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Rough translation. I'm not an English speaker nor a Japanese speaker, so it would be really rough translation.

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>Q. Since when did you decided to become a mangaka?
>A. The first time I dreamed it was when I was in elementary school, but I gave up because it's hard to be successful. When I became a highschool student, one of my friends showed a manga drawn by himself. I think it was good so I draw mine. That's when I started to decided to become a mangaka.

>Q. Since when did you draw manga by computer?
>A. Since when I first draw manga. It was 2009. So I feel nervous when I draw arts by pen.

>Q. How many time do you take when you draw a chapter?
>A. 2 days for meeting with editor, and five days for drawing. I draw it from I woke up, until I sleep. I feel like I'm doing something wrong when I don't drawing, like when I am bathing.

>Q. Hiw can you draw such kawaii girls?
>A. 10 years ago, my friends said I'm really bad at drawing kawaii girls. So I tried hard to become better. I saw human picture and think why it is kawaii, and various definitions of 'kawaii' in various eras.

>Q. Which character is hardest to draw?
>A. The problem is usually comes from long hair or items. So it's Nino... and Miku. Miku's headphone is the problem. I sometimes regret giving her headphone. I concentrate and change my schedule when I draw Miku chapter. Ichika? I'm always thankful to her.

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>Q. How do you practice drawing?
>A. I can't do that right now, but editor-san suggested me to draw other series I like. The most important thing is always thinking about how to draw well.

>Q. What's the main point of manga 5toubun no hanayome in 2019?
>A. We already passed the turning point. I decided how many volumes are left when I draw vol.7 Ichika cover. I depicted quints' feeling to Fuutarou until now, but since they will marry in the end, so I should their mutual feeling from now on. Focusing on Fuutarou's feeling, I'll draw an ending which is as many readers as possible can accept. I think it's impossible to drag interestingly. I don't know it will end in this year or not, but I'll properly deliever what is inside me until it ends.

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>Ichika? I'm always thankful to her.
How nice.

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>I concentrate and change my schedule when I draw Miku chapter
Based.That explain why always Miku get the best panels.

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Yotsuba is Rena.

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>I depicted quints' feeling to Fuutarou until now
>focus on Fuutarou feeling
Is it too late for Yotsuba to enter the bowl after all?

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>I sometimes regret giving her headphone

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It's not too late for Fuuts to enter Yotsuba.

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> I'll draw an ending which is as many readers as possible can accept
Inconclusive pseudo-harem open ending confirmed.

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Quoted By: >>183742753

It was all a dream.

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Does Itsuki really have feelings for Fuuts in the end? Maybe it's only a platonic/admiration thing different from the more teen romance feelings from Ichika, Nino and Miku. Though I think that Miku have the most honest feelings or thats what Negi want us to think. I'm still not sure about Itsuki endgame with Futaro since she didn't feel any jealousy when Miku told her in the last arc.

It really makes me think...

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>Nino and Miku are hard to draw
>2 with the most panel time

Negi is so M

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Ichika is so much better than shitty Nino it's not even funny

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Fuutarou is gay and loves Maruo. Marrying a quint is just a pretext for being close with Papa

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Quoted By: >>183736717

Marrying the dad is always the best option

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>Inconclusive/harem end
>Miku most popular girl end developing her character
>Itsuki first/main girl end understanding Fuuts
>Yotsuba protecting Fuuts smile end
>Fuuts getting over his tsun end

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This should've been a VN.

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But then I couldn't see people foaming over Nino's victory.

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We need more series to target dead mom and father fetish.

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>mom cucking her own daughter

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Quoted By: >>183738547

>I'll draw an ending which is as many readers as possible can accept
Everyone has accepted main girl will win. It's over. Everyone goes home

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So the manga is likely going to end in early 2020?

I think it will end with 11-12 volumes, what do you folks think?

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If it ends about 1 year later, which is roughly 50 weeks, so it might end up around chapter 120. Volume 14 will be end by chapter 122. But we can't be sure. Plans always change.

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>I depicted quints' feeling to Fuutarou until now, but since they will marry in the end, so I should their mutual feeling from now on. Focusing on Fuutarou's feeling

there goes any chance of 4 or 5 winning

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I only hope to get a full adaptation

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5 can always be asspulled. Some are even counting on it

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Fatty got this.

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12-13 is more likely, he'll finish with the quints covers on 11 then 12 is either fuu or all of them together (with or without fuu) and maybe 13 is for the married couple

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>as many readers as possible can accept
>most reader are Mikufags
What exactly was meant by this?

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Quoted By: >>183737353

Miku getting Onodera'd.

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So he'll marry the violente tsundere.
Who the fuck is that?

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Open end
Harem end
Fatso end

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>I'll draw an ending which is as many readers as possible can accept

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>focusing on Fuutarou's feeling
The quint he loves didn't need to love him though. Anything is possible

>> No.183737446

>The quint he loves didn't need to love him though. Anything is possible
is this what denial looks like?

>> No.183737466

>I'll draw an ending which is as many readers as possible can accept
Yotsuba end confirmed

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So that's the real reason he cut Nino's hair

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Quoted By: >>183737599

She's not really violent like a typical tsundere is.

>> No.183737576

will Miku drop the headphones next?
Negi can have her say it is to train Fuu to recognize her

>> No.183737599

She isn't even a tsundere anymore

>> No.183737645

>that cutout glove
It just warms my heart.

>> No.183737707

>fingerless glove
Negi is a fucking hack

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5 brides with 5 husbands (all me) ending confirmed. Based Negi

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still winning

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>Nino's husband
This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no way you can convince me this is not me. This character could not possibly be anymore me. It's me, and nobody can convince me otherwise. If anyone approached me on the topic of this not possibly being me, then I immediately shut them down with overwhelming evidence that this character is me. This character is me, it is indisputable. Why anyone would try to argue that this character is not me is beyond me. If you held two pictures of me and this character side by side, you'd see no difference. I can safely look at this character every day and say "Yup, that's me". I can practically see this character every time I look at myself in the mirror. I go outside and people stop me to comment how similar I look and act to this character. I chuckle softly as I'm assured everyday this character is me in every way. I can smile each time I get out of bed every morning knowing that I've found my identity with this character and I know my place in this world. It's really quite funny how similar this character is to me, it's almost like we're identical twins. When I first saw this character, I had an existential crisis. What if this character was the real me and I was the fictional being. What if this character actual became aware of my existence? Did this character have the ability to become self aware itself?

