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What device does /a/ use to read manga, I had a nexus 7 but it died and was looking for something to replace it.

Was contemplating the the galaxy tab s4, but is 10.5" too large a screen?

What do other anons use?

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Ipad Air 1. As long as you can comfortably hold it you can never go too big unless you're reading shit scans.

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>What device does /a/ use to read manga

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Are apple tablets really that much better than equivalent android device?

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2018 iPad

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I got a Samsung Tab S2 8"
Not as nice as the old Nexus 7 for long time reading sessions but it's still really good, never wanted to drop the kind of money for an iPad since I'd need to use shit software like iTunes to move files onto it too

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If you're only using it for manga and internet browsing you can't go wrong with them. They can be surprisingly durable. Since release I've used it in the shower everyday to watch videos/read manga and it still works great.

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Sufrace Pro 2
Sometimes my phone when times get really shitty

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And a PC of course, this one should be on top

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A Kindle isn't bad. Probably your cheapest option if you aren't going to be doing anything intense with your device.

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Except you are locking yourself in cancerous applel ecosystem.
There are 3 things that matter for manga: screen size at least 10 inch, at least 1920 pixels vertically and 3:2 or 16:10 sxreen proportions. You can get this significantly cheaper by not buying apple shit.

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My computer. Why is this even a thread. Don't answer.

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>fpbp gets 4s

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>Was contemplating the the galaxy tab s4, but is 10.5" too large a screen?

I am using a s4 right now to read doujins, it's not too big unless you have baby hands.

For normal manga I either order hard copies from jap amazon or read them on my PC.

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you're retarded. 'cancerous applel ecosystem' is one of the most streamlined and feature complete across platforms (from laptop, to mobile, to wearable). and even the el cheapo 2018 iPad is better from a SoC spec standpoint then the flagship android tablet on the market. and this is ignoring the fact that android is ABSOLUTE SHIT on tablets.

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I’ve played with the Android ones, they are choppy and honestly the “flow” is just not there. The android OS is just odd to me the apple OS is simpler but forget about customization and downloading apps not the in apple store.

I’ve owned the mini 2 and now a pro. The mini one lasted me 5 yrs and the pro is going for 2 yrs. honestly they are pricey but they perform well for everything I do.

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Its also the best platform for jewing developers out of money and making sure people have no incentive to ever get anything put up there, especially for niche shit like manga.
Those "specs" sure matter for opening fucking pictures you brainlet.

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Of course it matters you faggot as brainlet. You can use a tablet for alot more than just browsing pictures. And if you're gonna invest money in something may as well be something you can actually use day to day. Poorfags gonna poor.

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How does it look when reading low res manga scans, also is it good for watching anime on?

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Huawei g3 i think

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>muh poorfags
I have more money and better career than you.
We are talking about device to read manga, not play fortnite or whatever degenerate shit you waste time on.
Spending money on itoys is not investing you braindwad incel.

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shitposting is not a career you brain damaged twink.
and how many updates do flagship android tablets get before being completely forgotten about? 1-2? compare that to 5+ years of support iPads get. when your shit droid tablet lags when browsing and watching videos then maybe you should be the least bit concerned about specs and longevity of your brand new device purchase. moron.

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>How does it look when reading low res manga scans

Really depends on what kind of gallery app you are using, the screen is really fantastic so if your gallery zooms the low-res image by default it will look really horrible.

I recommend using quickpic/f-stop.

>also is it good for watching anime on?

Fuck yes, watching BD on shit thing is a real treat.

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Neither is being stay at home son moron. Dont forget to buy $999 pro stand for your itoy.

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Related question. What video players do you all use?

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I was just gonna ask the same thing, I've always just used VLC because it works. I tried MXPlayer but apparently it's even worse now than it use to be. I also just noticed that mpv has an android release and was gonna give that a shot as that's what I use on desktop and it works flawlessly.

Which player do you use?

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Use an iPad mini but if your only getting a tablet to pirate you should get an android tablet for Perfect Viewer and Tachiyomi.

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Gotta point and laugh at projecting poorfag triggered by iFruits.

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>Which player do you use?

funny you should ask because it's literally the 2 players you listed in the same post.

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>cancerous applel ecosystem
If your just reading manga all the ebook services are cross platform and if your just pirating that doesn't matter.

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VLC. for samba share support and ability to read pretty much all file types

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>I have more money and better career than you.
No you don't

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I use mpv to stream from my FTP server on my pc to my phone, the slide controls are nice, I don't have to tap the screen to go back or change brightness and it's the only player that has consistently worked, lightweight and has subs and audio track select which is all I want

>Using a gallery app

How do you even do that, I used to do that but it was way to clunky and that was about 5 years ago, I use MangaRock now, it's pretty good and much easier to keep track of manga

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Used to use my 6 inch phone, now I have a lenovo tab 4 8 plus.
it works great, I had a 10 inch before it and I felt like it was really too large to enjoy while lying down in bed, which is how I read.

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I guess most /a/utists use MXPlayer then since a lot of screens posted here have the video file as the filename which isn't the default option for VLC.

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>How do you even do that

Gallery apps are really based though, I can scroll through a bunch of thumbnails that's automatically ordered by their event names, the search function is great too as long as you properly named/tagged the doujins before you put them in the SD card.

I am a degenerate hoarder and I have like 11000 folders (300gb in total) worth of doujins/adult manga that I can comfortably access without using my computer, the only trouble is that since I am hoarding way too much folders the apps are starting to chug a bit, quickpic works like a fucking charm back when I still have around 8k folders.

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>Gallery apps
The fuck are you doing, use a proper comics app like Perfect Viewer.

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>all of this apple dick sucking
Just get a fucking tablet with a big, WIDE screen and decent resolution, chances are the scans you're reading are shit anyway

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In my own defense gallery app "just werks" for me so I didn't bother to go out and look for a better way.

I will definitely give PV a try though since the apps that I used to use is no longer working as well as they did in the past.

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I bought a nexus 7 first gen 7 years ago for msrp, it died about 2 years ago and i've been looking for a 7-8inch android tablet replacement since and all I can tell you is how annoying it is to be looking at $200+ dollar tablets and seeing the same specs as the nexus 7 I bought over half a decade ago, its really a shame that android tablets are basically a dead technology. I think the best option is probably a kindle fire, rooted with a custom android rom on it.

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/g/ is laughing at us again man we need to take refuge somewhere

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I know your small impoverished brain cant comprehend this, but consumerist toys are not a sign of wealth. Virtually anyone can afford those.
Only ones who think otherwise are niggers and underages. Wonder which one you are.
I also know how much of your money is generating passive income: $0.

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Yes it does matter, there is no tachiyomi for ios.

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Why not just buy the new macbook pro instead OP?

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I've used a Galaxy Tab S for half a decade and it's basically perfect. The S4 would be a downgrade for me because they removed the hardware buttons. Other than that I'd probably get it over any other tablet.

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I've never had a reason to read anywhere other than at my desk, so PC.

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How/what do you use to tag doujins? Is it in the app I like in a file manager, also on pc or mobile if in a file manager?

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Perfect Viewer is a bit weird at first but if you're reading from zip/rar archives it's the best thing available. You can set up zones of the screen at hotspots for certain actions to happen, so it's about as customizable as you want. It also keeps track of where you left off, which is very useful.

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Mangarock is more polished. And unless you live in Klapistan it has a better library (including scans of official localized tank releases). Mangadex works just fine too. And iComic is a better offline reader than Perfect Viewer because it is is explicitly desgined for manga by an actual nip and doesn't have ugly woodgrain eye cancer.

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