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They're all in a better place now.

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Modern AU season 2, even with an entirely human cast would be perfect.

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>high school nuage
>nuIota is the leader of the Nines, a group of thugs
>nuHiro is vice-president of the student body
>They meet and hit off immediately, Hiro gives her the nickname "oni" this time 'cause she wears a horned headband or just has horns from some sort of condition
>nuAlpha and nuIchigo incite a war between the two parties
>nuIota and nuHiro aren't having any of it, nuIota gets a blue headband for nuHiro or gives him her condition as an STD.
>nuIchigo can't help but accept that the thugs aren't that bad since her childhood crush loves their leader
>nuAlpha begrudgingly stops fighting

It is a pretty amusing AU.
>nuWerner's models are all four of the squad 13 FranXX that serve as commemorative statues
>nuWerner has three of his own make though, Model 9, Strelizia, and Apus
>nuWerner insists Apus belongs to nuHime, even though nuHime wants nothing to do with it, preferring her own Star Entity
>nuWerner is also Hiro's older brother, because why not

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