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4 will be LoliNakano and 5 may already have feeling for him. It's not over yet

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Quoted By: >>183738145

>still winning
>lost to the cock
>won't even get the ring

>> No.183738087

>I decided how many volumes are left when I draw vol.7 Ichika cover.
12 Volumes confirmed. 11th for Itsuki, 12th for Fuutarou and the bride.

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You mean Fuutarou and Itsuki

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She's the bride, get over it.

>> No.183738184

Sure, just not Fuutarou’s

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Quoted By: >>183738860

What did he say around 10:30? Something about Oh! great's manga?

>> No.183738217

>Ichika's manager won't get a cover
Umm wtf Negi?!

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Quoted By: >>183743283

No it is Fuutarou.

>> No.183738231

She'll marry Miku.

>> No.183738264

>I don't know it will end in this year or not, but I'll properly deliever what is inside me until it ends
At least, he is not planning to drag things out. I hope that popularity of this manga will not cause that editors will force him to change his mind.

>> No.183738266

>passed turning point
It’s chapter 59
>an ending as many readers as possible can accept
Negi has been pushing Nino for a while, and she rose from 5th to 3rd. And she’s bound to have more time with him at the bakery, as he learns to L O V E. It’s Nino guys, pack it up.

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My god, the interviewer's "desu ka" is so hot.

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Wasn't it obvious?

>> No.183738495

What did she mean by licking her lips while looking at the restaurant’s Fuutarou’s working at ad?

>> No.183738547

Yes. Can't wait for the main girl Nino to win. I'll be celebrating for a month.

>> No.183738557

She just wants to eat some cakes. There's definitely no lewd

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She's ready to make her move on him

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Quoted By: >>183739115

this is too retarded to be fresh pasta

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Chapter 60 is called "The conquest begins" and it applied and still only applies to her.
The chapter when they finally become a couple will be called "The conquest ends"

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Quoted By: >>183738833

I've seen a few mangaka wear it while drawing, does it help them in drawing or something?

>> No.183738833
Quoted By: >>183738963

It's so that their hand doesn't drag along the screen. It's great to see what people have for that problem. I've seen people cut their old socks to use as a glove which is very cute.

>> No.183738860

I think he is saying his goal of practicing art is Oogureito yet he isn't sure he can be at such level.

>> No.183738875

It will be obvious in hindsight as all the alleged red herrings turn into actual hints.

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Reminder that;

>Fuutarou wanted to stay with Nino and not go his home.
>Fuutarou wanted to be with Nino for the fireworks and not with his little sister or the other sisters.
>Fuutarou wanted to look for Nino in the forest and not Itsuki.
>Fuutarou wanted to dance with Nino and not the other sisters.
>Fuutarou wanted to save Nino and not his memory of Rena.
>Fuutarou wanted Nino to come with him to the haunted house and not the other sisters.
>Fuutarou wanted to look for Nino instead of staying at the party with the other sisters.
>Fuutarou wanted to work with Nino and not with Miku
In conclusion
Fuutarou will always choose Nino,it's always Nino for Fuutarou.

deal with itttttttttt

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Remembering the taste of his sweet lips and planning to get some more. This time on her own terms

>> No.183738951

>We already passed the turning point
The interview happened right after Miku got an important scene and Fuutarou started to be able to distinguish the quints. There's no mistake. Early celebration thread soon, Mikubros

>> No.183738963

Wacom makes gloves like that for their tablets. Probably expensive as shit too.

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>We already passed the turning point
>I depicted quints' feeling to Fuutarou until now
Uh oh... Looks like I made this for nothing.

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Remember to kill yourself.

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Quoted By: >>183740167

How the fuck do you not recognize it?

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File: 284KiB, 1064x1500, Nino2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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>> No.183739372
Quoted By: >>183739848

Isn't he saying she's still the hardest to draw along with Miku?
I wonder how bad it was before.

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The fuck am I gonna do with my fanart folder when it's over? The end never occurred to me when I started gathering it.

>> No.183739600

It's really sad, he cares so little for Nino as a character that he changed her design just to make her easier to draw

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File: 111KiB, 894x894, Ninoside.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.183739728 [SPOILER]
File: 149KiB, 623x254, !!!!428sadsmall.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

back to lurking for another 9 years

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Even as a Ninobro I'm scared to see the inevitable Nino train crash. Just imagine the laughs.

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>will Miku drop the headphones next?
She already dropped one into the river and Negi instead opted to draw her a new pair of headphone.

>> No.183739848

He says drawing long hair takes the most time but he does it almost automatically and that redrawing it until he's satisfied is fun for him, especially if it's long hair flowing in the wind or something like that.
On the other hand, he says drawing eyes is painful.

>> No.183739908

What will cause more shitposting, Nino winning or losing?

>> No.183739947 [DELETED]


>> No.183739956

Both would cause the same amount of shitposting.

>> No.183739971

Winning definitely.

>> No.183740004

Keep it to celebrate Nino’s win for some years after the manga ends

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>> No.183740019

Nino becoming the head wife in a harem end.

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File: 649KiB, 1434x1034, 1546282282423.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>inevitable Nino train crash
It wouldn't be as bad as inevitable massacre at the wedding in case when Miku will lose

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File: 24KiB, 250x250, Nino...jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 131KiB, 259x470, sexy little rabbit.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183740159

I hope Yotsuba wins for Fuutarou's sake

Imagine being able to pound this bunny all night long then intentionally impregnate her

>> No.183740115
Quoted By: >>183740448

Nino losing to Ichika

>> No.183740148

Man, I'll be really sad when the series end. I haven't felt like that for a long time because most of my favorites went downhill later. I hope it'll end on a high note and there'll be some kind of after story

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File: 95KiB, 1056x757, N.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.183740159

Yotsuba will marry Negi instead

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real life backstabbed me and I had to leave my pc for a while

>> No.183740254

It's over Yotsuba the most neutral quint won

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Miku losing will make the biggest shitstorm

>> No.183740306

>Just imagine the laughs

Will never measure to Bleach ending.

>> No.183740331
Quoted By: >>183740840

Open ending when nobody actually wins and it is revealed that wedding was simply a dream of Uesugi

>> No.183740359

People will mock the fuck out of ninofags for years if she loses.

