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>the (stupid) real goal of Moro
Is it going to be some more dumb fucking shit like Freeza wanting to be taller?

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>Sakura waifufags secondaries (possibly tertiaries) argue about shit they know nothing about

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Heroes is a genuine stain on DB, and DB was never a high brow franchise at all, so it says a lot about just how trash Heroes is.

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I love how retards ITT talk about using Return By Death like it were a simple load function in a videogame. Even specops (people with a lot more balls than any of us) who have a near death or traumatic experience, or lose a limb often have to take years of counseling and are often never completely cured.

Subaru gets by because it's fictional, dying in real life would absolutely turn you into a fucking wreck.

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These threads are like a fever dream shitposting frenzy and never fail to give me a headache. Any chance we'll get manga leaks this time, or are we waiting another 10 days?

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God the artwork on these cards is fucking trash.

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Yeah no worries that isn't happening.

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>hated isekais so much I'm writing my own now
It's like Chinese water torture: the first one wasn't so painful, but by the 100th isekai I felt physically sick just seeing the cover.

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>premise could have been interesting
>every single problem the MC is faced with is just another chance for him to stoke his power fantasy
It's like Chinese torture: the first masturbatory power fantasy doesn't do much, but by the time you're halfway through the show you'll feel like every single one is a sledgehammer to the chest. At some point isekais stopped being irritating and became straight up fucking sad and pathetic.

Even worse when he is evidently self-aware enough to make the MC in the real world a almost 40 year old virgin, so it's not like he's not aware he's just stroking his own dick because nobody else will do it for him.

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This is the Dunning-Kruger retard I was talking about. You absolute brainlet, if the bug can move to (0.75,0.75,2) then it means it can move across faces, which means it can simply travel up the vertical from A, then towards B along the top diagonal and hit your point before it would have hit B.

Again, explain to me how you figured it could move from (0,0,0) to (0.75,0.75,2) in a longer time than moving to (1,1,2)? This is basic geometry and vectors.

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no more

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>loli knight/soldier/god/demon/anything really fuck them in anything except a few shows where it actually fits
>infodump/commentators/telling rather than showing
>ruining tense scenes with "funny" "comedy" moments
>ruining tension with fan service
>fan service in general (especially fan service episodes like onsen/beach episodes)
>pick-a-class characters (when they obviously thought "ok so this will be a tsundere because we already have a deredere and a kuudere" like it were some party composition in an MMO instead of properly creating characters with depth)
>zero muscle definition on people who are supposed to be great physical fighters
>infodump/commentators/telling rather than showing
>calling out the names of attacks
>videogame mechanics
>did I mention infodumps/commenting/telling rather than showing?
Yeah there aren't many anime I enjoy nowadays anymore.

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>offers her ass to an 8 year old kid she just met for a dragon ball
Absolute slag.

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>generic waifubaits drooling over MC's dick
>generic medieval fantasy shit cocktail
>generic overpowered MC

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>characters have depth and flaws
Characters not being flat does not equal them being "immature" and "just the same as a teenager shouting about his naive morals".

>I got memed into reading the VN
Me too, it was trash, wasted 25 hours on it, it never got better. It's a shitty shonen with added sex scenes, the writing is absolutely awful, 80% of the time is spent on harem antics or SoL, and the art is shit too.

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>much larger percentage of the scene is static (e.g. see how Piccolo's arm shakes at the start in Z while it's fully static in S)
>orders of magnitude less detail to the art
>"m-muh blood"
The blood isn't the point, retards.

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God I loathe self insert wish fulfilment isekai so fucking much it's irrational

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>ending it in the most safe way possible

My own fault for thinking they'd do something interesting, but at least we got some Goku/Freeza teamwork.

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>forget to immediately switch to Jap audio
>hear a word from the dub

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Fucking hell Super looks so awful.

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>Krillin getting over his fear and training
>Gohan realizing he needs to train to defend his loved ones
>Buu doing the same
>Goku's defensive UI
>Vegeta's (offensive) UI
>Goku's alleged plan/secret
>all those characters brought back to fight (e.g. Tien) who didn't do shit
>Freeza's everything

That's without mentioning other shit that happened but was absurdly underwhelming (e.g. the rat's "plan" with the insects). Super in general is trash, but this arc has been shit even by Super standards.

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Why are the final episodes so fucking shit? Not only do they look shit but they're also directed like shit.

Thank God this thing is ending.

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>classes (or even worse, "jobs")
>adventurer's guild
>generic medieval Europe setting (but with no actual research or effort into making it authentic or interesting like it actually was)
>uninspired beastman races that live among humans (how they differ and potential conflicts never explored)
>omnipresent magic and fantastical shit (e.g. people flying around on generic dragons) cheapening everything and removing any sense of wonder
>mandatory MC's waifu or harem

I fucking hate isekai.

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Dunno what jannies problem is but none of that was against the rules so fuck off.

>cliché trite 5th grader-tier "message" presented in black and white with random images of war, "inequality", and recreated real life footage

Shonenshit trying to be anything more than shonenshit is fucking disgusting, but also hilarious.

Here have a different cat then.

inb4 cats are not allowed on /a/ now

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