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No arc in shonen Jump I've read has been as experimental with satisfying action while having massive sociological ramifications within the context of the verse and narrative. 10/10 arc, 10/10 chapter.

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nice backpedal kimetsutard, you were talking manga sales

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>Kimetsutard doesn't understand a phrase of expression
"Flavor of the month" doesn't literally mean one month. It means what >>191725925 said, the upward trend is from anime boost, it's temporary. Where as MHA can sell consistently without an anime airing.

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I appreciate how Shigaraki is born with power and can only use it to hurt others whilst Deku inherits power and uses it to help others. Having these two parallel story arcs has created a grey area that didn't exist at the beginning of the story. The plot feels even more rich. The early part of the story hid this in plain sight by showing us Stain's ideals and Endeavor's abusive nature. All Might vs AFO was a standard battle of good and evil. As the story has progressed we've seen how society creates men like Gentle and the LOV. The Pro Hero arc was an amazing at bringing endeavor into a grey area as well. To the general public he's just a hero that saves people, to Natsuo he's an abusive asshole, to Shoto he's an incredible hero and has the potential to be an incredible dad. Horikoshi's plot is amazing.

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