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Quoted By: >>183740966

>Nino losing to Ichika
Sorry anon but........>Pic
Fuutarou has already made his choice between Ichika and Nino.

>> No.183740454

To be fair, the winnerfags are gonna mock the fuck out of loserfags for years to come.

>> No.183740519 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183740708

But can they outshitpost Ninofags?

>> No.183740552
Quoted By: >>183740757

And if she wins Ninobros will laugh at everyone for not believing in her for years. Shitposting is bound to happen

>> No.183740573

Just don't think about it. Don't. It's not the time.
There's 0% chance of that happening.

>> No.183740708 [DELETED]

Depends on which side Yotsubros take.

>> No.183740757

It's not a matter of "if". It's a matter of how long the manga is going to go for.

>> No.183740777

Winning. Most of the shitposting will be Ninofags either way, if she loses the more decent ones might shut up leaving only the spergs. If she wins they'll all be making constant Nino threads until those are banned from the board.

>> No.183740778
Quoted By: >>183740995

Fuck she won because she's author's favorite
Fuck she won because muh popularity
Fuck she won because she's the main girl

>> No.183740840
File: 993KiB, 2327x1080, 1547770113746.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

> Open ending when nobody actually wins
You'd be surprised how many people are OK with that.

> that wedding was simply a dream of Uesugi
Now that would be the cause for a shit Armageddon.

>> No.183740922
Quoted By: >>183741029

I see you're getting assblasted in advance. I guess it's better to prepare early.

>> No.183740966
File: 856KiB, 712x1316, keke.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Fuutarou has already made his choice between Miku and Nino too.

>> No.183740984 [DELETED]

Fuck, she won?

>> No.183740989 [DELETED]
File: 129KiB, 1040x730, smugmane_white.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I can't wait to dump my Ninofolders.

>> No.183740995

How accurate

>> No.183741029

Case in point.

>> No.183741040 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183741085

>some shitty flannel shirt
>dead eyes
>unused headphones

>cute dress
>cute ribbons
>confident expression

Fuuts knows.

>> No.183741041
File: 236KiB, 738x480, 1546274847033.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

> Ninofags
> decent ones
Aren't these things mutually exclusive?

>> No.183741085

Kill yourself.
>Replying to the braindead chink

>> No.183741118
Quoted By: >>183741183

Who the fuck are you, newfag?

>> No.183741145
File: 32KiB, 120x190, 1547693779276.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183741158
File: 232KiB, 1536x2048, Dur-Uy1U8AAmRuM.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183741251

There's only me and I'm far from being decent.

>> No.183741163

>tfw Ninofag but falseflag as an Itsukifag because Ninofags are cancer

>> No.183741179
File: 116KiB, 778x1100, IMG_20190122_120938.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183741229

There's any evidence of Nino being Negi's favorite? He retweets every girl art.

>> No.183741183 [DELETED]
File: 621KiB, 914x796, smugchi.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The one you guys constantly bring up.

>> No.183741216 [SPOILER]
File: 530KiB, 1032x568, 1547783457683.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Which retard out of the 5 would give birth to the least retarded children?

>> No.183741229 [DELETED]

The first thing Negi posted about 5toubun on twitter is Nino, that was like a year before the oneshot.

>> No.183741251
File: 1MiB, 2048x2895, 1533575313140.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183741327

Stop pretending you're me.

>> No.183741257


>> No.183741268
Quoted By: >>183741330

Miku, the most popular heroine, will win. Screencap this.

>> No.183741304
File: 88KiB, 1024x1024, 1418796937661.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Ninofag is also a grisaiafag
I may be a Yotsubafag, but i recognize good taste when i see it. Based.

>> No.183741317

Honestly Nino or Itsuki. Itsuki if she actually grows up to be an intellectual teacher.

>> No.183741321
Quoted By: >>183741447

Miku or Itsuki since they’re the smartest
Considering their family went from charismatic teacher to 5 vegetables we can assume the quints will give birth to potato seeds

>> No.183741327
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I shouldn't be arguing with myself. Did I remember to take the pills this morning?

>> No.183741330 [DELETED]

Like Sensei, the most popular heroine, will win. Shall I screencap that too?

>> No.183741337


>> No.183741350
Quoted By: >>183742507

Some of them are just content posting Nino and there's nothing wrong with that. The awful ones make it impossible to even say something good about Nino because they'll jump on the opportunity to misrepresent the sight of her toes as a sign that she'll win.

>> No.183741358

What was Fumino’s rank?

>> No.183741365

It's settled then

>> No.183741369 [DELETED]
File: 567KiB, 2736x1824, land of the free.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I knew I could count on my Yotsubros.

>> No.183741423 [DELETED]


>> No.183741434
Quoted By: >>183741546

2 in nipland, 1 in the west

>> No.183741443
File: 57KiB, 230x243, 1525404506223.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Amane = Ichika
Michiru = Nino
Yumiko = Miku
Sachi = 428
Makina = Itsuki

>> No.183741447
Quoted By: >>183741595

>the smartest
She's on the "Nino who studied for the first time in her life" level.

>> No.183741470
File: 580KiB, 928x548, 428ch70p9v2.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Amane a best

>> No.183741483 [DELETED]
File: 62KiB, 173x177, 1537313247080.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Are you sure this is real

>> No.183741489
Quoted By: >>183741590

V stands for victory.

>> No.183741507

>The first thing Negi posted about 5toubun on twitter is Nino
Does this mean that Nino is technically the first girl?

>> No.183741530 [DELETED]

I think Nino has some of the "fun" quirks Sachi has, alongside the domestic attributes of Anal-nee

>> No.183741531
File: 552KiB, 2048x2038, CzhW8Q2UsAAMwzj.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183741691


>> No.183741546
Quoted By: >>183741615

>number 2 in the polls winning

>> No.183741548

Fumino was second, and she’s the clear main heroine. Whereas there’s no main heroine here.

>> No.183741552
Quoted By: >>183741700

Can you stop posting these cursed pics? This "artist" should hang himself. Even worse than thr Fate guy.

>> No.183741562 [DELETED]

Can you stop posting these cursed pics? This "artist" should hang himself. Even worse than thr Fate guy.

>> No.183741581

is it gay to want this?

