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I miss her, /a/.

Do you even remember her?

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>sakura's escort service, sakura speaking

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do you remember every time you visit the bathroom?

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I want the next Clear Card arc to be hand-drawn.

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madhouse doesn't currently have the staff for that

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How do you think anime is made, with robot arms?
Digital animation is still hand-drawn.

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Clear Card was already hand-drawn. It's not like they used AI to draw it.

If you mean cel animated, that technology is gone and isn't coming back.

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It's been a fucking while since I've seen a good anime.
Is this actually worth it as a 23 year old who doesn't like cute girls or magical girls? I still like it if it has good character writing or an interesting story which I've always heard it has.

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>syaroan buys sakura a vibrator

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LA LA LA LA ITS MY LIFE is still on my playlist.

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It would be more true to the characters if Syaoran used the vibrator.

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The original, yes. It has excellent characterization. Clear Card feels more like a continuation that you can't really appreciate if you haven't watched it.
however, if you HATE cute girls, this show has them in spades so you better be prepared.

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Is the cute girls stuff just slice of life kind of thing that adds something to the show or is it just generally fairly pointless cutesy scenarios?

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did we ever figure out what his problem was

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ah yes nanoha very good anime indeed

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>Is the cute girls stuff just slice of life kind of thing that adds something to the show
Yes, if you like the social conflict. It relies pretty heavily on you becoming invested in the characters.
Just watch a few episodes.

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Of course I remember her.

But as in all things, she is in my past. I want to discover new things and see new shows. And she'll always be a cherished memory, I look towards the future.

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I will give it a shot, thanks my dude.

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Finished the original series last night. I was amazed at how much love and effort was put into it. Many frames just looked simply amazing. RIP based cel animation

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be warned, it's episodic for most of the series so don't pick it up if you don't like that

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Did you watch the movie finale?

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I finished it recently for the first time in forever and felt absolutely depressed for days. Watching the movie didn't help either. I'm glad Clear Card exists because, had I gotten around to finishing it years earlier, I don't know how I would have dealt with the feeling of "no more Sakura ever again".

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no not yet, gonna watch it today
Movie 1 looked amazing though

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>Movie 1 looked amazing
It sucked, ridiculously boring. Just watch sealed card.

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Nice to meet you Good to see you kitto~

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i think about her every day

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I wanna fuck Meiling.

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Don't listen to this guy, watch Movie 1 anyway. It's very well made and even if you don't enjoy the plot, the visuals will definitely grab you.

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Quoted By: >>177080604

Catch you catch me

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Fight me faggots

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Love that OP.

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Why should we?

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Man syaroan sure does love anal
>Yukito senpai did this to me once
>I want to try it on sakura to see if she feels good too

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Touhou reference? CLAMP confirmed for bro

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It's a Metal Gear Solid reference actually

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>MGS (1998)
>CCS (1998)
Checks out

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Movie 1 was okay. Movie 2 is one of the best anime movies of all time. It's literally perfect on all fronts, and has one of the best endings ever.

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I still remember this feeling.
I remember having a crush on Sakura when I was 12 and watching the dub. Figuring out how to watch the subbed version a few years later didn't help at all.

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I hear the dub is one of the worst things ever, is that right? I know they changed the character names but did they do anything else? I read somewhere that they straight up skipped (didn't dub) a bunch of episodes

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Yes, our (Canadian) release was quite butchered. Anything implying a relationship between children and older people was completely stripped, names were made more Christian sounding, and quite a lot of episodes that only had Sakura were stripped from the anime. I'm not sure I remember the anime ever ending, but I know that they made sure to include most of the important episodes like the episode with Firey, and the episode where Yue fights Sakura.

As a kid I still loved it, but after rewatching the full subbed version it's clear that it's not really the same show without the stuff they took out.

