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No contest.
This show is pure BLISS.

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I want more comfy slavery anime

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This is bait right???
This is literally one of the most boring anime.
1. Generic crybaby depressed for no good reason MC.
2. Socially retarded secondary that doesnt understand humans( this has been done at least 20 times since 2016)
3. Generic modern day magic world
4.One of the worst OPs and OSTs ive ever heard
DESU id rather watch fairy tail than this shit

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I wish I could sell myself to bonehead and had rough magical sex with him every night.

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Quoted By: >>164494823

brainlet bait detected

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hmm big if true

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It's kino, but not everyone would understand it.

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Name one thing the anime does right besides the average animation

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Does he have a normal dick or is it all bone?

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>Incredible OST (Especially ED)
>Deep story
>Good characters
>Cool references
>Aesthetic visuals
>No memes

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-Below-average animation
-Below-average music, OP is okay but the music during the episode is atrocious
-Main character falls into water and nearly drowns 2 episodes in a row
+Cute lizard
+Cool mashup of Eastern and Western mythologies

It was my frontrunner for AOTS based on the fantastic prequel OVA, but it's been mildly disappointing so far.

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Quoted By: >>164495030

>You must be deaf if you think the clanky retard orchestra OSTs are good
>Deep Story??? the depressed special snowflake learns magic
>instead of fixing her problems pussys out like a bitch

>> No.164495030

stop baiting

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story is low tier, snail pacing
characters are not interesting
ost is ok
animation is pretty good

I can tell you arent watching many anime this season

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Quoted By: >>164495852

the only other contender is Houseki no Kuni.
Other than those two there's only memeshows

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Quoted By: >>164495145


What are you 12? This anime is shallow as fuck.

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Quoted By: >>164495290

r e a d

t h e

m a n g a

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>all this hate
I want Overlord fags OUT!!!

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Quoted By: >>164495307

we arent talking about how the manga is if the anime sucks its doesnt deserver AOTS

>> No.164495307

it doesn't suck, though

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Quoted By: >>164499607

the prequel ova was good

>> No.164495339

the creator of the manga probably made this thread

>> No.164495373


this desu

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What do fans like about Chise? I get that it's realistic for her to be very subdued given her circumstances, but that doesn't make her any more interesting to watch.
Hard to see this show as any better than just okay, and it's not selling me on the manga at all.

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Quoted By: >>164495871

She's cute and needs the protec

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It's a shoujo anime, and girls like pathetic characters. Same reason BNHA was more popular with girls than all other shounen anime.

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>buy manga
>still didn't read it because WORKWORKWORK
>anime is out
>not sure if I will read manga anymore

Stop making anime adaptations, I have no motivation now

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You can't make a thread saying something is AOTS, and won't get shit on it, because everyone has there own AOTS, and don't like thing that other people liked.By the way this just remider, I didn't discover something new.

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Houseki no Kuni is AOTS imo
that and Kino are my 2 favorite shows so far

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Quoted By: >>164495906

The original is better than the new Kino

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Quoted By: >>164495886

I'd kind of like to hear something from people that actually like the show rather than just, "This is the kind of garbage the fans like." Assuming there are any real reasons.

>> No.164495886
Quoted By: >>164495980

I've only watched the few episodes of the anime, so I wouldn't know too much about her character yet

>> No.164495906

I loved the original Kino
I love the new Kino but for different reasons.
Premise is still god tier.

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File: 646KiB, 1920x2141, [Erai-raws] Mahoutsukai no Yome - Hoshi Matsu Hito - 02 [1080p][58F948BB].mkv_snapshot_18.06_[2017.11.09_00.48.15]_stitch.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Watched the OVA, and oh my god it was fantastic.
The guy dying to some stupid branch was pretty lame though.

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Quoted By: >>164496014

That's exactly my problem though. 5 episodes in and I can't find a reason to give a shit about her. I like other things about the show, but keep seeing people say they like Chise and can't work out why.

