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And then, 5 chapters later, he said that his job as a tutor is over and quints will be fine by themselves

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Feel the warm embrace!

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>He said it'll be lonely, even before he heard Nino confession
That's the point.
He completely accepted not tutoring them anymore then did 180 out of nowhere in scrambled eggs

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What hug images?

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>Fuutarou probably heard her and probably will recognize her hug
You just can't forget those tits

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>It is not.
It is.
>While Nino took a significant part on that as a showcase of her development, each one of the five quints had a role in the whole sequence, the story never pointed this moment as a moment exclusive to her.
Are you alright? Pic related is not a moment exclusive to Nino? Or is this the extent of your reaching?
>Nope, not aknowledged by the story nor Fuutarou. This is reaching.
It's a logical conclusion
>Yup. Quints can pass on their own. My job is done.
>2 chapters pass.
>I'm your tutor! You need me! You'll fail without me!
But it seem even simple things like that are troublesome for you. It explains this whole conversation.
>Attributing the whole fake Itsuki deal to Nino's confession is the same as attributting the entirely of Nino's development to her fight with Miku, both clear cases of plot device.
I didn't attribute the whole deal to Nino, but I can agree with you on that.
>His outlook didn't change, he was just confused, as pointed out by his own words "I don't know how to face her".
We can see him being unable to concentrate and noticing couples in love around him. He has changed.
> the turning point actually happened in chapter 68, aknowledged by the story itself.
*59 and yes, it was ancknowledged by the story itself.
>sounds like headcanon fueled by anon's inhability to see that, in fact
Sounds like you're assblasted for no reason.
> there's more to the story than Nino, as seen by the previous arc.
Of course there is and I never said otherwise, but in the end it's going to be:
First part is Nino falling for Fuutarou, ending with her confession in 59.
Second part is Fuutarou falling for Nino, ending with their wedding.

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Here, you brain damaged faggot. This is the exact moment where she has accepted her feelings for him.
There's nothing about him riding a bike, saving her from papa or anything like that.
Read slower.

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Absolutely adorable

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