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Is it wrong that I want the black knights to all die? Also, isn't it kinda pathetic that the zero requiem achieved peace for like a whole year before the world goes to shit again? I want R3 as much as the next guy but they should've at least had any squeals coming 10-20+ years later in story.

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t. fujoshits

4chan(nel) is beyong salvation, i

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>no initials
Not even 12 hours in and I already got grinched.

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are you telling me that your high school didn't have pretentious fuckers who thought that Catcher in the Rye was the deepest book ever? or that believed that they totes were Alex from A Clockwork Orange? its not that uncommon for teens to through an introspective "I have it all figured out despite being 15" phase.

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They want you to imagine luxury clothing shops in Tokyo with that ED song. I'm kinda get it. We're fashion n' shieeeet

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>tfw older sister is autistic, as in literally autistic, as in needs special care and can't live on her own
>tfw almost certainly an accident
>tfw not clinically autistic but instead just a loser

It's kind of a relief knowing I'll never reproduce. At least I won't have to worry about passing on shitty genes.

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Let me try with Darling in the Franxx since it used to be everyhwere.
>group of teenagers in post apocalitpic world get raised in some sorty of academy
>there's a bunch of dinosaurs that are out there wrecking shit, the protagonist's job is to defeat them using mecha
>said mecha can't be piloted alone, so each person needs a partner, for some reason they can't be of the same sex.
>the protagonist partner is 02, which is a girl who falls madly in love with him because he was nice to her when they were kids
>they battle dinosaurs and everything goes well until they find out that the people giving them orders are evil
>also 02 leaves for reasons
>turns out the real enemies were aliens
>they go to space to recover 02 and defeat the aliens
>they defeat them but Hiro and 02 die, but they reincarnate
>the rest of the characters end up marrying and having kids except for the token lesbian and the girl who looks like Asuka

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>picking up fights with random on twitters
This guy ego so fragile

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What do you get out of throwing an autistic tantrum like this?

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I love the barbed penis meme but I'm pretty sure he fucks with his human one.
And I can see Hippo accepting her. He's a very honorable guy.

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These threads make me feel dumb. I barely know how to turn on a computer and download anime

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Try going trough these threads listening to every video posted and you'll find yourself starting to hate the fags who post anything old.
>oh this one is a slideshow
>this has shitty 80's pop or awful character song
>all sorts of stupid shit happening because they hadn't figured out its lame yet

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The economics of the basic premise seem pretty retarded. First of all warring nations tend to accumulate rather massive debt on top of getting their physical assets destroyed and I have hard time seeing how better level of governance could exceed those factors. Second of all if war is avoidable there is an opportunity cost of using workforce for battle so you lose labor input on everything else such as agriculture. Then there is the notion that most deaths result from combat which wasn't true until WWI. Medicine for the most part killed more people than it saved before the accidental invention of antibiotics and the extended lifespan after industrial revolution was mostly caused by better nutrition and hygiene, whereas hunger is still a major issue in the series.

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> liking cringe and autistic personalities merged together
No need to continue your rant anonius

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> fucking slow at start
> soyboy beta cuck mc
> disgusting 2nd role characters as well
> EVIL ELDERS cliche
> mediocre mecha action
I don't understand what is good about this show besides decent main heroine?

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I'm not the one having a conniption over anime databases.

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>rape your waifu

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I probably look like a moron puffing my cheeks while concentrating and frustrated

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now officially

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Your waifu IS pure, right anon?

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Because I just got home after a family dinner and I need to vent out after watching all my cousins be succesful while I'm stuck at a minum wage job

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I intended people to post about existing servants, not ones that haven't appeared in the franchise
>mfw everyone missed the point
I should've been clearer

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