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what went so wrong?

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You making the same thread when one very similar to this already exists.
Go fuck yourself dbspammer.

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>DBS 1 hour special
>hyped to no end
>3.5% ratings

so horribly wrong.

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You tried to fit 40 seconds of footage into a 3MB webm.

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Nothing this is awesome i'm glad this next from will be oozaru related once goku completely break his shell (the light blue aura was only the genkidama boost)

No more faggots saiyans with red/blue hair

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It sucks that Billis - THE ACTUAL GOD OF DESTRUCTION is gonna become a side character like all the others.

>muh higher powerlevels

fuck off, no one does anything different from the other fighters. If the bystanders didn't acknowledge that the fight was 50000 times better than the last one it would be just like the last fight just with a different character and character reskin for goku

also the ending of the Zamasu arc sucked and felt like a cheap asspull

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Okay. Time to settle it once and for all.

>frieza (multiple times in namek)
>didn't bother helping once against android 19, 20, 17, 18, 16, imperfect cell and semiperfect cell
>majin buu
>didn't help against kid buu
>frieza (again...)
>piccolo (...)
>a robot
>frieza (really, again...)

>5 pride troopers at the same time (still held her own while protecting her allies)
>maybe goku, she was even with him for most of their fight

>random frieza solders
>cell (he let his dad die because he fucked up + he let trunks die and vegeta get seriously injured)
>random no named people in the ToP

>SS Cabba
>SS Berserk Kale (SSB Goku couldn't stop her)
>Plenty of strong fighters in the tournament
>held her own against Goku

So.. it's up to /a/ to decide who the real winner is.

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>several people she didn't eliminate or even fight at all, and Goku who was holding back so hard he could have kept up with her in base
HAHAHA, Caulimorons are this desperate now she's confrmed to be gone very soon

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>These ratings
It's time for Black and Zamasu to come back to save the show.

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Hype tends to die down when you skip a fucking week.

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What's the average rating of an DBS episode?

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>wooow they move and punch so fast!
>goku energy/hair color looks different!
>no, really, this fight is BETTER than all the ones you saw before it because there are now MULTIVERSES INVOLVED

this how a creatively bankrupt franchise looks, no one gives a shit and people already saw everything DB could offer in namek, that is why DBS ratings in japan are nothing special.

>hurr durr the same could be said about every shonen ever!

one piece, hunter x hunter and jojo work on the premise that every Stand/Fruit/Nen has a precise counter when the right conditions are met, and that a good use of wits or logic can overcome a high power-level, hence they stay fresh. Ussop's strategy, Joseph's ruse cruise and nuking the ants are all proof of this.

I'm not saying feats of strength are bad either, every shonen needs them now and then and even kurapika pulled it against ubolgin in HxH, but they can get really stale if you do them endlessly.

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This. Dragon Ball went to shit in the cell saga. Fuck Gero and his asspull androids.

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I want to worship his fat, drippy knot

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fucking ningen, you'll never be a grade-a dragonball fanatic like Maskapotato X.

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For the BoG and RoF retellings, it was around 5.7%
Then 6% for U6 arc
6.3% for Future Trunks arc
and now 5.3% for universe survival arc

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Gohan didn’t win against Cell then. Gohanfags forever taking L’s.

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US arc has been getting 4.9% in average since the tournament started.

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Goku didn't win

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Looks just right to me.

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Gohan actually killed him so that can not possibly not count as a win.
You louse Cauliretard.

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Quoted By: >>163375376

Wrong. Goku did.

>> No.163375149

You don't watch Dragon Ball for intelligent fights, idiot!

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Needed help from Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the jobbers so it doesn’t count. You retard.

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More like horribly funny.

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You not putting Dragon Ball Super in the title.

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Quoted By: >>163375471

Really the one time they put some effort into directing and animating and it gets low ratings. Really tells them not to try harder next time.

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but DRAGON BALL actually had creative original fights!

I think you mean Z/Super!

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He was dead you moron. Do you really think he was firing a kamehameha himself in that scene?
Anime-only and therefore not canon.
More importantly, it was Gohan's full power that decided the match (he wasn't using it all until the literal last minute). Retarded cauliLOSER.

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Wow is this really the best they came up with for a special episode? dragonball superfags need to stop hyping this shit show.

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If they tried hard every time it wouldn't have been a problem. Iif only you toeishills would recognize that the problem is Toei's anime having underservedly good ratings through the absolute shitfest that the anime was until Shueisha and the Dragon Ball Room took over and even then there is only so much Toei can deliver.

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that's just shity romanization

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You don't watch Z/GT/Super for creative fights

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>It's been months and people still reply to Gohanfag-Caulifag shitposting

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Not defending toei but if hard work isn't recognized they're just going to continue to fuck up. And now you can expect toei to give even less of a shit about this series

>> No.163375838

Why should them deserve being recognized this late into the game? 110 episodes of awfulness being "recognized" by being given higher audience numbers more than balance out them trying for once and being rightfully BTFO like they deserved to be in the past but didn't.

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