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they made Li a deuteragonist of the series. Which means: any episode where he does not show up in the early part of the season is dropped. 4kids at the time didn't think a girl could carry one of their shows, so they took the localization and split it up in that manner.
Almost half of the romance was cut, and a bunch of episodes were shown out of order for some unknown reason.

They got an actual 12 year old girl to play Sakura. Which would have been fine if it weren't for the fact that said 12 year old girl had been through puberty and sounded like a 20 year old. That didn't bother me much at the time, because I was actually 12 and I had girls around me that sounded like that. Also I thought her voice was cute.

Other than that, it's down to your tastes, some like it better than others.

The Canadian one spoke of here >>177082205 was BETTER than the American one because no episodes were dropped, and they were shown in-order.

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Quoted By: >>177104580

I remember the french opening song

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And by better, I mean "They took the localization and showed it uncut while 4kids cut pieces out of it to make it fit the narrative that Li was just as important to the show as Sakura."

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Quoted By: >>177082447

>The Canadian one spoke of here >>177082205 was BETTER than the American one because no episodes were dropped, and they were shown in-order.
Am I remembering wrong? I guess it was nearly 20 years ago now though.

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no, you're remembering right. The english localization was done by Nelvana and the Canadian networks showed it correctly while 4kids did their 4kids thing.

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every day of my life, anon

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Quoted By: >>177084748

>I don't know how I would have dealt with the feeling of "no more Sakura ever again".
I cried a lot too, anon. I watched the series when I was like 10 originally so this was my feelings for a long time, but recent Hollywood and anime trends make me so wary of sequels I haven't even given Clear Card a chance.

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Sakura is literally the happiest anime character ever created. I don't know how they did it. Whenever she's on screen you can't help but feel happy for her.

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File: 170KiB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_Clear_Card_-_03_[1080p].mkv_snapshot_19.30_[2018.01.21_11.03.27].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It's great what a little bit of optimism can do for a character.

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Quoted By: >>177083315

Next season

>> No.177083315

Is the second arc next season? I thought they were going to wait for the Manga to catch up some more.

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Sakura should be considered a national treasure of Japan, it's impossible to watch this anime without it reaching deep into your soul.

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I think of her every time i'm sad.

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I wish I could remember every time Sakura visited the bathroom.

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CCS wasn't 4kids it was Nelvana.

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Quoted By: >>177093011

4kids aired it on their timeblock on the Warner Bros. network. They're the ones that showed the episodes out of order.

>> No.177084302

...It is hand-drawn though

>> No.177084748

>I haven't even given Clear Card a chance
In my opinion, it's more of the same. The pacing is a bit different, but it remembers its roots as an SOL show very well. There are some who say it can't stand up to the original, but that just means the original will always be there to rewatch. I'd say give it a shot and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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and warm

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Thanks anon, I will when I'm done watching 104 episodes of Touch.

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i want to be nice and warm

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I think a lot of people are just clinging to nostalgia and some weird over attachment to grainy cel animation. To me it was the best case of something being the same old shit ever.

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File: 1MiB, 1414x1000, __kinomoto_sakura_cardcaptor_sakura_drawn_by_natsuka_unagi_unagi_unagi__b66440954a2004f55b276bf05ba13b5d.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I don't know about nostalgia, but the cel animation looked way better. The colors really made the show shine.

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Quoted By: >>177086797

CCS is amazing, I need to rewatch that shit.

The Hebrew dub was great though, and I think it was ages better than the Japanese one. It was the only show in Israel that got a good dub.

Sakura's VA later travelled to Mexico and was murdered by organ traders, so that kind of sucked

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????? or ??????

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Quoted By: >>177087465

The story and characters and art in the manga feel the same, but let's not pretend the Clear Card anime could even touch the original.

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>this show was my introduction to lesbianism
>tfw japan made me a degenerate

>> No.177086553

I could never forget my first fap.

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Quoted By: >>177087220

>Sakura's VA later travelled to Mexico and was murdered by organ traders, so that kind of sucked

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I want sakura's family to adopt Akiho.

