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Does this series do anything beyond pander to waifufags?

I'm on episode 2- is it worth continuing?

I know there are a bunch of love live threads right now; I just started watching it coincidentally Plz no bully

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Mine is Hanayo.

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You may find some enjoyment if you like watching characters work hard to reach a goal and getting closer and closer. There is also some okay songs, and it has an okay, if generic, plot.

It's far from a masterpiece, but it may still be enjoyable if you like its content.

Season 3 sucks though, it removes everything good about the first season and makes the characters worse.

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>Season 3 sucks though

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What does my taste say about me?

How is Sunshine? The plot really seems like it's just a copy and paste but are the characters even remotely unique or interesting?

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>show about cute girls
>is there anything more to this show than cute girls???
You're an idiot.

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The characters aren't exactly carbon copies, but most have overlap withe the previous cast. The story also follows a similar path. Basically, you're getting more of the same with a bit less focus on drama and some different yet similar characters.

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Switch Umi and Nozomi and you're good.

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Any good call backs?

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Its more Love Live except without any of the magic, or entertainment. It still looks nice animation wise.

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Quite a few.

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Your list is very reasonable, although I personally place Umi first and Eli to Honkers.
But no placement really does them justice, even the last placed Hanayo is great.

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It's a cultural and artistic masterpieces, one of the greatest things Japan has ever produced.

Why else would they put it on their trains

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I want to grope Eli on the subway.

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We almost never see the characters work for their goal, we are expected to want them to win with no effort put into it. The story is a complete rehash of the story in season 1. The characters are obnoxious and don't really interact, they just take turns to perform their gimmick. And there was few songs. And they kept bringing up Muse way too much.

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The songs they chose to feature were pretty mediocre sadly, except for maybe Start:Dash

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I feel like Hanayo got flanderized really hard in the second season hence why she's last. She did have a good moment with Honoka when they trained together.

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The characters/music are fine, thats not the issue. They would look a lot better if they plot wasn't a rehash of original LL and they weren't obsessed with being muse 2.0

I have hopes that sunshine s2 is at least better but I'm not gonna hold my breath

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The Honk/Hanayo jogging scene is one of the best moments of the series.

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I think Umi is better as a character and her VA is a better singer, but I respect the preference for Nozomi either way.

Honkers is too low but other than its good. Sunshine characters are interesting, arguably better. The plot is just shit because its a copy of the first show's plot.

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Considering how many good songs Muse have it's weird that they mainly featured the mediocre tracks.

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There was plenty of interaction, and story isn't really a complete rehash of Season 1. It's meant to draw parallels to the work ethic of Muse vs. Aqours. As you said Aqours kinda fucked around the whole time, it comes back to bite them in the ass in the competition. They realize then that they have to start taking idol work seriously, and strive to that goal.

I understand if you think they're too gimmicky, or if they mention Muse far too often though. I don't really agree with the former personally, but I get it.

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Is that really such an unreasonable expectation?

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cute girls doing cute things
SOL moments
people working to reach goals

could have read a synopsis or at least MAL tags

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The characters do lack depth though, and the characters are very undeveloped, probably due to a lack of time. There is quite a bit of yuribaiting so if you dislike /u/ you probably shouldn't watch this. The CGI sequences are also terrible and I personally skip them. The plot however isn't unwatchable, and the characters are fairly likable. Also expect a lot of melodrama

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I like Kotori as a character but I don't feel she's as a good as a singer as Umi or Honoka. Umi is without a doubt the best singer out of the main three girls. Her voice is heavenly.

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Is that really such an unreasonable expectation?

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>Also expect a lot of melodrama

There wasn't any melodrama in LL

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Umi and Rin had the most talented singing voices by far. Maki/Eli/Nozomi/Nico were ok. Hanayo/Kotori were like hot garbage

Lily white is so good. Nozomi isn't too bad but Umi/Rin VA's definitely carry the group

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>There wasn't any melodrama in LL
There was tons. Honoka wanting to quit being an idol for shitty reasons, Honoka getting sick, Kotori moving.

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My favourite is probably Yohane, and I quite liked her during her introduction episode. But after that, any time they were to discuss something as a group, anything she'd say felt detached and it'd judt be her screaming chuunistuff for no reason. Ruby had a similar gimmickness during what should have been conversations. It's like they had a checklist. "Have we had Yohane saying chuuni stuff? Have we had Ruby be shy?" So many conversations feel like that.

Also forgot, their eyes are so creepy, feel discomfort every time. But there are people who like Clannad eyes too, so that's probably more of a preference in character design issue.

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>forgets about the Umi slap
>no melodrama

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Sunshine is better in my opinion. Very similar to the original but a lot less hammy and a better cast on average.

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I've watched Idolmaster more recently than Love Live so by comparison LL didn't have any melodrama

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Basically what this >>158383549 anon said.

However the vibe is not exactly the same. They are focusing more on the goofiness of the (meme-)characters, their group motivation relies heavily on "we want to be idols because µ's is cool", and the few hints of plot aren't as "elaborate" and clear as in its successor.

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>a lot less hammy

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I mean, conversations kinda felt like that in the original too. "Has Nico said something something smug/stupid? Has Hanayo mentioned how much she loves rice? Has Rin meowed enough in this sentence?" It's just staying consustenance with the blatantly hammy characters.

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Hanayo rarely mentioned rice.

>> No.158384248

Rin coming to terms with her femininity was one of the best moments of the show.


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Oh shit, I meant her love of idols. My bad. My brain defaulted to the rice scenes.

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File: 147KiB, 1276x720, __sakurai_momoka_idolmaster_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_and_urara_meirochou__80b5969f8086a51806e7bc29374c9a20.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Idolmaster > Love Live

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She looks like a slut.

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I've watched the anime and I say

Love Live > Idolm@ster

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I quite liked Hanayo's story desu. She went from being a withdrawn closet idol fan to a real life idol.

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It also panders to yurifags.

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I never said I didn't like it. In fact, that's my point. Acknowledging quirks in character interactions is, to me, part of what makes a character fun to watch.

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Watch more anime, if a show is about cute girls doing cute things, there's no reasons it's going to do more.

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Why can't it pander to both?

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Kotori > Nico Nico Nii > Hanayo > Nozomi > Maki > Umi > Maki > Rin > Honoka

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Whoops. The first Maki was supposed to be Eli

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