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Is love between girls really all that forbidden anymore?

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Just fuck already

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But then they'd have ask google another question.

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Depends on where you go, and who you talk to. It's pretty bad in Japan, but even there it varies from person to person and there is a budding gay rights movement. Most gay people in Japan still hide their sexuality from the public, and depending on the city you can be legally fired for your sexuality.
In short: yes, but that's currently changing.

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Seems cute, but yuri/shoujo ai is really not my thing.

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>is being a degenerate still being a degenerate?

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>whining about degeneracy on /a/

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>The purest form of love

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updates when
i want my airhead x tomboy forbidden love NOW

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Like, a month.

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Yes because a certain faggot won't let you fap to it without spamming your thread to death about respecting the characters.

enjoy your ruined meta thread huehuehue

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Why don't you just read FLOWERS?

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Did that finally get translated?

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I'm playing it right now, I'm very glad it got translated, it has been great so far.

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>this thread

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>get an feeling so lesbian
But seriously, aside that and few other examples, the translation was surprisingly decent.

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Why can't a feeling be lesbian? Isn't a female feeling allowed to love another female feeling?

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How do two feelings go beyond kissing?

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God is monitoring this thread.

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when will they fuck

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Yeah, for all the prevalence of girl-girl love in anime and manga... Japan kinda doesn't culturally embrace it in real life.

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File: 641KiB, 1088x1536, purest form of rape.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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Yes, except for when the girls are actually robots.

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>fields of physics broken by yuri
>Fluid Dynamics
>Quantum Dynamics

Why is Lesbodynamics the most powerful force in the multiverse?

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Oh my god i almost went full retard. Tried google images and russian magic machine to find sauce until i finally noticed the filename,

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>Quantum Dynamics
I thought only the four fundamental interaction can be quantized, was I wrong?

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Not even lesbians can break Thermodynamics though, Madokami sure tries to, though.
Madokami is "The Last Question"'s AC when you think about it

Technically, it is still quantized, but it'll reach scales of uncertainty way below any unit of lenght we can measure. A football, for example, has an uncertainty in position lower than the radius of an electron divided by the radius of the observable universe.

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>changes her grip three times
If she let go would they have drifted into space instead?

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Delete this.

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>gay marriage is legal in my country now

kill me f-a-m

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That ride was fucking crazy man.

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>literally goes against God's word

yurishits need to die

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And that's relativity is bullshit.

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God is a yurifag.

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>it's still not in mine
>government is trying to force it in despite our leaders trying to let the citizens vote
>they know we don't want it
It's pathetic and undemocratic. If the populous gets to vote like we should (and still may) that shit is getting so rejected.

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>Technically, it is still quantized, but it'll reach scales of uncertainty way below any unit of lenght we can measure. A football, for example, has an uncertainty in position lower than the radius of an electron divided by the radius of the observable universe.
Does that mean space is discrete, or it is just a result of instrumental uncertainty?

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This guy is literally SHiN.

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Pretty sure this is yuri.

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Dubs do not lie.

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Why do people care if faggots get married?

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I agree. Why would or should people care? We shouldn't change legislation for no good reason, now should we?

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redpill me on redpills /rp/

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what's the condom for then?

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Making balloons.

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>purest form of live

That's Yaoi, anon. Yuri is degenerate trash

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I don't understand why pretending to be fujo trash is considered "cool" this year.

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Yaoi is only pure when they're both traps. Yuri is always pure.

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>2 dicks vs 0 dicks

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Dicks are love though

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Exactly. Futas reign supreme.

It's only degenerated if testicles touch each another.

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omg that's perverted >___<
fuck off degenerate

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Futa without balls is awful. Futa with balls is amazing.

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>omg that's perverted >___<
>fuck off degenerate

You're not escaping.

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I will fight you to the ends of the Earth to prove you wrong.

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It doesn't matter, futa is gay whether there are balls or no

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Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me away from Futa with balls

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You are my rival now.

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that reminds me https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5BYRP_sWmzZV0EtVE5KRGhQMTg/view

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Only the purest girls can truly love other girls.

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Sisters of Battle regularly have lesbian orgies.

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Can boys who love girls who love girls truly love girls if they body-swap with girls who loves boys who love boys?

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Gays have never been legally discriminated against in Japan though, unlike practically every other country in the world.