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dumb sakuraposter

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can we all agree that this is the best scene in the show?

>> No.177087220

The Israeli one, I mean.

>> No.177087333

I can't even imagine what kind of dumb yurifag you'd have to be to think that.

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You mean heartbreaking, right?

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Quoted By: >>177104031


Nope. Not nostalgia at all.

>> No.177087477

I'm still watching her original anime. I'm one or two episodes past the one where Sayoran gets his first card, so I'm relatively early in the series.

>> No.177087525

I want the next clear card arc to not be out-sourced to Koreans.

>> No.177087701

biggest problem with clear card for me was the lack of any kind of social conflict. EVERYONE was friends, no one was even lukewarm toward each other.
i liked the rivalries in the original.

>> No.177087724

>doesn't understand the infrastructure necessary to create traditional acrylic cel animation on that scale no longer exists
Stop being a nostalgia fag and educate yourself.

>> No.177087744
File: 600KiB, 1440x1080, [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_57_(1440x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[9B52CC3B].mkv - 00000.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.177087823

Do you have an argument other than "nostalgia fag"? You haven't actually proven anything anyone has said about it wrong.

>> No.177087984
File: 173KiB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_Clear_Card_-_05_[1080p].mkv_snapshot_00.17_[2018.02.03_20.11.22].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Clear card looked washed out. Maybe that's not the fault of digital animation, but the lack of it was extremely noticeable.
You can scream nostalgia fag all you want.

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Should I buy these? I want clow cards.

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Quoted By: >>177089220

>Think about this again
>Feel depressed

I'm sad now, /a/.

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Quoted By: >>177089421

Don't worry anon, there wont be "no more Sakura" if she lives on inside you through your words and actions!

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>lives on inside you
that sounds painful.

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You have my sword.

>> No.177089702

You're right in a way. The 4kids version wasn't even called CCS, it was called "Cardcaptors" l. They didn't just localize it, they made significant changes to the plot and character roster. They even made a new, "edgier" OP. Just forget it ever existed.

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>tfw I can't ever forget about it because it was my first time seeing Sakura.
It's how she got her way in my heart.

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loved CC and the original

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File: 69KiB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_Clear_Card_-_06_[720p].mkv_snapshot_05.39_[2018.02.10_23.18.18].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.177091690

We JUST had Clear Card. And even if not, yes, I will always remember my Sakura-chan.


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Quoted By: >>177092154

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File: 133KiB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_Clear_Card_-_06_[720p].mkv_snapshot_08.04_[2018.02.11_12.28.39].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>177092344

>tfw you have to watch Sakura grow up

>> No.177092154

>tfw Dan never drew Clear Card Sakura at all

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>> No.177092344

why does she have a smartphone when the original was set in the 90s aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

>> No.177092409

The D.

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Quoted By: >>177092564

it would be much weirder to see her still using the bulky cell phone she had, and you know it

>> No.177092564

it wouldn't i was born in 1990 i'm all about 90s nostalgia baybeee

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No you fucking retard, 4kids never dubbed CCS ever. Nelvana dubbed it. Nelvana. Kids WB aired it, and were the ones who wanted the extra edits, but most of those changes were still present in the more complete Canadian dub, because Nelvana is a leaf company. At least get your dubbing studios right.

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Quoted By: >>177094635

Of course I remember her!
That’s Sakura Avalon!

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Quoted By: >>177094105

If you don't mind having it sit on your bookshelf forever.

>> No.177094105


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>> No.177094942

They look pretty. Make sure to check reviews and shit to be certain they're good quality though.

>> No.177095968
File: 61KiB, 525x525, 10968447_p0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Kissu fucking never
Fuck clamp

>> No.177096099
Quoted By: >>177096407

cardcaptors opening is rad

>> No.177096210

What are you even going on about. I never said 4kids dubbed it you idiot. They're the ones who carried it in America.