>> No.183741585 [DELETED]

Literally the worst color illustration of Nino, what was Negi thinking?

>> No.183741590
Quoted By: >>183741818

actually thats a Y for y/u/ri

>> No.183741594
File: 331KiB, 555x555, 1514505199413.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Ahhhh thats my Smugchi how i love her

>> No.183741595
Quoted By: >>183741734

Second hardest working quint, after Ichika

>> No.183741598

>Instead of cutting her hair she gets rid of the headphones for character development

>> No.183741612
File: 75KiB, 255x277, 1536171386095.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Since I was as stupid as the quints in high school and couldn't evem learn english, I relate too much on them. It would be good to have an ikemen tutor to help me.

>> No.183741615
Quoted By: >>183741673

Fumino is actually relevant in bokuben unlike Yotsuba.

>> No.183741617

When your pic related is involved, I can't be sure anything is real.

>> No.183741667

It's the first, of course it's going to be the worst.

>> No.183741673

They’re both best girls, though

>> No.183741680
File: 182KiB, 500x374, 1547322179492.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183741894

Itsuki will win. She's even the icon of Negi on twitter.

>> No.183741691
File: 875KiB, 570x897, crop.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Isn't it just a crop of the one-shot cover?

>> No.183741700 [DELETED]
File: 664KiB, 1072x873, ,,,,.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Maybe so.

>> No.183741701

So at most a year left, nice. Glad this won't be dragged out.

>> No.183741709
File: 253KiB, 978x1162, 1540690270663.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183741876

I forgot
Julia = Isanari
Kazuki = Raiha(the true mastermind)

>> No.183741714

The worst is the color spread in the first chapter

>> No.183741734
Quoted By: >>183741853

>Second hardest working
She can't even wake up by herself.

>> No.183741736 [DELETED]

You must have quint tier IQ anon.

>> No.183741742

It's from before the one-shot was released.

>> No.183741751
Quoted By: >>183741784

Who was better, mean Itsuki or friend Itsuki?

>> No.183741764

Psycho Pigtails Miku a cute

>> No.183741771

Yes. You just posted it.

>> No.183741780

What chapters does volume 8 cover?

>> No.183741784 [DELETED]

"friend" Itsuki just dumps her family problems on your ass and cleans your fridge, I liked her more when she just cleaned my fucking fridge.

>> No.183741793
Quoted By: >>183741850

Yeah and he chose Nino to promote his one-shot.

>> No.183741795
Quoted By: >>183741824

Who is blander Miku or Itsuki?

>> No.183741818
File: 330KiB, 1448x2048, chuu.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

NinoxMiku end confirmed

>> No.183741824


>> No.183741848


>> No.183741850

>he chose Nino to promote his one-shot.
And Itsuki is the character he picked for his twitter icon.

>> No.183741853

She tries

>> No.183741868

Each volume is 9 chapters.

>> No.183741876 [DELETED]
File: 905KiB, 2736x1824, marry kill fuck fuck fuck fuck.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Will you be watching the Phantom Trigger anime?

>> No.183741890

Sisters can't do that!

>> No.183741894

His twitter icon was Yotsuba for the longest time (don't have a pic)

>> No.183741897
Quoted By: >>183741978

That original Miku though. He clearly did not plan her to win when he created that one-shot.

>> No.183741903
Quoted By: >>183741951

I wonder if the bride’s ear smells haha

>> No.183741926

It used to be Yotsuba for 40+ chapters, he changed it to Itsuki to tease chapter 49's color page

>> No.183741937
Quoted By: >>183741981

MIku and Nino will bake the cake together

>> No.183741940

You really are desperate, Itsukifag.

>> No.183741947
Quoted By: >>183742064

What the fuck is this bullshit
Also, claiming the milsim dork

>> No.183741951

Smells like me

>> No.183741958

Ninoshit btfo.

>> No.183741968 [DELETED]

Yes, I want episode 6 more.

>> No.183741976

This is the OTP

>> No.183741978

He’s even surprised Miku is that popular

>> No.183741981


>> No.183742026
Quoted By: >>183742100

Nino x Nino (male) is THE ship

>> No.183742035
File: 1MiB, 1350x1128, 1548272371912.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183742064 [DELETED]

It's set a few years after Rakuen.

>> No.183742100

And then there's THIS guy...

>> No.183742139
Quoted By: >>183742236

>Nino got posted first, that clearly means she's the main girl and the author's favorite
>Itsuki becoming the icon for no reason is desperate though
Both are retarded.

>> No.183742142

You sure showed me. Go back to trying to find a way for Itsuki to stay relevant.

>> No.183742144
Quoted By: >>183742278

what am i looking at

>> No.183742170

Nay. I didn't like it. It some random crap with the Grisaia name on it.

>> No.183742189

>We already passed the turning point. I decided how many volumes are left when I draw vol.7 Ichika cover. I depicted quints' feeling to Fuutarou until now, but since they will marry in the end, so I should their mutual feeling from now on.
Either this will be Itsuki end or a harem end. I'm fine with either.

>> No.183742204

Why is Nino so pissed off? Why is Miku so happy? Why is Itsuki making that “hurts a little bit” face?
Is this image cursed?

>> No.183742233 [DELETED]

Nino's always frowning.

>> No.183742236

>Nino got posted first, that clearly means she's the main girl and the author's favorite
Obviously. It's the first Toubun related thing shown to the public.
>Itsuki becoming the icon for no reason is desperate though
Before it was Yotsuba. After it will be someone else. Who cares?

>> No.183742278

Negi's past MCs

>> No.183742283 [SPOILER]
File: 568KiB, 2259x3099, short hair 01.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

post your cutest fatties

>> No.183742313

>Why is Nino so pissed off?
Nino is ready to make her keikaku a reality. It's not a triffle matter.

>> No.183742315
File: 247KiB, 448x576, 1539395587299.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183742360

Why are pigfags so delusional?

>> No.183742361
File: 127KiB, 352x628, itsuki_ribbon.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183742366
File: 136KiB, 693x960, 1528350831604.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Primed and ready to go anytime.

>> No.183742416
Quoted By: >>183742599

So text spoilers and gook scans are as good as dead, right?
Did we get them for chapter 68?

