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>Franxx has re-awakened my love for mecha when it was airing
>literally every single fucking mecha that i has watched since then ended up being vastly superior to Franxx, even relatively weak titles like Captain Earth, Hana's EVERYTHING aside

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>good overall
>that shitty fight sequences
>that shitty redesigns forr mechs
>whatever the fuck happened Zeta cuties
>How the fuck are they piloting
>alpha suddenly cares about ningen
>02 suddenly wants to run away from him for some reason
>Apus turns into a giant 02
>02 turns into a statue
>suddenly the ship was a bomb to blow up the VIRM planet
>why didn't it go with Apus?
>Why can't it be remotely detonated?
>All this while a sudden warpgate out of nowhere for a terrestrial race
>suprise attack
>actually takes 8 years
>all that fertiilty symbolism over Kokoro when everyone had babies anyways
>newtype kid out of nowhere
>Virm shallow connection'd Hiro
>Suddenly power of friendship to rescue
>statue shatters and lays a plant
>the disease that children had wished away with ikuno's magic
>everyone had babies
>hringhorn thrown away
>oni hiro had 5 seconds of screen time
>hir02 basically got likee 5 minute total in the last episode
>fight to live
>desire overcomes fate
>rewrite the ending of picture book
>in the end they lived to fight, fate is powerful than desire and didn't even complete the damn picture book
>the prince rod the beast on a jihad mission to the witch
>the witch survives
>mondai nai lol try again
>welp MCs that we developed 24 episodes died but look these cardboard cutouts are happy,isn't that a happy end?
>1000s of years later
>mmmm.... itsuka
>look they reincarnated as literal whos
Jesus Christ, pls sony pajeet, instead of shilling tell your sonykikes just retcon the last 2 episodes already. Its becoming embarassing to even say I liked Franxx.

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I want to forget... I'm trying so hard to forget. Even weeks after it's over and coming to terms that the main couple (not including their resurrected selves) didnt get to live happily ever after in their Oni forms. I'll never forgive Trigger.

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>two big name studios
>mechashit and waifushit to attract teenage boys/manchildren
>romanceshit to attract teenage girls/womenchildren
Accidental or not it was a nu-E7 clone and hence perfect normalfag bait. Too bad it completely shit the bed towards the ending so not many will fondly remember it like how many do E7 today unless they retcon it.

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I want to go back and try again

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This show could've been fantastic if the second half was actually consistent with the first.
Maintain the melancholic, slightly mysterious atmosphere of the first cour to the very end, with no shitty infodumps. Make rapid ageing of entire P13 aside from Hiro and 02 an actual problem to force them to think about the future and what they will leave afterwards. Actually use the fact Hiro is essentially the Parasite messiah, the only person who can potentially rally them against the system. Introduce 001 earlier and allow her to meet with Hiro and 02, make her and Werner's story to be tied to the picture book, remove VIRM and make bitchfight between APE and klaxosaurs an internal klaxosaur conflict between two different factions (male and female) to avoid going to space. Actively use Hiro's saurification for the sake of story. Actually allow the two of them to defeat APE ideologically, by showing them mistakes of their homogeneous society, not just physically.
This way they could've ended the show in extremely bittersweet yet still satisfying way - Hiro and 02 are alive and together forever but all their friends will die from rapid ageing, leaving only their children behind for Hiro and 02 to care about and protect. The last scene could depict Ai encountering Hiro and 02's own child, a small horned boy reading the book re-written by their parents, for which they can even use the whole "a new story begins" narration, as it would be way more thematically fitting.

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>Hiro is still inexperienced about controlling his oni power and desires
>klaxosapiens seem to be a little feral and rough when it comes to mating habits

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That's basically why she decided to leave from the planet without saying him anything too. She saw his entire mind and understood that he criticized the process of fusion klaxxosaurs used for evolution, yet she knew that she will be helpless against his objections, even if he will consciously throw his human life away for her.

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>implying it will be a mare spanking when we're talking about blue oni and not endless nights filled with her mind being broken from endless pleasure, both physical and mental

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>Hiro has displayed a better usage of horns in one episode than 02 in the entire show
dumb red oni

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Dumb fucking Dino with the brain the size of a walnut

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Giant robot with giant robot, where's the enemy one?

Mah niggah.

Despite Apath's enormous size it's still dwarfed by the giant babby-hand form, it's ridiculous to think about how big it is. Maybe it's something like a stampede mode?

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>someone made fanart of the ending I desperately want
It hurts knowing it probably won't happen too.

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Her stand force strangled them and used their life force to power Strelizia instead of mind melding like the rest.
She didn't want to NTR Darling but she had to kill Klaxosaurs so her compromise was to murder the Stamens instead. Long story short, she would rather be a serial killer than impure.

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> probably no blue oni in this episode

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Unfortunately blue oni will never fall in love with Hiro. He doesn't have enough time to tame another wild oni heart and she's not a kid like 02 were you could eternally win her love in one afternoon.
The best we can hope for is a 'so this is the kind of boy my sister likes fufu' or some such remark from her.

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Unfortunately there's not much I can do if I enjoy a show with people I don't like.
The ships are pretty much set in stone for half the cast so I don't even bother engaging with them.

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>they're still giving him replies for free

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I hope they have the fucking decency to kill Goro and Futoshi off before Ichigo and Ikuno start scissoring. Please spare them the shame for fucks sake.

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Hinamatsuri and Hisone are both really nice this season. I'll binge FMP when it finishes airing.
I binged VEG recently and thought it was pretty good. I'll probably work on my backlog because there's nothing else airing I currently want to watch or dropped already. I'm tempted to watch Ao but I've heard it's a bad idea and I loved E7.

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If you play the OP backwards, it's really happy and optimistic.

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Then don't watch it. I don't mind if you don't. Have a good day.

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