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Yama no Susume of the dead

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Can't be dead if the manga is finally getting translations.

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Can't be dead if Hinata's smile is a miracle.

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>nothing boobs

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Dead people are openly left on Mt Everest since they can't be identified.

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I want Aoi to try climb K2 and fail.

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I will give Kokona a life full of happiness.
I will work hard so that she can come home everyday to an abundant household.
I will protect her from all physical and mental harm with all of my being.
I will buy all her needs and I will do my best to spoil her material desires.
I won't ask for anything in return other than her smile.
I love you Kokona-chan.
I wish you were real.

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real Yama no Susume

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Why try to have a Yama perma thread? The series is too small for this.

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Is there really always a thread up? I never noticed. I should probably have the title flagged on the catalog or something.

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Some lost nip has been making them recently here, I don't think he understands much what actually goes on here

I don't mind much though since they die off rather quickly

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I'd show her my /p/ if you follow my insinuation.

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I want to rape Kokona on the summit of a mountain.

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>want to be raped

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Hinata is a menace to society. A lovable menace but a menace nonetheless.

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I'd menace her with my PENIS.

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Still best gaijins


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gaijins are fack as I thought

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I'm visiting Mt fuji this december.

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>Get told to be quiet in a public place

What a -BITCH-

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>finally a hi-res non-sample of that pic

Thanks anon!

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you are not visiting now

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I want to have immoral sex with Coconut.

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File: 58KiB, 1280x720, [Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 01 [7CD8C64B].mkv_snapshot_15.42_[2016.01.08_15.56.25].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yeah, I'd fuck that Coconut too.

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Not only immoral but illegal too!

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Worth it.

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You'll have to ask permission from her mother

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I doubt that's her real mother.

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dont speak English

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Anyone want to fap to the Yamas with me?

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Baka gaijins. At least they speak good English.
Whito piggu go homu!

>> No.139026047

Say that to my face motherfucker not online and see what happens

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I'd susume her yamas, if you know what I mean.

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Aoi isn't real and never will be

>> No.139029886

There isn't a permathread though. It's just that the chance that on a given day an anon that watched YnS suddenly feels the empty void in his heart that only the susumes can fill is quite high, and so you see threads popping up every now and again. These threads are statistical manifestation of our collective woe of no S3.

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Why does Kokona love sucking cock so much?

>> No.139030926
Quoted By: >>139032752

You're probably gone, but I'd be totally down for it.

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I hope you don't think you're climbing it it December, unless you're fairly experienced in that kind of thing...

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Encouragement of lewd.

>> No.139032278

You wanna fap to Yamas with me?

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It is kind of strange, someone who is lost with bad english has been making them every other day or so and someone else has been making them every week to dump manga translations.
Not that I really min because I like the show but without any signs of life on the Japanese end they both die quickly.

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I was gone for a bit but I'm here now.

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Maybe the author trying to encourage our climbs?


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Too gay for that.

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Quoted By: >>139033401

Get into this thread in /ghost/

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Doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment.

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They made her so adorable

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Quoted By: >>139033553

Make a thread in /trash/ then and I'll follow you.

>> No.139033553
Quoted By: >>139033582


>> No.139033582

Whoops, fucked up the link. Oh well, it's in the catalog.

>> No.139033822

Maybe Hiroyuki has discovered it and decided he wants a thread on his new English website, then when he can't find it makes a new one because he still doesn't understand how fast 4chan is comparatively.

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Hinata's shit eating grin is the best.

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He is indeed a strange man.

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Remember S3 depends on your tourism dollars.

>> No.139034594

More likely on bluray sales

>> No.139034641

Let's hope that the mahou shoujo show bombs hard so they'll have to make YnS to compensate!

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Quoted By: >>139035179

And merch, you bought a couple copies of each of the dakis right.

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I've bought my share although I could use more.

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If I weren't such an impoverished pauper like Kokona I could've probably contributed to that season 3 fund

>> No.139036203

Then put some YnS plackards on a temple and pray for it.

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>祝 ヤマノススメ3期やる気満々!!

congratu yama no susume S3 full guts

>> No.139036848

enthusiasm or motivation, not guts :P

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Quoted By: >>139047007

Yamas get mauled by bears in S3?

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>> No.139040644

two nukes weren't enough

>> No.139040792
Quoted By: >>139040933

Why is Aoi such a bitch?

>> No.139040933

I will fucking break your jaw if you talk about her like that again. She has a heart of gold.

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Quoted By: >>139042000

Kokona's early childhood.

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Why are their design so sexual? There's something in the way they're drawn

>> No.139041267

Tengumom is the sexiest.

>> No.139041546

It's one of those shows that is disproportionately loved on /a/ (like WIXOSS or Symphogear). So every now and then we have a nice thread where we just chat about the yamas. It's always harmless fun until someone posts Kokona's seams.

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>> No.139042000



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best anime in recent years

>> No.139042457

God bless Fugo.

>> No.139042711

YNS season 1 was just such a beautiful story of an actual believable introvert. Like, not a wilting violet who is over-the-top afraid of people, just a person who enjoys being alone and has a bit of awkwardness around people. And I love that the person who has to take her out of her shell isn't some magic pixie dream girl, it's someone who's unpredictable and actually kind of unreliable, so it's easy to understand how Aoi still has a lot of uncertainty about what Hinata is pushing her into. It was just a great blend of perfectly believable characters with great chemistry. And that ending where they're all at the park and Aoi is thinking about how she finally understands why people enjoy being around each other, just made me smile forever.

Still haven't finished Season 2 for some reason, but I want more of the healing stuff that focuses on character growth like that. Seemed like a lot more swimsuit and underwear humour from what I remember.

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Quoted By: >>139043153

I'd like to watch somethin like this, except with off road expeditions, instead of climbing on foot.

>> No.139043060

I need this.

>> No.139043153

>Initial D & CCS crossover
Now I'm glad I didn't kill myself yet to live to see this moment.

>> No.139043314
Quoted By: >>139044028

Why is this little boy so cute

>> No.139044028

I want to touch him inappropriately in public and get no response.

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Quoted By: >>139045307

>> No.139045307

Mountain of rice?

>> No.139046695

Don't listen to this guy>>139032084 if you believe in yourself you can do it.

>> No.139047007

It would be nice to see one of them get seriously injured and the other two helping her rehabilitate.

>> No.139047131

stop making this threads, don't turn them like the gochiusa circlejerks

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Quoted By: >>139050764


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Quoted By: >>139047531

Yama is not like fuckusa
dont compare with such garbage moe contents

>> No.139047447


(Although he's japanese, and every anime show has a dedicated board and thread on nip boards, so the concept of circlejerk is alien to him)

>> No.139047531
Quoted By: >>139047757

Go shitposting somewhere else.

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not shitposting so not somewhere

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Kokona is for _____.

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Quoted By: >>139051761

>> No.139049987


>> No.139050764

Climbing the mountain to my stomach.

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File: 953KiB, 1228x689, 1452519777835.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I want more tea parties.

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File: 72KiB, 640x432, yamabus.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I want to ride the yamas.

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