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Quoted By: >>164496170

they probably read the manga
active mahoutsukai threads are mostly filled with mangafags

>> No.164496170
Quoted By: >>164496194

I suppose. I guess it's too much to expect an actual answer rather than just "read the source", when my issue is that the anime is not really selling me on reading the source.

>> No.164496194

just stick with it
the anime is comfy enough for me to watch every week

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>Generic crybaby depressed for no good reason MC


>> No.164496392

I heared a new transformers movie was released not to long ago, maybe you can go and watch that instead?

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Quoted By: >>164499532

It's aimed to women, which explains OP's shit taste.

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Mr. Leshen, I am Rivia.

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i wanna fuck chise

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The word where you can instantly discard a post when you hear it.

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It's getting boring desu. All conflicts resolved too easily because mary sue powers, or revealed that there was no malevolence to begin with... fairies weren't evil, dragon kidnapping wasn't evil, cat lake black goop wasn't evil... I hope it picks up the pace and does something with that soul sorcerer or the suit guy + lady goon soon.

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There isnt much competition though but ill give it aots

>> No.164499440

Not really. It's one of the better shows this season though.

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Quoted By: >>164499817

The show is only good if you haven't read the manga. The adaptation doesn't really add anything.

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Quoted By: >>164499715

>aimed at women

>> No.164499607

No it wasn't.

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>1. Generic crybaby depressed for no good reason MC.

excuse me she has red hair and jade eyes and her main flaw is how everyone hates her for being so beautiful.

help me /a/ I like this show and the manga but whenever this comes up on /a/ I can't stop myself from mocking it

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Quoted By: >>164499760


so you're telling me you've never thrown a vhs boxed magnetic-tape of dragonball at the head of a girl you like??

>> No.164499760

Nah, I was more the type to get things thrown at my head.

>> No.164499817

This is my impression as well. The anime doesn't really do anything well enough to justify watching it over just reading the manga.

>> No.164500042
Quoted By: >>164502302

She's de-facto an asylum case among real humans so it's not like she had it easy all the time.
Once the whole shtick with Einsworth starts, she does get everything served on a silver platter.

There's no ifs or buts about the way that is handled. Mary Sues don't necessarily mean bad stories. Kamina is as big a Mary Sue as they come and people still like him. Same for Lelouch.
Mary Sue protags are more or less the staple of shounen and shoujo IPs.

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File: 910KiB, 1920x2160, [Erai-raws] Mahoutsukai no Yome - Hoshi Matsu Hito - 01 [1080p][A1D6A575].mkv_snapshot_18.17_[2017.11.09_00.23.29]_stitch.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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>Once the whole shtick with Einsworth starts, she does get everything served on a silver platter.

Half of that "everything served on a silver platter" is just the natural consequence or her being the apprentice of a well known wizard. Of course she is going to be protected, taught magic, and put in contact with powerful people. It would be weirder if she wasn´t.

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There is nothing to like about Chise aside from her design. She's an empty husk of a character. I can't even feel sorry for her anymore when the show bangs my head again and again with 'ISN'T SHE PITIFUL? FEEL FOR HER!'.

>> No.164502953

It's a shounen manga adaptation, idiot.

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Quoted By: >>164504493

I really appreciate amount of headpats in the series.

>> No.164503971

In all honesty I think it's less people like the character but that they want a happy end for the character given the shit she went through.
At least that's how I felt watching the OVA's then the show. Ainsworth to me is more interesting simply because of how in control yet awkward he is.

>> No.164504493

I find it weird, Especially if everyone doing the head patting is from the UK.

>> No.164504654
Quoted By: >>164504846


There's a clip in the OP that shows her nuzzeling her face against Elias' neck. She looks so comfy there, after seeing the OVA and her story so far I just wanna see how she becomes so happy.