>> No.183742424
File: 244KiB, 1714x1714, 1535155803985.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183742477
File: 206KiB, 1575x2339, 1548191949314.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183742522

>I'll draw an ending which is as many readers as possible can accept
Honestly at this point it's Yotsuba only chance. Considering that we are already in volume 9 unless we get real Yotsuba development in the next 5 chapters then we done for good. If that's the case volume 10 cover will feel more like Negi mocking her.

>> No.183742507
File: 58KiB, 171x296, 1535857260252.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Nino's sweet toes don't lie.

>> No.183742522
Quoted By: >>183742711

>yfw volume 10 gets no cover at all, just a blank page

>> No.183742540 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183742627

Eep! Miku's getting pumped full of cum on pixiv, someone please stop this.

>> No.183742578
File: 551KiB, 566x715, 1543499648526.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Imagine how thicc the girls will get once they grow up. IMAGINE.

>> No.183742599

We got gook scans two days early

>> No.183742611 [DELETED]

Is anyone surprised Nino has the 2nd most fanart? She has the least amount of presence in the anime.

>> No.183742616

just make an ending for each girl, doesn't seem like it would be that difficult

>> No.183742618
Quoted By: >>183742975

I wanna suck those toes and not allow anyone else the privilege too.

>> No.183742627

Let's get her to tag out with Nino

>> No.183742628 [SPOILER]
File: 13KiB, 100x100, yotsuspoil.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183743130

>> No.183742642
Quoted By: >>183742707

She had the second most before the anime. Her design must be really appealing to drawfags

>> No.183742647 [DELETED]

I think I saw Kawakami/satoyasu retweeting some 5toubun stuff, but all those runes rook same to be so I might be imagining things.

>> No.183742659
Quoted By: >>183742707

Nips aren't retarded and they read the source material in anticipation for the anime.

>> No.183742702

Do we know for sure that this is a real wedding and not some weird school play or pseudo photo shoot or something? Some odd things have been missing and maybe it was never a real wedding to start with? That way he can go with a shitty open ending or something.

>> No.183742707 [DELETED]

Yup, but the fanart exploded proportionally for each quint(besides Miku) after the anime, so those are mostly anime viewers.

>> No.183742711

>there are only a wedding dress and a ribbon

>> No.183742753

Fuutarou used to read word up magazine

>> No.183742776

I believe in Negi.

>> No.183742803

Well Raiha is serious about it.

>> No.183742836 [DELETED]

Nino episode tomorrow, but other than being sexy she won't be converting all too much people unless we get a second season.

>> No.183742876

Everyone talks like it's a real wedding, and it's unnecessary to invite many relatives if it's just an act

>> No.183742880
File: 655KiB, 1691x2048, quints68.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>10 years ago, my friends said I'm really bad at drawing kawaii girls. So I tried hard to become better. I saw human picture and think why it is kawaii, and various definitions of 'kawaii' in various eras.
What do you think anons? Has he mastered the kawaii?

>> No.183742903

It'd be stranger if it was fake with how the grandparents and Maeda were called in and Maruo is pissed off. There's no reason to flash forward if it were fake anyways.

>> No.183742957

He just loves Nino that much.

>> No.183742975
Quoted By: >>183743099

footniggers should be stoned to death

>> No.183742988

I really like when he draws like that. His early chapters are kinda weird, the girls are too round but at the same time they were thiccer. I like the current style but only when it's obvious he's not under stress and draws sticks as legs.

>> No.183743014 [DELETED]

What's the fat old man kite Nino is holding for Miku

>> No.183743060

t. brainlet.

>> No.183743099

no u

>> No.183743105
Quoted By: >>183743140

I'd be upset. I want a good consistent story with one ending that ties everything together over wanting any particular girl to win.

>> No.183743130 [SPOILER]
File: 17KiB, 100x100, chibi428.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

improved for you

>> No.183743134
File: 2MiB, 1691x2048, 50806b25b899a901e7b2fbb310950a7b0008f5e6.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

of course, all of them are super cute

>> No.183743140


>> No.183743152

The only thing that seems weird about the wedding so far is the business with the rings. Not sure what the significance of that could be yet.

>> No.183743173 [DELETED]

What is that walrus supposed to be threatening you with?
Mochi is harmless

>> No.183743221
File: 1MiB, 3508x2480, must feed wip.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183743276

with eating you obviously

>> No.183743232
Quoted By: >>183743301

What does the sign means?

>> No.183743247 [DELETED]
File: 50KiB, 600x900, 1548065410173.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183743475

How am I supposed to not get aroused by this girl?

>> No.183743268
File: 23KiB, 235x272, itsuki_eating.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183743276

So this is the results of Yotsuba's birthday present

>> No.183743283

I guess since Negi isn't a girl he didn't think about this, but sitting like this wouldn't Nino's panties be touching the seat directly?

>> No.183743301 [DELETED]

Up: Snake
Down: Whores

>> No.183743315

He didn't give the ring to the girls and keep it for himself until he's ready to choose?

>> No.183743331 [DELETED]

God I wish that seat was me.

>> No.183743397

Maybe Nino likes it that way.

>> No.183743428
File: 40KiB, 192x164, fatty.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183743430 [DELETED]

I don't think girls usually put anything on seats before they sit anyway, her cunt is just a bit cold, or warm depending how much she managed to explore Futarou's non-existent abs.

>> No.183743466

What do you announce to the guests? I am marrying Nakano, but I don’t know which one?

>> No.183743475
File: 493KiB, 2480x3508, 1548243313032.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183743797

Quints are NOT for lewd.

>> No.183743489

Wouldn't it feel cold? I figured they put they sort of hold their skirts so that they're sitting on the skirt, rather than the sit directly with their ass.

>> No.183743511
File: 517KiB, 1200x950, 1540829486321.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183744588

So much Miku fanart.

>> No.183743529

Which quint has the most sexual tension with Fuutarou?

>> No.183743574

Author is gonna pull a 6th forgotten sister and that will be one he married.

>> No.183743576

Nino and maybe Ichika

>> No.183743583
File: 122KiB, 420x530, 1540930580439.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What are her real chances /a/?

>> No.183743590


>> No.183743610
Quoted By: >>183743701

The sisters not being around and looking through the window and the bride having like 12 dresses is kinda weird too.

>> No.183743629

Rings don't matter. He's already married to the girl at the altar.
Stop you desperate delusions.

