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What do you think?

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Why does it seem like there was a complete staff shake-up before the VIRM reveal? There have of course been stupid plot twits in fiction before, but here it seems like the writing staff was replaced. The whole thing makes no sense and contradicts most of the plot the show had previous.

It's like the head writer died mid-production and in a panic the crew said "Shit we don't know what to do. Just have them fight generic evil aliens." It would fit with how all the ongoing plots and character arcs came to a screeching halt at this very moment and are quietly swept under the rug.

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Has any series gone from widespread praise to near universal condemnation as fast as Franxx did with the aliens? One moment the series is doing fine and then wham! every plot and character arc is cut off or otherwise ruined in the time it takes to say "Lol it was aliens!".

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