>> No.164504846
Quoted By: >>164504940

I should watch the OVA, I didn't even know it existed before the show started airing

>> No.164504940
File: 333KiB, 1280x1366, [HorribleSubs] Mahoutsukai no Yome - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot00.06.33_[2017-11-01_23.32.06]08_stitch.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yes, you should.

>> No.164505332

I feel like it's squandering its potential with pacing issues and some of the execution has fallen flat for me. Like Chise flying with the dragon was a nice idea but I don't think they pulled off what they wanted with that scene. Maybe they should either spend more time on each of these ideas, or accept that they can't flesh them out properly in one episode? Not sure. But I expected more character development or world building halfway through the season.

The comfy farmhouse and other rural settings really appeal to me though, and the characters aren't bad - they are just crying out for need of development.

The presentation of a codependent relationship as healthy is also weird, maybe Elias is supposed to be helping Chise to grow into a whole person - but as it stands now he hasn't been discouraging her from entirely attaching her self-worth to their relationship.

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Quoted By: >>164506157

>halfway through the season.
I just realised it's a 24 episode season, woops.

>> No.164505442

The anime is okay, but I had already read the manga and it's ten times better, so I can't really seem to appreciate it.

>> No.164505487

how can i self insert when the MC is a woman

its garbage

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>The wandering Jew
Pure genius.

>> No.164505587
Quoted By: >>164505696

It's pretty damn bad. Was looking foward to it too but it's so boring and generic.

>> No.164505598

Are you implying Elias isn't a main character

>> No.164505614
Quoted By: >>164505696

>self inserting

>> No.164505631

Should I read the manga first, or is the anime an adequate adaption so far?

>> No.164505658

>3. Generic modern day magic world
Magic hidden amongst the real world is more interesting than isekai or a standard fantasy world.

>> No.164505696

Articulate a meaningful criticism or don't bother, what the fuck is anyone supposed to get out of "boring and generic" when every work is derivative in some sense and all but the most extreme edge cases can be called generic by someone who dislikes them.

Yeah that's the joke he was making, good job identifying it.

>> No.164505701

>The presentation of a codependent relationship as healthy is also weird, maybe Elias is supposed to be helping Chise to grow into a whole person - but as it stands now he hasn't been discouraging her from entirely attaching her self-worth to their relationship.

I don't feel like it's been implied it's healthy. In fact, I don't think it's been addressed too much in the anime. In the manga there's more stuff going on down the line. Elias doesn't really understand human emotion, so he wouldn't know that Chise's dependence on him is something to discourage. At the end of the day, Chise's growth as a person is hardly due to Elia's doing. He has influence, naturally, but it's other people and Chise herself that push her to seek a relationship where they're both more or less equal.

>> No.164505848

It's a solid show all-around and I don't have any major complaints but I don't feel invested in it at all for some reason. Probably because the characters are fairly bland? It's a nice watch but I forget about it the moment the episode ends desu

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Shitty writing, generic mary sue female lead straight out of a bad shoujo manga, bad "comedy", character designs look like a bad shoujo at times, animation and direction sucks.

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It's 24 episodes?

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She's just perfect anon.

>> No.164506729

She's pure of heart and selfless despite knowing every time she over exerts herself she brings her death that much closer.

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Quoted By: >>164507004

the ED is great

>> No.164507004

Both the OP and ED are great.

>> No.164507068

The premise, setting, and main characters are cool, but it tries too hard at times to be "beautiful" or edgy to the point where I stop caring.

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File: 149KiB, 1628x916, [HorribleSubs] Mahoutsukai no Yome - 05 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_20.07_[2017.11.06_23.33.49].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Last seasons AOTS: Made in Abyss
This seasons AOTS: Mahoutsukai no Yome

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File: 493KiB, 846x1242, IMG_5646.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Read Vol. 1 the manga because it was reccomended to me because I liked Silul a Run. Was really disappointed in--frankly--how anime it was. I think people just make the comparison because of the physical similarity between the characters.

Did I drop it too early?

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