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Draw a figure/character completely from your imagination, incorporating an element of the word generated from this random word generator.


Post results.

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Post art that may not be technically impressive, but you still like anyway

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i'll say it outright : bad art has soul.
sorry for the pony.

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A study of the Sailor Renaissance pic. Pretty chuffed with how it turned out, probably the most realistic thing I’ve drawn, kek.

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Subject (Didn’t trace)

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We're all from the box if you really think about it

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sosach is ded anon
if you know english then /ic/ is just a better place for art, even with all the buzzwords

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2ch \ic is dead as fuck, so yep.
Last time i checked 2ch ic was like 2 years ago.

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2ch's ic is dead because it isn't full of people who seethe about artists who are more successful than them, less successful than them, digital artists, traditional artists, art teachers, porn, nazi, trannies, literally anything; if you remove them from here this place will be just as dead if not more.
i didn't post there much, but actually got critique that goes further than just listing anatomy mistakes

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I know
Checked it today, seems to be dead.
>2ch ic holy grail is darwabox and Loomis, oh wait

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Good morning /ic/ (or whatever time of the day it is where you live). I hope you're doing good.
I'm an international business graduate as of a few months ago (it's very boring) but thanks to covid I'm NEETING at my mom's for a while until things settle down. I'm working part time and have quite a lot of free time, so I thought I'd try to explore other career options.
I'm pretty creatively inclined, I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, and I also gamedev whenever I feel like it.
I find game FX pretty fascinating, especially when it's highly stylized.
Would you guys have any pointers as to what to learn to get a gist of what the job actually is ?
My understanding is that most effects are done in engine, and so I should brush up my texture painting skills in PS and learn the VFX tools of Unity/UE4.


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Nowadays the effects are mostly procedural so to make it looks more spectacular you'll have to either learn C#(unity) or C++(unreal).

But if you wanted to dive in deep into procedural effects and aiming for the best, learn the houdini software. Aside from the houdini unity plugin, you could also use it for CGI special effect since the software is currently one of the gold standard for hollywood VFX projects

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that's more of a question for /3/ rather than /ic/

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Do you have an iPad? Do use apps like Procreate, ArtStudio Pro, Clip Studio Paint, Infinite Painter, Affinity Photo/Designer, or any other the other drawing and painting apps? Do you have a brush hoarding disorder? You're in the right thread!

Discuss apps, share and request brushes, and feel smug about using the absolute best state-of-the-art tablet hardware made by Tim Apple.

>Procreate Brushes

>Photoshop Brushes (can be used in ArtStudio Pro)

>Clip Studio Paint Brushes

Previous thread: >>4893656

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Are there any artists that don't draw regularly?

If so, how did they get good?

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There's nothing stopping you.

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How do you think in 3D?

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Based hard round brain

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>hard round brain
Is THIS THE NEW /ic/ meme???

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>My mind operates at a higher frequency than yours

if that would be the case you wouldn't ask ow to thik in 3D, since thinking in 3D is also knowing the form and feeling it.

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im already racist but thank you

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Why does it seem like most serious patrons /ic/ seem to want and NEED To be an artist immediately?
Now days It is impossible to 'become famous' for art in your early years
It takes a good 30 years of practice before you MIGHT be considered a good artist and to get noticed.
Why aren't people more patient?
If it's going to happen for anyone here it will statistically be around your 50's -- why not just enjoy the process, enjoy your art and others and be positive?
What's the rush all of a sudden??

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hype and pressure. everyone's so obsessed on "making it". whether it's working on big games and movies, having shit ton of money on patreon, or gaining huge amount of followers on social media platforms. natural desire for fame and fortune.

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And about 0.5 percent of people will attain that in their life times.
In any career it takes a good 40-50 years before you are the prime candidate, let alone whatever 'fame and fortune' means.
Seems like everyone is thinking they will 'MAKE IT' just around the corner, yet that realistically will be in another 15 years for them.

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this dumb zoomer coomer meme has to stop, it was mildly funny the first time I saw it and now it's just fucking 9gag tier, please stop it with the wojacks, move on, this has to die, ty
think of something new holy shit

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What do people mean by warm lights/cool shadows or cool lights/warm shadows?

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but also titanium white in oil painting cools off colors and a light cadmium yellow warms colors. I've also seen people recommend that you paint your lights opaque and your shadows transparent.

Following that logic, how do I paint a landscape that is cast in a warm light? I want to make my lights opaque with titatnium white (a very opaque paint) but that would cool off my whites. While almost all cadmium yellows are pretty transparent. So how do I warm my light side while making the paint opaque?

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*but that would cool off my *lights

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Assuming warm = orange, cool = blue,
The light side of the box won’t appear like the colour it is because
the warm light will change the colour making it appear grey brownish
with the above assumptions.

The colour of shadow side will appear very grey orange with above assumptions
because it’s not receiving much light to show its colour

The light side will still be relatively warmer

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warm lights burn your hands when you touch them, cool lights are freeze rays

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just a very small amount titanium white will increase opacity a lot. Also it tends to only be a little on the cool side. There is also yellow ochre which is pretty opaque. Use thicker paint in the lights as well.

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I get 6 likes for about 15 views when I post normally. If I increase my views in the 1K and up I should get more followers?? No?

