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Lulu got a happy ending a decade after getting the Japanese meme bittersweet end. Give it a couple of years, and Hir02 might escape there crummy ending too.

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Just pretend they live happily ever after and APE implodes on itself after the events of 15.

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Beautiful dinosaur people

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I dunno, I still feel like ep15 is the best in the whole series.

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That's part of what I think cut so deep for those of us here that did like it. We got these two incredible main characters who basically could carry the show on their own, and who were crushed under bad writing and worse decision making. Franxx could have been one of those anime that's remembered well into the future as a lesson on what to do right.

Instead we got an incredibly tragic and sad story that is filled with this melancholy joy in retrospect. Because once you know what happens, every smile, every laugh, every tearful reunion is punctuated with the knowledge that these two oni dorks will never get to enjoy more than a few weeks of genuine happiness in their all too short lives.

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Honestly, it's just that one piece in episode 24 that I can't listen to. Well, that and "Red Hibiscus," which is basically THEIR theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7CXYkUTwk8

Even listening to the first few notes to get that link made my heart hurt. What the fuck...

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>2 years spent with Zero Two in the most intimate mind meld possible and maybe save your friends and family
>everyone else dies after Zero Two's body falls apart on Earth
Yeah... I can see what you mean

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It hasn't! If I had to guess, the two get a stipend for what they did. Also, between their value as medical and martial research subjects and their political value, just keeping them happy and comfortable is worth tax money in its own right.

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What? Blue Oni is hot af, no homo.

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>Mid-summer day, cicadas chirping away
>Hir02 are sitting on the porch, watching them play
>They're all playing tag together, the oni seem to be tireless
>Tomatsu (eldest daughter, Hiro literally named her 18) runs up to Hir02 who had started to doze a little
>She wants to go get the water guns 'cause it's starting to get hot
>Hiro gives ZeroTsu a quick kiss on the cheek before helping their daughter
>Tomatsu is grossed out
>While she waits she asks ZeroTsu about hornkissing
>ZeroTsu chuckles and pats her head, telling her she's too young for that
>Tomatsu suddenly realizes just how intimate the act is
>She's still flustered when Hiro returns with a box full of aquatic armaments
>Tomatsu calls the other kids over
>They all take them and go to fill them up by the hose's tap
>ZeroTsu tells Hiro that Tomatsu was curious about hornkissing
>Hiro laughs it off and shakes his head before hornkissing his wife
>Tomatsu is the first back in the field, she glances over and sees her parents being lewd
>She blasts both of them with a stream of water
>Hir02 break apart quickly and stare at each other for a moment in confusion before realizing what happened
>They grin and nod and quickly grab two pump-action rifles and run over to fill them up
>The kids stand no chance against the two of them

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>Are thou me?
Maybe...? Are you currently suffering from a bit of lunar sickness? Ahahaha... having my cycle synced up with the moon makes me a lunatic in the old sense of the word.

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Darling wants to cuddle you too, Zero Two.

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Meeting each other half way.

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They didn't know the word for how they felt about each other until they were moments away from death, at which they screamed it at the top of their lungs for the whole universe to hear. Their voices reaching no one with emotions except for one another.

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>Hope someone would pickup the dust Nishi and Hayashi left and actually write a better cheesy teen romance drama in a post apocalyptic mecha world with a waifufag protag and BPD girl. Wish our fanbase was large enough so that we would have been able to rewrite the last two episode like how Cuckhan self inserting spics do.
You haven't read much fanfiction, have you? There's some good rewrites in progress.

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>Ep24, VIRM's mothership arrives
>Hringhorni goes for another attack, this time it's caught by True Apus and transformed into her spear
>The mothership shifts forms to resemble Papa with two heads and a colossal greatsword.
>Squad 13 has to fall back, they're out of fuel and the VIRM mothership is way too much
>True Apus and VIRM face off, clashing in the depths of space
>Roaring in fury Zero Two shatters the VIRM sword
>VIRM tries their mind trick, but Hiro's having none of it this time
>VIRM manages to critically damage True Apus causing Zero Two exceptional pain
>Hiro grabs onto her from inside the cockpit and pulls her still quivering body into the stamen seat
>He whispers to her "I am forever your darling, Zero Two" and kisses her passionately
>Behind them the cockpit bursts into light, the displays reading "Strelizia Mistilteinn activated" and various big red "WARNING"s following
>Hir02 are too embroiled in love to care
>Golden Strelizia breaks free of Apus and charges at the VIRM mothership, her voice the pilots in unison
>"Let us fly, darling!"
>"With our wings!"
>"We are the Jian!"
>VIRM stands no chance as golden Strelizia just destroys them outright
>Flash forward to the epilogue
>Instead of kids meeting Nana and Hachi on a hill, it's Hiro and Zero Two with a little oni in Zero Two's arms
>Zero Two and Hiro are present in all the group scenes
>Hiro and Zero Two accompany Goro, taking their little oni with them
>Eventually all of them meet up under a huge cherry tree
>Hir02 finish the storybook which has many pages added to it
>Flash forward to a thousand years later
>Earth is seen with a healthy oni minority population and many humans
>A black haired oni boy and pink haired human girl meet under a cherry tree, the boy is reading "The Beast and the Prince," the girl trips dropping candies, taking the girl's hand, the girl asks him who he is, "My name is..."

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>genuinely shocked that his scheme went off the rails in an undesirable way when Hiro consumed her blood.
Undesirable? Are we sure about that? 'cause klaxxo Hiro is probably way sexier to Zero Two and you know, actually is durable enough to survive piloting with her

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They changed the text a little, Zero Two is saying: "Being in the snow with my darling like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it." and of course Hiro isn't at all embarrassed as the other person in the couple usually is.

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>Might as well make accelerated aging an actual plot point and feed everyone the blood, shuhrer-style.
I wonder if the whole squad would sprout horns of different, complimentary colors to their FranXX or hair color. Like Goro being orange-ish red, Ichigo being the same blue as Delphinium, Ikuno getting purple, Futoshi being orange, Miku would be pink, Zorome would be sea green, Kokoro would be charcoal, Mitsuru "true" green. Like... just imagine that. The whole squad a rainbow of colors.

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He's the fluffiest cuter dino. Not that Zero Two is bad.

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It's probably because I just have a weird way of phrasing things. It's a trait I've tried to kick, always fails. Hi, though!

Who said anything about shipping? I just want a best boy with horns.

I really need to get the frame where he's stretching those poor panties to the max. How'd he do that without tearing them?

Commission it!

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It's gonna be mostly boys. Us girls are already outnumbered by a good bit. This is 4chan, you should know that.


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Honestly, even with 24 being a terrible final episode, I'd still call it AOTY. It's easily the most I've cared about an anime.

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