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This is a cat

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I want another season.
How worse could it possibly get?

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You are wrong. She is a lion, not cat.

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Wrong. That's a lion.


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And this is a fox harvest goddess that happens to be a ninja, too.

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This is much more superior dog.

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That is my waifu.

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I dont like doggirls that much, but i really love catgirls. should i watch this show?

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In the beginning it's dog girls army vs. cat girls army. Root for the side you like best; they're all good.

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You say that now, but everything can always get much worse. Always.

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I want to fuck that cat.

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>implying lions aren't cats

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This is a bitch.

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Delet this

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Why? All I said is that this is a bitch. A bitch with a nice ass.

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But a female dog is literally referred to as a bitch.

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The cast got too big and S3 was bad

How do you think they could correct that for a S4?

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Make Eclair a main character again.

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The kingdom of Biscotti gets teleported to Earth, and Shinku, Rico + 3-4 more characters must teleport them back before humanity engages in actual war.

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Move the focus back to Shinku and Eclair.

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Fuck I meant Millhi.

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Muh nigga.

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>How do you think they could correct that for a S4?
The studio should just finish the Sekirei anime series that they put "To Be Continued" at the end of their last episode.

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I'm still mad

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That's Nanami's wife.

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I want to marry that bitch

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Fuck, let's do this, please 7arcs?

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why is it called dog days when best girl is a cat

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right you are

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