>> No.177096239 [DELETED]

In fact, I posted this: >>177082447
That's why Canada got a better version of it: 4kids cut up episodes on their block and straight-up didn't show episodes. Don't sound so confi

>> No.177096276

In fact, I posted this: >>177082447
That's why Canada got a better version of it: 4kids cut up episodes on their block and straight-up didn't show episodes. Don't sound so confident if you don't know what you're talking about, gnome.

>> No.177096343

Sakura a best and a cute =3=

>> No.177096407
Quoted By: >>177096468


>> No.177096436


What happened to the tech? I get that computers save labor and that would get lots of studios to go digital, but did they stop manufacturing cels or something?

>> No.177096468
Quoted By: >>177096642


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File: 3MiB, 960x720, ccs (2).webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It's the second best mahou shoujo anime ever made, so it's a must watch anyway.

>> No.177096528
Quoted By: >>177096603

>second best

>> No.177096603

Yep, second best.

>> No.177096625

why do people always have to bring "best" into things? Go away.

>> No.177096642
Quoted By: >>177096719


>> No.177096719


>> No.177096791

I liked her before Shaoran ruined everything

>> No.177096945
File: 187KiB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_Clear_Card_-_03_[1080p].mkv_snapshot_19.25_[2018.01.21_11.30.46].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>ruined everything

>> No.177096978

that anon is a delusional yurifag, ignore him

>> No.177097160

shut up tomoyo

>> No.177097251
Quoted By: >>177097644

I don't feel that it really added anything to the show, which I could say also say about Shaoran during the Sakura Card arc, honestly

>> No.177097348


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File: 110KiB, 858x613, 1357271298698.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

is it wrong if I don't want to date sakura, I don't want to lewd sakura, I don't want to be sakura
but I instead want to be in Sakura's class? all of her classmates seem so happy by just being near her.

>> No.177097644
Quoted By: >>177097999

the Sakura card arc was about her becoming stronger and more of an adult. It was quite important.

>> No.177097999
Quoted By: >>177098110

Sure, but it's not like you needed romance to accomplish that

>> No.177098110

what ever you say. It's still cute as shit.

>> No.177098239
File: 219KiB, 853x1199, DkpBLzIV4AEEWqG.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Good time to mention that Clear Card has been re-airing on NHK with redrawn (and sometimes added) frames. Someone has been making threads comparing shots from the initial and new broadcast

>> No.177098269

The workflow for traditional animation is completely different from digital and most animators working in the industry now weren't trained in that skill set.

>> No.177098447
Quoted By: >>177108168

grew up watching card captor sakura on vhs. nice.

>> No.177098502


>> No.177099535

Movie 1 isn't really a necessary watch, though I think it's alright. Glad to see you're watching Sealed Card today, it's fantastic

>> No.177099714
File: 827KiB, 1100x1111, DjDE8TBX4AATjuw.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Nice, good to know. Thanks anon.

>> No.177099797

There's a whole song named hoe. It's sakura's signature line.

>> No.177100040

It's worth it but not something you can watch in an afternoon with over 70 episodes and some movies.

>> No.177100667
File: 2MiB, 1000x1300, __li_meiling_cardcaptor_sakura_drawn_by_dangmill__5983914317c2543d868de34318f14362.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>177100713

Is there a place to get this version?

>> No.177100713
Quoted By: >>177100800

It's most likely going to be the bluray release.

>> No.177100798

they still look bleh

>> No.177100800

I was actually thinking of buying the blu-rays, can anyone tell me if the collection was any good?

>> No.177101551
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Did he steal the cards or merely just rescue them after they were shattered?

>> No.177101587
Quoted By: >>177101666


>> No.177101625

I remember that she doesn't have a not-shit English dub.

>> No.177101655
Quoted By: >>177103709

I'm up to Meiling's introduction. What should I expect from her?

>> No.177101666
Quoted By: >>177101769

So, and I'm unclear on the timeline here.
Kaito was going to steal the cards, but Sayoran took them long before he had a chance to?