>> No.183743650

At least 0

>> No.183743656
Quoted By: >>183743827

is ep3 out yet? which day is it again?

>> No.183743666

0. When she's revealed to be the childhood friend it will go up to -1

>> No.183743677
Quoted By: >>183743817

I'd say Nino but the bath scene makes me doubt.

>> No.183743684 [DELETED]

At this point? Probably worse than Ichika's, and that's saying something.

>> No.183743701
Quoted By: >>183743918

We'll flash forward to all 5 in dresses looking identical and it's a final quint game. Fuutarou will engage one quint and it'll cut back to the present with an arc about one sister, at the end of the arc she'll be eliminated from the bowl and it'll flash forward to her being taken out from the quint game. This will repeat until only the real bride is left.

>> No.183743721

They're all gonna be the childhood friend

>> No.183743780


>> No.183743797 [DELETED]

They're exactly for lewd. Their bodies and intelligence are outrageous

>> No.183743817
Quoted By: >>183743874

He didn't know it was her.

>> No.183743827


>> No.183743868
Quoted By: >>183743935

>up to -1
Little did anon know, that the chance was stored as an unsigned integer.

>> No.183743874
Quoted By: >>183743970

You speedread. Go read it again.

>> No.183743918

You must be braindead if you think he won't be able to recognize (at least) the girl he loves much earlier than in 5 years.

>> No.183743935

It went so high, we got an integer overflow and went back to -1

>> No.183743957 [DELETED]
File: 2MiB, 1428x1201, Screenshot_20190123_225445.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

We can't have this girl on the prowl, she's absolutely out to snipe his virginity, she was literally drooling over getting to work alone with him. Armed and Dangerous, the female called Nakano Nino is a menace.

>> No.183743970

He didn't know it was her. Itsuki told him afterwards, speedreader-kun.

>> No.183743992


>> No.183744021

Nino by far. Ichika was winning by far in the first chapters though.

>> No.183744025
File: 1MiB, 1350x828, 1547773761976.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183744113

Don't treat her like some kind of sex offender.
She's a pure maiden in love.

>> No.183744067
File: 241KiB, 788x500, 1547969174419.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183744113

She's an pure maiden.

>> No.183744113 [DELETED]
File: 113KiB, 289x258, NinoMangaColor55.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183744307

I don't believe you.

>> No.183744119
File: 333KiB, 596x624, food.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183744169


>> No.183744146
Quoted By: >>183744328

Nino burying her face in Fuutarou's back is the miracle of the universe.

>> No.183744149
File: 383KiB, 257x266, 1472503826456.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Satoyasu drawing the 5tobuns
Somebody please make this happen

>> No.183744169 [DELETED]

>barging in the male side of the bath
Why is this fat pig so shameless?

>> No.183744216 [DELETED]

She has nothing to hide.

>> No.183744230

>2 days for meeting with editor, and five days for drawing

When does Negi rest ?

>> No.183744231

She has a good shot if you count a harem end. Otherwise 0. Itsuki and Miku are the only ones with a shot of winning on their own without a harem.

>> No.183744292
File: 1MiB, 3508x2480, must feed 01.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

she just wanted some Food

>> No.183744307
File: 1MiB, 940x776, 1548266001733.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You have no say in the matter.

>> No.183744308
File: 2MiB, 1353x1057, Yotsuba Route (Bad).png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183744423

This is now the canon route.

>> No.183744328
File: 930KiB, 1426x2048, A19.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Absolutely adorable

>> No.183744368
Quoted By: >>183744400

>Itsuki and Miku are the only ones with a shot of winning on their own
I can understand still clinging to muh first girl, but Miku? Oh, dear.

>> No.183744371 [DELETED]
File: 181KiB, 531x456, 1535312254766.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Itsuki and Miku are the only ones with a shot of winning on their own without a harem.

>> No.183744400
Quoted By: >>183755202

Being by a wide margin the most popular makes an editor want to push you.

>> No.183744419 [DELETED]

>Ichika has iShit
Worst girl gonna worst I guess.

>> No.183744423
File: 300KiB, 560x663, 1543084842712.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>some random guy will probably plant his seed inside Yotsuba and then dump her shortly after
>this will probably happen multiples time while she wishes to be in her sister place and settle down with Fuutarou as shee sees how happy they are

>> No.183744532

Read the manga.

>> No.183744546 [DELETED]

No! She'll be happy taking care of Nino's children and will forever remain pure and untainted.

>> No.183744577
Quoted By: >>183745111

Re-reading ch59 makes me sad.
I'll never enjoy ch59's wild ride, from the fresh, again.

>> No.183744588

Best girl deserves all the love she can get

>> No.183744711

Nino will probably hire Yotsuba at her and Fuutarou's restaurant and keep an eye on her.

>> No.183744714

How rude, I'll take good care of her.

>> No.183744764
Quoted By: >>183745021


>> No.183744905 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183745013

You mean Itsuki's children.

>> No.183744996
Quoted By: >>183745650

I don't trust you. You may abandon her when you find a new waifu

>> No.183745013 [DELETED]

There are more qualified people out there that can take care of the piglets Itsuki keeps for emergency rations, anon.

>> No.183745021

I am. We want to have our 4th kid.
A boy this time.

>> No.183745059
Quoted By: >>183745772

Nino is brave. Nino is courage.

>> No.183745100
File: 352KiB, 795x1099, 1519896837802.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Q. Which character is hardest to draw?
>A. The problem is usually comes from long hair or items. So it's Nino

So Negi hates Nino ?

>> No.183745111
File: 384KiB, 1156x1388, 1547995887556.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yeah. 59 and 60 are the best chapters in the manga.
Truly a turning point.

>> No.183745146


>> No.183745158
Quoted By: >>183745334

She has the most screentime in the manga.

>> No.183745169
Quoted By: >>183745706

You could argue that an ending that most readers could accept would be a Miku win since she’s the most popular, but it all depends on how you wanna interpret the wording.

>> No.183745207
File: 782KiB, 3471x1163, Yotsuwhy.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183745549

You forgot
>sketches Yotsuba while saying it

>> No.183745216 [DELETED]

That makes no sense, Miku and Nino have the most screentime and he said they're the hardest to draw.

>> No.183745313 [DELETED]

Per favore mostrami le tue mutandine, sorella!