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Kase is just going to rape her pretty soon I think.

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Gay boys can't even feel love. Only lust.

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No. Even the MC said it doesn't count because he's a girl in body but not in mind.

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>getting fired from your work because of personal life choices that don't relate to the job
>not legal discrimination

>> No.146523828

>implying it's discrimination to fire a mentally ill employee
It's impossible to discriminate against those who have no right to live.

>> No.146525091

Homosexuality isn't mental illness, as it doesn't interfere with one's ability to support themselves and live their lives.

/pol/fags need to hurry up and gas themselves. If we brought back forced labor to deal with them, things would be a lot better desu.

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Fuck off pinoyposter

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Of course it isn't, it's widely accepted and completely mainstream now, which is why it's not hot anymore.

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All females with any form of sex drive crave cock more than anything deep within their hearts and cunts no matter what, by very nature they aren't pure. They can only be pure if they don't have a vagina or ovaries or any of that overly complicated shit.

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>tfw the doujinshi scanner bothers to point out how the futa girl shouldn't be cumming because she doesn't have balls, despite everything else that just happend that would be equally impossible.

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Yamada is fucking shit. She makes what could be an awesome manga a fucking drag. Mentality and body of a child, as interesting as dirt from under my nail. Senpai is so much superior it's not funny.

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Freakin' Seven Seas

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Fuck off, senpai.

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somebody post the wemb about bridge simulator and the trucks

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That's some pretty good taste senpai

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Define "space".

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Nope, it's standard fare. Blame the degenearation of the west. Lesbians aren't exotic any more. Not any more than arabs at any rate.

>> No.146529565

Go back to the trailer park Billy-Bob.

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futa on girl porn is mathematically straighter than guy on girl.

>> No.146530354

In straight porn I'm not masturbating to something with a dick, I'm ignoring the dick entirely and masturbating to a woman you stupid shit.

>> No.146530474

That's pretty gay.

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Quoted By: >>146537003


Correction, you are masturbating to a man fucking a woman. You can't possibly be ignoring the dick, otherwise you would just fap to solo girls with toys.

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Let's just hope the scanlators aren't faggots and drop this.
>This multi-volume yuri manga series consists of standalone volumes that can be read in any order, making this the perfect edition for oneshot readers and series collectors alike.
Between that list and this caption it looks like 7S just looked at the list of the most popular stuff on dynasty scans or something, and licensed it all without reading them.

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Just read chapter 19 after 12, it reads perfectly normal!

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Today I will remind them


Madoka despises Homura.
Sayaka doesn't love Kyoko.
Hibiki doesn't love Miku.
Yuuna doesn't love Togo thank god.
Nanoha doesn't love Fate.
Sakura has long abandoned Tomoyo.
Kumiko and Reina both want a dick and are adolescent, not gay.
All the girls in shows like Yuru Yuri, Sakura Trick, Yuyushiki and such are just in a phase and will all marry men.

Yuri is never real outside of shitty hentai for degenerates and that is never love, just lust. Lesbians are not loved by anyone they know.

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>Nanoha doesn't love Fate.
This isn't true.

You could argue she doesn't romantically but the two of them very obviously love one another.

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It's an aberration, yes.

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Quoted By: >>146533283

No. I've seen that image and that guys fucking wrong. The dick is what makes it gay! There is nothing else involved in that equation at all.

>but what if the futa has a pussy too?

That doesn't matter. Let X represent the number of dicks in your chosen pornagraphic content, and let Y represent the number of girls and Z the number of boys. If the value of X is higher than the value of Z, it's gay.

>> No.146533283

So gay porn isn't gay? Y=0, Z=2, X=2


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We need fresh new lolis, this cannot happen with /u/.

>> No.146533639

Magical/science babies.

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>he hasn't heard of magic iPS babies

>> No.146535768
Quoted By: >>146535913

>he thinks IPS babies are people

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Then explain this

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You heartless monster.

>> No.146536060

Keep that shit out /a/go to /u/.

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Quoted By: >>146538317

>it's widely accepted and completely mainstream now

You can't be serious, there are 20 fujos for each yurifag and way more yaoi compared with yuri.
Not even Yaoi is mainstream.

Undertones are not yuri by the way.

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That's your opinion.

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