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You must be literally retarded if you think purchasing promos off fiver will really help

>> No.4960410

Don't do it, it's a waste of money and also Instagram sucks for any art related stuff.

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pic related. A post on my little 200 follow account got noticed a tiny bit more but it was just a day or two of likes and then it flatlined

you get more follows by posting regularly and with consistent quality

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Is making shitty key frame animation with big anime tiddies the secret to making it?

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Was Kandinsky a good Painter?

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IG: divine_ladder

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Sup bros Im 19 how long will it take for me to reach a decent level of drawing

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People doodle all the time when they are young. They find enjoyment in it. The education system and parents who give a shit cultivate these skills in ones who have the time, money, and effort to do so. Thus a child that took art classes all through middle school, highschool, and college, all the while studying on their own time outside of class by either taking private classes or reading books on the subject, will obviously have the skill of someone who has spent a long time doing something. This is true for music, writing, sciences, etc.

That's not to say that you should automatically give up. I'm 29. I draw like shit, but I have fun with it and I try to learn in my spare time. You are a decade younger than me. You are full of youth and yet you waste it away, sadly you don't even realize what it is you have until you have already experienced it and can see the other possible worlds you could have been in.

Anon, grab a sketch book and start drawing. The goal is in the journey. In the act. Anything else is setting yourself up for disappointment.

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You can easily make it in 1 year if you have talent.

>> No.4960202

Ignore the others. You can do it in 4-5 years, if you grind pretty hard (4-5 hrs a day) Focus on the fundamentals, and make sure to put in effort to make finished pieces once in a while

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You can definitely get technical skills in the shorter estimates the other anons have stated. Whether or not you have good ideas or interesting artwork worth looking at is an entirely different story altogether.

>> No.4960262

If you have not started drawing seriously by 11, never

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What’s your go-to anatomy ref site/ book for when you find yourself forgetting shit?

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Generally I have to be the first one complaining about a picture making no sense, but even /ic/ is bamboozled, so what the fuck is going on with this chink-a-doodle-doo?

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it's from a series showing common anatomy mistakes, i think. on the left is the bad example of always having the scapula in the same spot. the right is showing that they move.

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is bridgman outdated ? is he still relevant for studying anatomy? should i just stick with hampton ?

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It is indeed hard for autistic people to catch sarcasm, look at yourself in the mirror and talk to your soul child.

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>is bridgman outdated ?
No, the devs are pretty good at kipping bridgman updated

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Use Loomis, Stephen Rogers Peck, Victor Perard and Frederic Delavier. Bridgman is a total meme

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you kinda shot yourself on the foot there anon. pretty sure he is one of the first guys who popularize form simplification on art education. also, to name a few, Norman Rockwell, Robert Beverly Hale, Kimon Nicolaides, Will Eisner and Frank Reilly studied under Bridgman. so yeah, Bridgman is not a meme.

>> No.4960460

they went to the art league, they weren't studying from a shoddy collection of lecture notes.

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Just bought this for $3000. Did I get scammed?

>> No.4959811

I like art that represents something but cartoons get a pass for me too. So all abstract art like OP is instant scam to me.

>> No.4959812

That's the price you pay for being a retard

>> No.4959884

If you buy any art for $3000 you get scammed, no matter what it is.

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Quoted By: >>4959965

nigga you paid 3k for a bunch of sharpie scribbles on some paper???

>> No.4959965

Op clearly drew it ans framed it himself to try and be funny

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This is the first painting that I ever liked this much. I don't know what it is, but it really does something for me. Anyone else got anything that does it for them?

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omg I actually got aroused looking at this.

>> No.4960614

That would look so fucking good framed.

>> No.4960616

You're not kidding. Love the way solid black and white is used in those.

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Quoted By: >>4960667

yes. this Sargent's work did the same. it will always be my favorite paint.

>> No.4960667

Amazing. Is this an oil painting?

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I saw that there are artists who just paint food, is there a market for it, does anyone know if one can make a living painting food, there are so many of these on Pixiv



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Lol. These look like they're ran through some paint filter.

>> No.4959731

Not really OP. It's good technical-wise but people aren't gonna spend money to get a commissioned crunchwrap supreme from taco bell
You know not all still life = food, right? Why so mad?

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File: 338KiB, 1024x768, 10412126685_dc39479862_b-1024x768.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I fucking love paintings of food. I know Wayne Thiebaud does this stuff, but none of his stuff is as appetizing as the art you posted.

>> No.4959886

I thought it was practice

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Ring Pop by Margaret Morrison

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You faggots tricked me to think that drawing is fun
THAT wasn't fun
I am quitting

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I love drawing and I hate coomer art. Well I like it when everything is going right and I like how it turns out

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Quoted By: >>4960263 >>4960292

Oh baby this right here

I don't get a dopamine hit from drawing bowls of fruit in fact I don't thin no anyone does... Tomboys getting gangbangd and big titties getting cummed on is what I have fun drawing

>> No.4960263

drawing hourglass figures is just cope for people who can't draw an hourglass or vase

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>> No.4960303

i demand to know how you got this photo of me

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didnt do one

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Idk if this thread is for real, or just trash talk, but might as well.
I think the torso is too straight, forcing the leg to bend in a weird way near the gluteus.
I think something like pic related.
Or if you wanna push it further on, maybe this

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Very nice!!!!!

>> No.4960548

and i thought you fixed that leg
fucking autist

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