>> No.183745334
File: 102KiB, 1080x1083, 1528295914280.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183745474

For now

>> No.183745383
File: 1MiB, 1600x900, Negi Haruba.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

This is Negi's hand. Say something nice about it.

>> No.183745407
Quoted By: >>183745477

En español, por favor

>> No.183745431 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183745569

Why is Nino drawing the manga?

>> No.183745466
File: 269KiB, 716x456, 1520243960822.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183745650

Just imagine Yotsuba crying herself to sleep every night, her shaky hands gripping the knife against her throat as she contemplates suicide, thinking of all the problems she had caused and all the bad things that had happened to her.

>> No.183745474
Quoted By: >>183745769

Please don't post Yotsuba while saying that. It's too sad

>> No.183745477

Nino es caca

>> No.183745489 [DELETED]

>it's our fucking loanword for mudantine
>actually it's just two letters swapped places
I have never felt as close to Italyfags as I have in this moment.

>> No.183745549
File: 207KiB, 370x416, 17yotsu shk.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183745558 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183745661

Nino es mia caca

>> No.183745569
Quoted By: >>183745625

It's her story after all.

>> No.183745625 [DELETED]
File: 535KiB, 603x563, 1534695278532.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183745641
Quoted By: >>183745871

Negi here
I hate nino and she not win
ask me anything

>> No.183745650

She'll be in my heart 'til the day I die.
Stop it! I will protect her smile!

>> No.183745661 [DELETED]

Cállate de una vez y usa google traductor para traducir la entrevista al español carajo, sino sabes inglés gil.

Psdt: No insultes a Nino

>> No.183745702 [DELETED]
File: 569KiB, 874x773, query.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I don't get the language here, why did Futarou think Miku was insulting too?

>> No.183745706

Something likes "the ending is logical and the bride is deserving so the readers can accept it" also works. It depends on how Negi thinks of his readers

>> No.183745769
File: 246KiB, 806x1414, 1547033192542.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I already realized the truth. 4D Chess was a myth to obscure the disappointment.

>> No.183745772

Nino is shit

>> No.183745803 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183745867

Mantieni questo atteggiamento e verrai scomunicato, fratello.

>> No.183745805 [DELETED]
File: 979KiB, 592x1859, Screenshot_20190121_020337.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183745857

She confirmed Nino's opinion that he's dull looking.
They're quintuplets after all.

>> No.183745806

Nino says Fuutarou is dull.
Miku ignores her and says she's just shallow, meaning she doesn't correct Nino and believes that he's, in fact, dull.

>> No.183745821 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183746013

Nino no es caca. Nino es mejor chica

>> No.183745838

Miku calling Nino shallow implies that Miku considers herself above judging men on their looks, in other words, she's saying that she agrees that Fuutarou is dull looking instead of defending his appearance.

>> No.183745857
Quoted By: >>183745980

>You will never bake a cake with Miku
It's all so tiresome

>> No.183745858

Because Miku went on with the conversation as if tacitly agreeing Fuutarou was dull looking.

>> No.183745867 [DELETED]

Niente mutandine nessuna vita!

>> No.183745871

Will Kintarou be back?

>> No.183745888

>ESL filth openly using their mother language

>> No.183745920
Quoted By: >>183747040

Kind of girly.

>> No.183745980 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183746060

>you will never get into a gas explosion in the kitchen with Miku

Dodged a bullet there.

>> No.183745993
Quoted By: >>183746046

>eop jealous of my google translate skills

>> No.183745996
Quoted By: >>183746046

EOP are really insecure huh?

>> No.183746013 [DELETED]
File: 129KiB, 708x1000, 1532703873147.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Nino es mejor mujer

>> No.183746041 [DELETED]

If I was allowed to talk in Slav about Nino I would.

>> No.183746046

I’m an ESL myself dipshits, I just don’t use my main language on an english board because I’m not a fucking retard

>> No.183746048

I thought Miku was a chestlet

>> No.183746060

Considering each one of them can do what her sisters do, I'm sure Miku too has a great sense of smell like Yotsuba. I'm sure she'd notice a gas leak.

>> No.183746147
File: 188KiB, 708x1000, 1534519105277.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183746184

Quints that can do a ponytail > Quints that cant do a ponytail

Its obvious man

>> No.183746164

I want to have a six-way with these lewd sisters.

>> No.183746184 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183746472

Ponytail is a one-time thing and a reminder of what you'll never have.

>> No.183746201
Quoted By: >>183746384

>lewding the mentally disabled

>> No.183746229 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183746279

Please don't bully Itsuki.

>> No.183746279

Anon. Itsuki was made for bullying and fat shaming

>> No.183746297 [DELETED]

Miku es una diosa, digna de ser alabada. Su figura resplandece como el sol, emanando una luz celestial y etérea, que calma el alma y la nutre de vida.

>> No.183746354 [DELETED]

Basado, anon. Miku es la mejor

>> No.183746365
Quoted By: >>183746499

Well he cut her hair while he still goes the extra length for Miku so I guess we know who he cares about the most.

>> No.183746384

That will only make things hotter

>> No.183746472 [DELETED]
File: 620KiB, 654x950, NinoMangaColor0.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

That heavenly visage will forever be engraved in my heart, and spinning rust, maybe tape too.
Nobody can it take from me.

>> No.183746499

>being this desperate

>> No.183746533

Ok brothers, it's time to make a poll.
What country are you from and which toubun would you hanayome?

>> No.183746545
File: 148KiB, 757x1000, 1532704763665.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Su figura resplandece como el sol, emanando una luz celestial y etérea

Miku is a bloodborne boss ?

>> No.183746556 [DELETED]


>> No.183746566

no lo creo anon, para mi siempre la mejor será Yotsuba, aunque no negare que Nino y MIku tienen su encanto <3

>> No.183746606 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183747143

Do it, I agree

Hazlo, te apoyo papu

>> No.183746612 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183746755

Fuck off Kyon, ponytails are shit.

>> No.183746645
File: 18KiB, 107x131, 1534721971004.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183746647

Does anyone else have a weird thing where the girl they primarily root for would be a girl you probably couldn’t stand if they were real?

>> No.183746755 [DELETED]
File: 316KiB, 593x696, 1530724610111.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


This is throne of Azathoth-tier gay.

>> No.183746805 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183746920

They're not real, they will never be real. If they were real they wouldn't be anywhere close to as cute or lovable.

