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Post pics of the resident Amity Park ghost

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And who would've thought piggyback rides were inappropriate for school? Who would've thought guys engaging in stuff like that would be awkward??

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1) Be polite to the drawfriends - they're drawing for you, after all.

2) Specifics, details and references pics are always appreciated, and increase the likelihood of your request being fulfilled.

3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all - not every request is going to get done. If you think it's been overlooked, wait a while and relink or repost it.

4) Stick to fictional characters.

5) No nsfw requests. Stuff like that belongs in /y/'s drawthread.

6) Please limit image posting to references and request fills. We don't need a bunch of reaction pictures and such killing the thread early.

Previous thread: >>3409417

BOORU LINK: http://cm-drawthread.booru.org/

Happy requesting and drawing, folks!

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Requesting Terry Bogard with big pecs dressed as Lara Crost (instead of ponytail draw braid like Lara has too).

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Requesting this self insurt of myself. Drawn however you want to draw it in whatever way. This being CM don't feel inclined to Draw Akane Owari.

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Requesting a pin up of Kris from Deltarune in a tight body suit, posing like the picture on the right. With a bow on his head like on the bottom left. Armor and cape optional. Include foot straps if you can.
Thanks in advance

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Oh and, have his body type lean towards twink, with a similar butt shape as either picture.

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Requesting my OC either adjusting his glasses, or something very similar, his glasses gleaming with light much like the two reference images.

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Who are your favorite flamboyant boys?

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Warning the following Is 100% certain to Covert Into a Sissy(Read at your Own Risk)

Ever since I discovered the sacred Art of "Sissy Hypnosis" the perception of my miserable reality has shifted into one much more meaningful than my previous. I finally discovered my Ultimate life purpose and goal. I am to forever be a life-long slave to my all mighty master. I am to Please, I am to Satisfy and I am to Serve whomst ever it is in need to relieve or satisfy oneself using my body. I am to forever be ruled, conquered and dominated by those with superior physical attributes to my fragile femboy anatomy. It is my destiny to be abused, punished and maltreated by those with power over me. It is one of my greatest desires to be filled to the brim with bucket loads hot and slimy semen like a filthy cum-dumpster I am. I would be oh so awfully grateful to anyone willing to tie me up like a pretzel and gag me like a filthy whore I am and mangle my rectum to the point of irreversible damage or to choke me out of consciousness and slap my filthy face like a slut I am. Pull me in by my ponytail while going balls deep with your monster cock up my loose and filthy rectum while i call you daddy. Gag me like a little whore I am on your veiny, pulsating and rock solid monster cock as that's all I am a little worthless whore only ever existing to fulfil your fantasies and sexual desires I am here for your Satisfaction. Now, Fuck me! Like a little bitch I am. OwO

-Yours Faithfully

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Everyone won't shut up about Astolfo and Felix, but the true best femboy doesn't get any love. And clearly the people on /c/ don't appreciate him either. Their loss.

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Draw a girl call it a boy

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>clearly the people on /c/ don't appreciate him
...why would they?
if you tried making a thread on /c/ for him then you're either a newfriend or a shitposter.
leave our sister board be

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Where is he from?
femboys are best boys

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We don't need your tranny-homo over /c/. Thank you.

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Gachaman Crowds
It's the token tranny, like for real.

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post those dream land lads

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Adding Helluva Boss to the subject title.
Previous thread: >>3415392

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>Hazbin Hotel

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Fucking giga chad

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st marys, barking IG11 7TD GREATFIELDS SCHOOL

020 3946 59000

a cool ip adress: 84 64 58 209

a cool adress 69 devon road

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here to remind u all that u are a problem
fix it today

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Last thread here >>3412058

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I'm all for this Endeavor love

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Same. Also that bulge.

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Also sauce if available

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Last thread: >>3412810
Sakaecutie edition

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It's been a while.

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Last thread here >>3409817

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Previous thread

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thank you again! especially for svsss, it's my favorite :3

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You're welcome!

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Doctor K edition

Previous thread: >>3421733

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Anyone have stuff of Midare Toushirou in alternate outfits? I've already hit up all the usual places (zerochan, e-shuushuu, danbooru, pixiv...)

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Quoted By: >>3433363 >>3433521

my twitter feed is full of Toushirous

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Are these supposed to be boys? If so they're all really bad cases of draw a girl call it a boy.

>> No.3433363

Except yours, yours is good

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Can I get some @s?

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More soft cowboys!

Last Thread >>3399450

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28 pinkerton detectives
pulling up on black arabian horses
wagons parking
shady belle is under siege, under lockdown
pinkerton detectives are gonna fuck shady belle cowboy butts
looking for dutch van der linde, gonna fuck dutch van der linde's butt

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Someone needs to make fanfic based on this

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Quoted By: >>3433967

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Quoted By: >>3434533

post your favorite boy and how you're doing

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I promise things will get better anon. Please keep taking care of yourself.
I'm glad you have someone to support you anon. I remember life in school was hard, but I promise things get easier. Before I graduated last year I just didnt see a way forward and felt discouraged, but being finished with school is really good for people
I'm sorry anon, but be really careful when it comes to children. Things can get really bad really quick. I hope your nephew is safe

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i've definitely been better. i thought going to college would give me some sort of purpose or meaning in life, but i'm close to graduating now and i feel even more lost, unsure and stressed out than i started, with added crippling student loan debt to spice things up a bit. i deal with debilitating social anxiety that destroys my ability to connect with other people so i have no friends to talk to. i'm painfully lonely, i'm in my late 20s and have no accomplishments to speak of, i'm still living at home because i can't afford to live anywhere else since housing prices are fucking insane, and most days don't feel worth the effort. i've kinda always wished i was dead but never had the drive to do anything about it. the longer i keep going, the less hesitation i have about making it happen. i thought life was supposed to get better, but it's just gotten worse. i'm too tired and too lonely to keep it up.

but y'know, best boy has stayed being the best since i first saw him almost 20 years ago, and at least that's something good.

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every time I see this pic I laugh my ass off at the fucked up face

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i'm doing ok, i really could be better though. been stressed these past few days due to fears my ex-stalker is following me around again, hoping it's not the case. i want to have a positive outlook, y'know? been trying to avoid him at every chance i get. don't wanna make this fully negative so i'd also like to mention that i've been on a diet lately and the food i've been making for my family and i is absolutely godlike, i'm in love

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I have been feeling so good and motivated lately, and part of that is thanks to my husbando.
It's been years since i have felt like this, especially these last two years had been hell. I realized i wasted so many years trying to be social when i dislike people and ended up in the hospital 3 times thanks to it. Since i stopped talking to my friends i have been feeling more relieved, i started drawing again and i am loking forward to starting college next year. Hanako has been helping a lot too. Thinking about him makes my heart ache, it reminds me to how i felt when i was a preteen having a crush on south park characters, it's such a pure feeling i though i lost when i became an adult. I also used to freeze while looking at the paper but now i just get up draw him, even if i know it will be bad it only makes me want to draw more to get better. I also want to star learning python to make Hanako gadgets for my phone.

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male morgan?

>> No.3432389

Remember to post some images to get the thread started

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File: 56KiB, 500x605, mmmorgan.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 498KiB, 500x657, bugmorgan.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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