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Just look at them, arent they perfect?

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Improving himself bit by bit, but too little too late.

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>2. I fear the backlash of Mitsukokoniggers
I like them, since I'm just the right kind of audience for shoujo fluff femanon, young at heart, loves romantic fluff /blog, but you need to do it anyway.

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Oh? Did I find your weakness, Alpha anon?

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>Kokoro starts stealing glances at Mitsuru as early as ep2
>Kokoro proceeds to try and sneak out to the greenhouse to visit him regularly in private after ep5
>Kokoro and Mitsuru bond in ep7, Mitsuru says he can't promise to protect her, but he's was clearly keeping an on her as she explored in case something happened, Kokoro warms up to him because he protected her
>Kokoro and Mitsuru continue hanging out, Kokoro realizes she loves Mitsuru but can't bring it up because holy shit the girl is timid
>Nana gives Kokoro an out, she takes it, showing her bitchy side in the process
>She doesn't really cuck Futoshi so much as just do her best to let him down gently
>Kokoro and Mitsuru bond over both being shitty people
>MitsuKoko spend even more time together after the shuffle off-screen because fuck the writing
>It's been about two months since the shuffle and Kokoro is feeling the babymaking itch really strongly
>Mitsuru doesn't realize Kokoro loves him as much as he loves her, also doesn't know what love is despite the onis jumping each other at every given second
>Hiro tells Mitsuru what love feels like, everything clicks
>Mitsuru scores that evening and basically wins over Kokoro for good
>Hiro and Zero Two suggest the two get married because I dunno, dino senses told them Kokoro was gonna have a baby
I don't get get the hate for them, is it just because they took the limelight off Hir02, who had already reached the climax (heh) of their love story arc? It makes sense from a writing perspective to give more time to side characters to develop their relationships once Hir02 had calmed down into the long burning passion of true love.

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I like my shoujoshit.

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I wasn't trolling these threads at the time, had no idea. I'm gonna hold him to his word though that he came up with that on his own though.

Probably was, I don't really care. And it's better than Mitsuru being beta and tricked into loving Kokoro.

Takes a lot of strength to not fight back when someone attacks you for something you did wrong.

>femanon writing
Are you that surprised?

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