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Is Newtonian physics deterministic after all?

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Is it a requirement for scientists to have an account on Quora?

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Is it possible to slow down the speed of light using a stabilized high energy dense plasma?

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V = A(dp)/Ln[B(dp)/LnZ 1/y]


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So the plasma physicist Dr Katherine Horton who worked at CERN and went crazy is right about scientific academia being bullshit?

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There's a lot of ego and money driven gatekeeping. Quite a few CERN scientists have lost their minds over the years.

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sole everything from poincare and lorentz

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kikebert jewstein was a thieving jew

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I don't like his determinism and muh Espinoza's God.

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s o y

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>Causes elderly young and unfit to die from mucus buildup
>Spreads while not showing symptoms
>Has an incubation period up to 30 days
>Can reinfect surviving hosts
Is this the great filter boys ?

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>>Can reinfect surviving hosts

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Provisional reports from doctors in China of patients being readmitted after testing negative.
No real studies confirming and more likely the result of false negatives.

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Gonna need several sources for this, anon. Possibly the most significant conspiracy ever, if true.

Also, >>11418531
>Causes elderly young and unfit to die from mucus buildup
Like the flu (it's not just the flu bro), it affects immunocompromised and the elderly disproportionately more. It's disingenuous suggesting it affects the young in equal measure. If you're 40 or older, it should be a real concern. If you're over 60, you should be glued to coronavirus news 24/7.

>Has an incubation period up to 30 days
I've seen lots of figures thrown about. More reliably, I've seen incubation period of approx. 2 weeks (5% of people still test positive after 12 days). Although, in *particularly hospitable environments,* the virus can survive for over a month.

Probably not the great filter, in the same way the Spanish flu wasn't... but a lot is hanging in the air. It could kill anywhere between thousands to millions. Just about every week the latter looks more likely. All it takes to breech a country is one unassuming person.

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>the flu is the great filter
ok tard

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>phoneposting moron

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How do I train my brain to crave delayed gratification? I'm tired of being a monkey that keeps cycling between internet/porn/food/sleep while pushing aside all my responsabilities

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You don't. The brain will go for easy pleasure, it's a human burden. Best thing to do is to throw out your coomputer. Lock it up somewhere. Get away from it. That's what I did, changed my life. That's what I'm about to do again. Best way to have willpower is to not have to fucking use it.

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follow your parent's advice and become THE boomer

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Somewhere between internet/porn/food/sleep do something good,no matter how small. Better than nothing.

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Why not just train your brain to be gratified by the delay existent in others/reality?

>t.lag god

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Can science create a zero-calorie hamburger?

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All of these still contain calories.

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By definition a hamburger is a disc of meat or a meat substitute ergo a hamburger must have calories because it's a defining characteristic of it

A 0 calorie food would need to be made of something that the body can't digest such as cellulose
For flavoring you could use salt which the body can't use as fuel
The whole concept of "0 calorie" food is plain retarded. The only things you can consume that are 0 calories are water and some minerals that are present in food. If it's food it has calories, if it has calories it's food. 0 calorie food is an oxymoron and you are retarded OP

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Brainlet here. Some calories are ignored by humans and shit out. Of course, everything has calories.

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show me how you burn salt.

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Didn't see you there, dummy.

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What is scientifically the best thing a poorfag can do to survive COVID19 if/when it reaches their city?

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Just stay away from hospitals and other crowded public areas.

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Source; The previous panic dampening that the WHO are renowned for. i.e. stating that SARS had a 3% fatality rate when in reality it was much higher.

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>anecdotal evidence
Never change, /polsci/.

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China is saying 3% but you can't really trust anything they say as they're a propaganda spewing police state. Plus they've already been caught consistently manipulating their numbers.

It's much higher in Iran, 20%+ possibly. The theory is that the strain that is present there has mutated into something more deadly or maybe the Iranians are simply accessing and calculating things wrong.

We should have a better impression of the real death rate in the coming weeks as more honest and efficient governments (Italy, Korea, Japan, etc.) continue releasing their developing statistics.

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Guys, remember that many cases likely never get tested because they are either completely asymptomatic or only sick for a few days with something indistinguishable from the flu. Factor that into your mortality estimates. Early
estimates of swine flu were way to high because of this. They estimated 3%, but turned out to be 0.02%. Covid likely is higher though.

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If you could duel any currently living mathematician, who would it be, and why?

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Tooker? He folds pretty easily if you just give him a woman to cuddle.

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I'm not so sure

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That's probably why I'm the reigning champion and you're in the audience.

Tooker really is a big ol' teddy bear softy snuggle-wuggle wiggy-boo.

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Cobrinha stabbed my friend with a heart attack needle, I'm pretty sure, about 20ft to the left of where I am there, and then on the other end of an ambulance ride he ended up as one of these two pic related people. Incidentally, Cobrinha jiu jitsu seems to be the biggest jiu jitsu academy in the rich part of Medellin.

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The godzilla

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Hello transhumanists. What's a good career path if I want to cure death? Could developing an omnipotent AI that can solve all our problems be the solution? Make no mistake, death is a disease, and it has to be cured before it comes for us.

