the best game to come out of the cRPG renaissance?
D:OS1 easily. Pillars was alright on the hardest difficulty, act 3 still sucks balls.

>> No.389779610

I hear Xenonauts is pretty fun as an XCOM-like game. Might not look all that pretty, but it has that same management goodness.

>> No.389779640

>What is the greatest cRPG of all time?
Had a personal love affair with NWN and its many user-made stories/worlds so I'd vote for that. I hear Planescape was really good but I never played it.

>What is the best game to come out of the cRPG renaissance?
Original Sin series. Own PoE and the expansion but have yet to touch it.

>> No.389780541

No. When you actually understand the game it's obvious it's worse than the original.

>> No.389780693
File: 71KiB, 640x480, IMG_0300.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>389788348

If you do end up playing returns, make sure your toon is speced in salt rifles (smooth bored, high capacity, with the black thing that goes up). Otherwise, you won't be able to finish the last level of the game.

>> No.389781296
File: 510KiB, 1920x1080, Divinity-Original-Sin-2-9--pc-games.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>389781972

Divinity Original Sin has really great turn based combat, otherwise maybe Wasteland 2 is your taste, I found it very good despite many people criticizing the game.

>> No.389781972

I wanted to like WL2 but man. I've played a ton of other CRPGs but it just felt so slow, arduous and bland.

>> No.389782056

it's not, you're just wrong

>> No.389783552

shut up, kiddo

>> No.389783820
Quoted By: >>389783905

To me WL2 is a better turn-based tactical game than it is an RPG.

>> No.389783905

because you have strange ideas about what rpg means

>> No.389784143
File: 246KiB, 1600x740, Torment Tides of Numenera.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

How is pic related? Is it really bad?

>> No.389784437

you shouldnt trust ppl in here, they think the awful divinity sin game is good.

>> No.389784881

Worst combat you'll ever see but it's apparently """"justified"""" because you can skip most of it.

>> No.389786206
File: 2MiB, 2538x2794, 112.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]



>> No.389787432
Quoted By: >>389788902

Ah, it's the "I'm an old man and the games of my hayday are better" list. Thanks, I've been looking for this bait image.

>> No.389788209
File: 552KiB, 2538x2794, RPG List.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Don't ruin the accurate one, faggot

>> No.389788348
Quoted By: >>389789873


>> No.389788481
Quoted By: >>389788902

There's absolutely nothing accurate about this one. Off yourself.

>> No.389788902
Quoted By: >>389788975

Thas rite, i bet none of these games have Creation Clubs.

>> No.389788975

>If you don't agree with my incredibly biased list that means you're Todd

Off yourself.

>> No.389789430
File: 23KiB, 201x208, 1504986687909.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Has anybody finished Grimiore yet?
I know a few people did. But, immediately after the review came out. The anons stopped talking about the game.

>> No.389789571
Quoted By: >>389789803

I'm not sure if I want to try it. the way people talk about it makes it hard to know what's up

>> No.389789803

Just go with a default party and switch out characters if you feel they're shit.
Also, it's highly recommended that you keep a journal and write down everything said.

>> No.389789873
File: 243KiB, 1024x1133, IMG_0391.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'll try not to spoil anything.

At the end of the game, two characters get a unique weapon, the MC and a special companion you get for that mission. The weapon is classified as assault rifle, so it's accuracy is modulated by your skill in rifles.

The rifle is used to kill a special enemy who is otherwise impervious to damage and whose health resets at end of each round. If you wanted to role play a pistol slinging decker like me, you're going to have a hard time. You get four shots off per round and need 3 shots to hit each enemy. That's a challenge if MC has no accuracy whatsoever.

>> No.389790208

Actually, you get 3 characters with that weapon. I finished with a decker.

>> No.389790312

I didn't. But I used two generic shoadowrunners. Maybe that's it.

>> No.389790401
Quoted By: >>389800807

I remember the special weapon being shotgun but I played returns when it came out so I'm probably wrong.

>> No.389790962
File: 2MiB, 640x480, 1504030160792.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Anyone try that mod for Fallout 2, Fallout Resurrection?

Looked pretty neat, and I'm interested in a modern take on the classic Fallout gameplay.

>> No.389791403
File: 186KiB, 436x435, FRANK MOTHERFUCKING HORRIGAN.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Why would Fallout 1 be above 2?

While I'll agree that 1 trumps 2 in the story department, with the added bonus of laying the groundwork for the series, 2 beats it in almost every other department in my opinion (combat, dialogue, characters, companions, etc.)

