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Fuck you /a/.
Back when this was airing you reduced it to "shounen shit".
I'm watching it now to prepare for Mandatory Happiness which is coming out soon and looked interesting, and the anime is a fucking masterpiece.
I went in expecting it to be a chore to watch, but I'm finding each episode more engrossing than the last.

Fuck your shit taste /a/.

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fuck off back to tumblr.

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I thought it was pretty good
and then I watched season 2
and then I watched the movie

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it's garbage. It takes eleven episodes for the plot to fucking start and none of the characters except the lead have a personality. They even spend an entire episode explaining the backstory of the lesbian but the only characterization we get out of that is that she's a lesbian who plays guitar. Y'know all those books the villain namedrops in order to give Urobuther nerd street cred? read them, they do everything psycho pass does and more.

Anyone who can take an anime where a man stabs a woman to death with a ball point pen seriously should be gassed.

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>the anime is a fucking masterpiece.

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Next time try actually watching a show before you form an opinion, instead of basing your entire view of it on the fact that some people you don't even know on the internet didn't like it.

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there's so many psychopass threads. I see a new one every day

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It looked nice. Horribly written.

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psychopass is deep. You made me post this

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humans don't need happiness, Sibil system was a good thing, everyone who says that it is immoral is a dumb libertarian.

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Stop assuming /a/ has good taste.

I watched like 3 episodes and it was kinda underwhelming (overall decent, no problems with it really) so I didnt pick it back up

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I'm glad you're not in charge of food.

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No, I just look for quality in anime, which is really hard to come by

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