>> No.177101693

>the call that saved sakura

>> No.177101769
Quoted By: >>177101897

kaito needs the new cards. His plan was probably
to seal the older ones to force Sakura into making the clear ones.

>> No.177101897
Quoted By: >>177102050

So Sayoran is helping him?

>> No.177102050
Quoted By: >>177103362

Yes, Syaoran is the mastermind, it took him 3 years but at last he's the true master of the clow cards.

>> No.177103249

It is hand drawn. I do wish that Clear Card wasn't all that washed out though, and that the colors were more in line with CCS, though that's a problem that affects pretty much all 2010s sequels/remakes, etc.
While I'm at it the show's heavy reliance on the stylistic choices of the manga (more chibis, flowery backgrounds) is pretty annoying as well.

>> No.177103362
File: 180KiB, 1000x914, sakura_and_li.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>all this and Sakura doesn't know so he'll have her, too
the fiend.

>> No.177103467
File: 2MiB, 1440x1080, screenshot7.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>177103740

are you telling me with all our technology we cant make anything look cel animated? Aside from the backgrounds i thought Madoka got pretty close to the look.

>> No.177103709

Meiling is 10/10

>> No.177103740

The new generation will just go "waaah that looks old so it sucks" at it, so companies don't think it's worth the extra effort.

It's definitely possible, though, as this video shows:

>> No.177104031

Are you actually retarded? The pacing of the Clear Card anime was completely different, and instead of all the hand drawn stuff it had a bunch of CG and digital effects. How stupid do you have to be to think that nostalgia is why people like the original anime better and not the amazing art and animation the original had?

>> No.177104158
Quoted By: >>177104393

would they really think it sucked though? Personally i think anime looks way too sterile now, but is this actually just some kind of bias from growing up on older animation?

>> No.177104393

I'm a newfag watcher for CCS and the art hasn't bothered me. It has an old feel, but it looks fine.

>> No.177104451
File: 158KiB, 322x242, 1453400450158.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>tfw recently learned it was Syaoran's VA singing the song in that episode

>> No.177104580

this is fucking awful french people should just kill themselves for making this

>> No.177104634
File: 142KiB, 773x632, Ichi.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>mfw skimming through this thread
>this many males watching this fuckboy show for girls and actually discussing it
>the same males are probably 30+
>probably the same faggots that watched Inuyasha instead of Kenshin

>> No.177104795

closet homo

>> No.177104843
File: 117KiB, 1440x1080, 1525967785928.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>177104990

>faggots that watched Inuyasha instead of Kenshin
>he's such a prissy faggot he couldnt watch both

>> No.177104872
File: 91KiB, 1280x720, 1532809164614.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You must feel so manly watching men all the time.

>> No.177104990

>i played with barbie dolls and beyblades when i was a kid

>> No.177105182

fuck that opening is really good is it time for me to rewatch the monogatari series?

>> No.177105230
File: 40KiB, 960x720, 1459302209237.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>177110893

Cardcaptor chads only played played tackle football growing up, my dude.

>> No.177105646

Everybody knows PollyPocket was where it was at.

>> No.177105792
File: 208KiB, 1280x718, mio_bed.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>youtube just deleted all CCS episodes with mexican voices

why Yt destroyed a masterpiece?

>> No.177105875

japanese low birthrate = less people working in animation.
No wonder why the most popular anime studio is owner by this 77-years-old man (Mizayaki)

>> No.177105949
File: 74KiB, 500x280, 404079859_56611e844f.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>177106344

Sakura won the NASCAR race and reset the universe using a ball

>> No.177106049

>I'm Italian, a wife and a mother!
Even old ladies love Sakura.