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If we could pull the "solution" for death out of our asses we would end up dying anyway because of the laws of thermodynamics (an eternal living organism is more or less like the idea of a perpetual motion machine, it's not attainable in the real world)

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that funny if people take big words in there mouth with actually never looking into nature. ty thermodynamic.

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become a lobbyist, unironically.

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By the gods, imagine being this fucking dumb.

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Biomedical engineering

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>can never remember Newton's second law

I'm a hack and a fraud

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that's the easiest of the three.

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Where can I find test banks? I study my DIK off but on exam day, I need the extra edge.

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I agree ANKI is awesome, but some classes can be done fast and easy with a test bank. Good for GPA improving classes too.

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check your teachers website directory

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Join a frat

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If I were to inseminate a woman, this is what I would want her to look like.

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>Don't study last minute, break it up into smaller sessions between initially learning about it and the assessments

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thinly veiled homework thread

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>thinly veiled

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Is there any way to look up what the future deadlines are for JWST? The status page only shows stuff that they've already completed, but with launch only a year away it seems like they must have a schedule of deadlines somewhere.

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what are good pre calc resources? textbooks, videos, websites, etc. i'd like something that taught me how math is interconnected. i've tried using khan academy, but i really dislike it

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bump2 plz help

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i'm a high school drop out and tested into calculus by watching khan academy videos on youtube. that was ~ten years ago and they have a website now that can give you little quizzes so you can make sure you're understanding it, but you could just watch it on youtube if you wanted.


i flunked out of calc in college because i can't actually do formal schooling (i'm a fucking retard), but maybe it would be useful to you. good luck and work hard! you can do it if you persevere, anon!

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N Jacobson - "basic algebra"

good luck

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does anyone have a torrent for the latest versiion of space engine?
im broke and cant afford it

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ITT most based math/physics/linguistics/etc books

I'll start with the rigorous bible of classical mechanics

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another wonder of russian ingenuity

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Wrong board.

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>Doesn't cover Lagrangian/Hamiltonian mechanics

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Jeff Bezos should use his ridiculous wealth to fund a mission to drill a hole through this moon and find out if there is life there once and for all

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Bezos didn't get rich by spending all his money like a fool, he bought the Washington Post so he could spend your money instead of his.

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Also, it would drastically increase the probability of The Great Filter being ahead of us. Fermi Paradox.
Hope we don't find life on Enceladus, but find it habitable for life.

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Maximum edgelord here. If he thinks life developed independently on another planet that clearly shows he's not a christard since they would believe it was created by the same God.

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what if we found a weird life on a planet or noom then we find out they have same religions as hunams bro what would it mean does it make god real or fake lol i think god is so interesting to say ideas of when i wonder about it sometimes i feel like maybe gob is telling me a secret or something but that would be pretty weird ha ha

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religion vs. science discussion is strictly forbidden by the jannies and mods of this board. its gay as fuck, but thats the way it is here.

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Nobody actually uses undergraduate style vectors in real life, they are an inane useless outdated formalism which should not be taught.

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Vectors are a 20th century butchering of quaternions. They should be shelved.

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>It is restricted to 3d
Cross product is defined in 7D, actually.

>> No.11418537

>i don't understand operator algebras, the post

>> No.11418542

>my specific application to fluid dynamics justifies rewriting the entire formalism to abstract algebra
do physicists really think like this?

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>using notation which was developed to aid imagination and memory in real life
like how am i supposed to use vectors in irl?
am i suppose to glue a big fukken arrow to the front of my car to make it go forward?

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Scientifically speaking, how do I move to Japan as a pure math bachelors?

>> No.11418239

>Scientifically speaking, how do I move to Japan as a pure math bachelors?
by stopping being a loser would be a start.

>> No.11418256

Why would anyone move to Japan?

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I’ve been thinking of making a forum or imageboard recently. I’ve never coded before and have basically no knowledge. what’s the best language for making a forum/imageboard?

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is coffee good for you?

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Not php.

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here ya go
https:// github . com / blobmon / simplechan

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Quoted By: >>11418180

>> No.11418180

the source is cited how about you stop being a lazy faggot and go find out?

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What are stonks? How do I get a job trading them and make 300k starting?

>> No.11418101

Learn about SDEs and the Ito integral

>> No.11418133

>How do I get a job trading them and make 300k starting?
What have you tried?

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They tell us that light is both a wave and particle. Logic and observations show that can't be true.

Particles fly straight. Waves don't.

Photons don't fly straight. Photons aren't a particle.

Light is a wave.

Our instruments to measure the information in waves are ill equipped. There is obviously some kind of random element messing up the experiment that makes it appear to be a particle.

I can't believe those documentaries had me believing a bunch of bullshit about simultaneous dimensions that do not exist.

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Because I let you. If I stopped letting you then you'd chuck a wobbly at someone.

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Light is not a wave. Light is a rate of induction of the thing that can wave.

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>Particles fly straight. Waves don't.
So what are electrons?

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>They tell us that light is both a wave and particle.
>Logic and observations show that can't be true.

How about you learn some basic physics before shitting up this board?

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