I get that the pop culture references can throw some people off, and some of them can be quite nauseating, I think they're few and far between or mostly subtle enough to not ruin the entire game.

>> No.389793253
File: 300KiB, 1280x1280, 1490676040921.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>TFW realizing I played 90% of this list
>I never actually thought of myself as a CRPG fan.

>> No.389793360
Quoted By: >>389794235

Since i assume a bunch of you in this thread are familiar with fallout 1, any way for a retard 1 INT melee character with no powered armor to make it through the military base?

It's my first playthrough, I can fight the super mutants outside just fine because my tesla armor stops their energy weapons but i die the second i get inside due to gatling guns.

Do i just need to restart with an energy weapons character and go get powered armor from the brotherhood?

>> No.389794235

Go get Power Armor and then kill them.

>> No.389795045

>the new shadowrun games under solid craftsmenship
Man, has the genre really gotten so bad that some shallow kickstarter xcom clone is put on lists?

>> No.389795153

there's nothing wrong with a game not being a 999 hour everything-simulator
what's wrong with this
>xcom clone
it has nothing to do with xcom

>> No.389795338

Wrong Shadowrun
>XCOM clone
You have a very poor understanding of turn-based games it seems.

>> No.389795619

Recommend me some rpg/crpg/arpg or what ever you want with a great story
bonus point if it has romance

>> No.389797412

>cRPG renaissance?
when did it officially start again?

>> No.389797645
Quoted By: >>389800807

You can hire an elite elf ranger for that mission as well.
Also I didn't have problems with accuracy even though I played as an unnarmed dwarf.

>> No.389798074

Imoen's Romance mod is written better than vast majority of BG2 and i can't decide whether it's because the mod is good or BG's quality of writing is just that bad.

>> No.389798139
Quoted By: >>389801058

Play SWKOTOR. You can waifu Bastila a bit if you want.

>> No.389798505
Quoted By: >>389801058

Mask of the Betrayer addon for NWN2
KOTOR2 has the best romance in CRPGs.

>> No.389800807

Fine, I guess I'm the only one who had trouble in that part.

>> No.389801058

already played SWKOTOR, guess I'll try the addon then

>> No.389801637

Thinking of dropping $400 on various crpgs but I do have a question that can save some cash. Does the pc version of divinity original sin have split screen or do I really gotta by a second copy for the missus?

>> No.389801908
File: 21KiB, 322x316, 1486324908752.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I think it does have split screen

>> No.389802136

about to make a character in Hong Kong named "flash", female elf decker with flash hands and the flashbang eye and pistols

talk me out of it with a more original build, dragonfall too

>> No.389802202

>Disable engagement - removes PoE's GOD AWFUL engagement system that makes positioning worthless and that only affected your characters but not enemies because fuck you that's why

Question: how does this accomplish this exactly?

Engagement seemed to make sense to me. It punishes trying to leave combat without tools to disengage. Means you can't just run away without being punished if your mage or archer, etc, are in combat. Never felt punished by it, but I can say that since enemy AI is just 'blob and attack first thing it sees", this doesn't apply as much to the enemy.

But, 'it only applies to you' isnt exactly uncommon in games, especially RPGs.

>> No.389802215

You could just wait until Halloween/Chrismas for a Steam Sale. CRPGs are pretty long, if you buy a bunch of them now you'll be still be playing them when the next sale starts, just saying.

>> No.389802612
File: 85KiB, 312x143, 500h.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>389805831

>Disable engagement - removes PoE's GOD AWFUL engagement system that makes positioning worthless and that only affected your characters but not enemies because fuck you that's why
but engagement made positioning important and affects both ennemies and the player

are the people who make mods even playing the game

>> No.389802903


the plot and writing in PoE is so bad, I'd put it on Divinity: Original Sin level tier. Not sure what people are smoking.

>> No.389803120

god please just pirate the games and buy later whichever you thought was good enough to support, jesus

>> No.389803561

>shallow kickstarter xcom clone
name ONE other modern crpg with the atmosphere and writing of Dragonfall and HK

>> No.389804535


>ranking planescape, a glorified walking simulator, above morrowind

You really know how to rustle me good anon, I'll give you that

>> No.389805831

what mods do you use anon

>> No.389807975

yeah i beat it. Ending is total ass and the entire game is basically two main areas with side branches

its fucking garbage

>> No.389808040
File: 17KiB, 480x480, 1492065631935.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


how are people playing the full release? was it leaked?

i keep finding people on youtube with like 10 subs that are playing undead and shit

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