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Why are flat chests so vastly superior to breasts?


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Is Tyrone tired of doing meme videos? He doesn't seem to put any effort in his newer videos.

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Full video.

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People who enjoy flat chests are intellectually superior, and I'll explain why.

Your average male imbecile will chase after a woman who has a gigantic chest because at the time it's looks appealing. The woman in question in more than likely young in age and hasn't descended into middle are or pregnancy. With their poor outlook to the future, they don't see that in years to come after gravity takes over and childbirth does it's thing, their chest will be saggy and unappealing.

Now flat chests in general look distinguished right off the bat. It provides more maneuverability during such rigorous things like coitus, yet they're still big enough to attract the opposite sex and provide males with what their innate nature longs for. What's more, during middle age and pregnancy they're expected to grow ever so slightly (more so during pregnancy), where in gravity will not take it's effects as harshly when compared to someone who has a large chest to begin with and they'll eventually turn into a perfect size between an a/b cup after all is done and said. Those who enjoy flat chests now subconsciously know that in the future someone with a flat chest will end up looking better than one who has a large chest, physically speaking.

Flat chest superiority.

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Kill yourself

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Pls no bully

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Cause flat chested girls look younger and more innocent. Thats why traps > women, cause traps will always have a flatter chest.

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So does this guy get paid to make these shit? Doesn't he get embarrassed?

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Yes and no.

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I disagree

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Leave this place

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How much money did tyrone make for 4chan? Even at like $30 a video it must have added up.

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Why are flatfags so autistic

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I would be depressed too if the only way I could put food on the table is to read out lines written by some autistic dumbass on the internet and upload it to youtube for everyone to laugh at and know me as the hilarious black guy that talks about anime and memes. All for a whopping 5 bux each.

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Because they're insecure over their inferior taste.

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His prices are a lot more expensive now.

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I disagree

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Yeah he should be more like you and spend all day saying dumb autistic things on the internet for free.

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I still doubt he's making enough worth bragging over.

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Has he ever do Keit-Ai? He should do it.

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Why are you upset?

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Somebody should have Tyrone do a Keit-ai video.

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See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyCJzR16Y7Q

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Yep. He's livin' the dream.

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Will Keit-ai find a way again?

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Hopes and dreams.

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Still the best one.

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Nope. This is the closest we have so far.


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Stop posting that because it's already a thing.


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But I'm not posting it.

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Yes, but it's kind of expensive for NEETs who pirate anime.

See: https://secure.jotformeu.com/dignity14/TyroneVideos

The Keit-ai pasta has about 193 words.

>Extra 81-200 Words $60.00
>Professional Attire With Suit $30.00
>Image On Monitor (1600 x 900 px) $10.00

To meme Keit-ai will cost you about $100.

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It should have ended here.

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Kickstarter for those 100 bucks when?

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don't samefag.

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Girl has huge boobies
Guy she likes doesn't like big breasts at all

Probably my favorite setup.

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I literally laughed out loud when this came up in the related videos.


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>paid memery

memes... memes have changed

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Not any of those posters but judging by the ip count gokuanon is not a samefag not sure about the other two though.

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>paid mods
>paid streaming
>paid doujins
>paid memes
What's next? Pay for posting here?
>inb4 4chan pass
Not mandatory.

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id tagged memers create id tagged memes to post on their id tagged 4chan platinum (TM) accounts

nano viruses in their computers enhance and regulate the production of their memes

psyche control... internet control... color control... content control...

everyone is content with the same old shitposts, and keep themselves under control

memes have changed

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>e-celeb thread
What went wrong?

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As always, I blame Daiz.

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>What's next? Pay for posting here?
>not having a 4chan Plus Account

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Mods are asleep.

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Stop trying so hard to fit in, /a/ used to have Tyrone and rog threads all the time 3 years ago.

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Why are you so upset

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desu fampai

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I blame the meme generation.

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Daiz did it.

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>3 years ago.
Go back to lurking

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Fucking brilliant

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This is pretty good.

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>Hes so new he doesn't even remember the threads from just 3 years ago.

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>no one is actually talking about flat chests versus cow tits

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Shut up newfag, having cancer threads 3 years ago doesn't make them okay.
Lurk more.

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That's because /a/ agreed a long time ago that the best one is both.

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Nobody cares what you fap to on sadpanda.

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You're trying way to hard anon, yeah e celeb threads are shit when they are just about stupid anime bloggers shit that people post on here. But Tyrone and rog were popular and okay here because /a/ actually had a part in the fun and could make them spout stuff directly from /a/, if you can't see the differences in that and posting about some stupid anime blogger shit then you're retarded.

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They settled their differences and decided to be good sisters to each other.

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Who is this semen demon?

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My sides

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The debate should be loli versus Christmas Cake.

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>/a/ actually had a part in the fun
You are the one trying to fit in with this stupid nonsense, canceous newfags will always be here but that doesn't make them /a/.

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this desu senpai

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Shindou Ai, from Kyoukai no Kanata.
Fucking retard.

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Who are these penis machinists?

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