>> No.177106344

>tfw Piffle was followed directly by Acid Tokyo
Talk about whiplash

>> No.177107221

We're all little girls here, anon

>> No.177108168
File: 275KiB, 771x800, Cardcaptor.Sakura.full.668870.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

good times

>> No.177109542
Quoted By: >>177112388

Post cursed Sakuras

>> No.177110033
File: 311KiB, 400x429, 1519031865467.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Rough childhood? Feel sorry for you anon but don't give up. Everything will be daijoubu.

>> No.177110893
File: 714KiB, 725x1080, sakura cards.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Can confirm, I did.

>> No.177110966
File: 349KiB, 817x1200, susa6_055 copy.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>177111298

>Sakura is so powerful that she can't control her own magic
Is this her endgame? Is this why Touya always call her kaiju?

>> No.177111298
File: 83KiB, 540x766, kaijuoutofcontrol.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.177111810


>> No.177112388
File: 28KiB, 470x267, ZETTAI DAIJOUBU DAIYO THEY SAID.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

So basically most of Sakura's appearances in TRC

>> No.177113232

Clear Card wasn't downright bad by any means but as someone who watched CCS for the first time in its entirety right before jumping into Clear Card it is a clear step down. I mean, just look at where state of the plot as of the Clear Card finale (more or less a reversion to the status quo) and the first season finale of CCS (Firey card captured.) Overall it's more aimless than its predecessor. Again, Clear Card isn't bad, and I would certainly not deter people from watching it, but the "nostalgia" argument doesn't really work here

>> No.177113408
File: 74KiB, 640x480, 1384628711859.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Favorite battle costume. GO

>> No.177113719
File: 24KiB, 200x401, Costume15.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.177114010
File: 66KiB, 700x386, 355252BD-A2B2-4BDA-9CD3-421D95DBEDA5.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Hope I'm not cheating by using the movie

>> No.177114848


>> No.177114861
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>> No.177114956
File: 117KiB, 720x540, 9a9.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The only way to improve ClearCard is to put it in the trash and pretend it never happened.
It's one of the worst examples of misguided sequels/reboots/remakes of classic anime. See also FLCL and Kino's Journey.

>> No.177115007
File: 1MiB, 800x800, ahheee.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

kys please and thank you

>> No.177115039
File: 56KiB, 286x286, smug tomoyo.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>177115161


>> No.177115161
File: 32KiB, 363x341, 8D216D08-A181-47D5-988E-49709E616A04.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.177115185
Quoted By: >>177115798

I just treat it like a fanfiction of the original, pretty much like TRC.

>> No.177115328
Quoted By: >>177115781

What was so bad about Clear Card?

>> No.177115781
File: 63KiB, 960x720, 1479705579573.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

- Bland redesigns and lifeless, stiff animation.
- Characters losing their individuality and not behaving like kids anymore but like creepy super-polite adults.
- Inferior story, severe pacing issues and lack of continuity.
- Everyone's obsessed with food.
It's an insult to the original series.

>> No.177115795
Quoted By: >>177115932

>behaving like kids anymore but like creepy super-polite adults.
So you mean all of her friends from the original series?

>> No.177115798
Quoted By: >>177118383

TRC and Clear Card are a lot like opposites with the flaws relative to CCS. TRC does way too much and Clear Card so far, especially with the anime, has done too little. However Clear Card isn't nearly as bad as TRC, I think there's still a chance for the story to pick up

>> No.177115932
Quoted By: >>177116244

>original series
Let's play!
Let's sit in a circle and discuss food!

>> No.177115999

>Everyone's obsessed with food.
That was in the original series

>> No.177116244

>little girls spend less time playing and more time training to be wives as they get older
What's the problem? She still went to go have tea and stuff with Tomoyo just like before.

>> No.177117038
File: 113KiB, 260x199, 1434842969143.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.177117854


>> No.177118383

>TRC and Clear Card are a lot like opposites with the flaws relative to CCS.
I agree that TRC was too much and that clear card is too little, but while I don't miss the eye eating and stabbing, at least TRC had a lot more going on in terms of the story and an actual villain.

>> No.177120424

Clear Card season 2 when?

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