>> No.183746839
Quoted By: >>183747330

I mean...all the quints are idiots and have some kind of autism. They're cute but imagine being Fuutarou and you need to deal with all this bullshit, you'd die just from stress

>> No.183746920

I suppose I mean more in terms of personality. Clearly they’d never be real, I hardly need to be told this, but traits that appeal to me in fiction do the opposite in real life.

>> No.183746968

Fuck off

>> No.183746995

There was a 5toubun thread on /qa/
And another one with a screencap but it wasn't about the anime

>> No.183746999

that's why he cut Nino's hair, to give her even more screentime.

>> No.183747040

"he" is a woman.

>> No.183747143
Quoted By: >>183747207

Shut up Niggertina.

>> No.183747207

t. putito.

>> No.183747222 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>183747354

Let us be completely honest here.

There is no bad quint, each quint could carry some other manga alone without effort.

>> No.183747317

That sounds like Nino.

>> No.183747330

Like >>183746839 said, they're kind of autistic and so am I and tutoring them would really burn me inside out, couple that with numerous researches and homework that you have to deal with school. It's a never ending hell. I probably have already spilled my spaghetti on early Nino for being such a bitch and notice Miku and Ichika's feelings as time goes on which will result to not responding on Nino's feelings immediately but be very happy to see how the person who most hated me turned out to love me anyways and I probably have announced it to my friends that a girl finally confessed to me after that work shift

>> No.183747345

Yotsuba IS the lewdest quint.

>> No.183747353

Let us be completely honest here.
There is no bad quint, each quint could carry some other manga alone without effort.

>> No.183747354

Except Itsuki. No one can even carry her

>> No.183747452 [DELETED]
File: 5KiB, 506x107, Screenshot_20190124_002457.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.183747480
File: 256KiB, 607x345, .....png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183747535


>> No.183747535
File: 79KiB, 332x395, Nino29.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.183747562
File: 5KiB, 1170x60, Untitled.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183747694


>> No.183747631
Quoted By: >>183747662

I hate Raiha so much.

>> No.183747662

t. Nino

>> No.183747676
Quoted By: >>183747734

How many fucking times are you going to get banned you retarded faggot?

>> No.183747694

They missed another 50 I did on the phone.

>> No.183747734

It's a mystery.

>> No.183747822
Quoted By: >>183747911

I want to eat Raiha

>> No.183747911

Hair and all?

>> No.183748069

I want the pantyhose quintessential quintuplet to sit on my face.

>> No.183748072
Quoted By: >>183748156

the wife is raiha

>> No.183748076

I wonder how they found out, I wasn't really falseflagging all that much

>> No.183748156

Raiha is a fucking shit though.

>> No.183748245
Quoted By: >>183748332

>Ninofag again
Of course.

>> No.183748332

You do need some high intelligence to figure out it's the same guy.

>> No.183748457
Quoted By: >>183748682

I can't believe 5toubun is ending in less than 40 chapters.

>> No.183748682

If what Negi meant by turning point was the halfway mark, and volume 7 finished the first half, there's at most 7 volumes left from that point to the end of the manga. One of them (v08) we've already went through, we're two chapters into the next one (v09), the last chapter of the manga might be more than 20 pages, so about 50~52 chapters AT MOST left.

>> No.183748982
Quoted By: >>183749226

>says Nino and Miku are hardest to draw
>interview from a week ago

So how hard was Nino to draw with long hair and elaborate dresses?

>> No.183749226

>So how hard was Nino to draw with long hair and elaborate dresses
Imagine how it would be to just sit and draw while trying to suppress a boner caused by your own creation

>> No.183749347
File: 672KiB, 800x565, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

5toubun no Hanayome? More like 5toubun no Ashgabat because I am going to destroy Ichika's traitorous pussy just like how Genghis Khan's youngest son Tolui pillaged the city of Merv in modern day Turkmenistan. This was part of the mongol's Khorasan campaign, whereby some historians believe that over one million people died in the aftermath of the city's capture, including hundreds of thousands of refugees from elsewhere, making it one of the most bloody captures of a city in world history. Similar to the state of Ichika's pussy when I am done with her (but it will be semen in place of blood because I am not into snuff and I love Ichika).
My excessive love for Ichika is akin to the excess gas in the soviet natural oil field site in Derweze, Turkmenistan. It was so excessive that when the soviet engineers decide to burn the gas off when it was at risk of releasing poisonous gases, it continued to burn till today, contrary of what they had mistakenly assumed that it would burn off in only a few weeks.
Ichika's body is as perfect as the landscape of Turkmenistan, where the country is mostly desert apart from the fringes on its borders. This is akin to Ichika's silky smooth body, only to be disrupted by her unshaven muff on her pubic region.
I also love her so much that I will follow the footsteps of the late turkmen president Saparmurat Niyazov, otherwise known as Turkmenbashi (which means the father of all turkmens, just like how I will be the father of all her babies). I love her so much that I would rename the months of the year after Ichika, build a 50-foot solid-gold statue of Ichika which will always automatically rotate to face the sun, build an ice palace for Ichika in the middle of the fucking karakum desert, and write a spiritual book about Ichika whereby it will be prominently displayed in all bookstores and government offices, and next to the Quran in mosques.

>> No.183749668
File: 413KiB, 593x715, 1548011856056.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183749861

Can you call it in the bowl without stating it explicitly? I mean if she liked Fuuts from the beginning but never stated it.
Use this when she does reveal her feelings. We still have 40-50ish chapters yet.

>> No.183749723

Maybe Negi thinks he's not able to juggle 5 girls in love with a guy properly so he skipped 4 and 5?

>> No.183749747

Maybe he wants to develop them as friends

>> No.183749764
Quoted By: >>183749819

What can I say except for good job for correctly putting Ichika in every token slot of the pasta.

>> No.183749790


>> No.183749804
Quoted By: >>183749892

I think he probably thought that handling 5 at the same time would've been a huge clusterfuck, so he centered his efforts on 3.

>> No.183749819
File: 2MiB, 3507x4960, 72772232_p0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>183750122

Also I want to fuck Ichika

>> No.183749861

I don't think Negi knows what the fuck to do with her.

>> No.183749892

The imoutos are fighting in the lower-league Raihabowl.

>> No.183749910