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>work out for 5 months
>cannot get rid of my belly fat

I'll give up if this doesn't change in the next 7 months. I even picked up running and try to run at least 5km on my days off.

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I don't remember this and I thought it would be from some time ago from before I browsed /a/. But it's only from 2013. Where does the fucking time go?

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Things only ever get worse anon, be thankful for this small respite before the entire website eventually coming down, not just lolis and shotas.

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All I feel is despair.

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> female villain
> giggles a lot
> is psychotic
> head tilts
> that fucking distinct smile they all fucking have

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>"He seemed to be in pain, irritated and suffering, but also angry as if he was resentful. I heard him saying something like 'you copied it'," a neighbour said.

>The Asahi Shimbun newspaper quoted a 61-year-old neighbour as saying she clearly heard the man shout: "You ripped me off."

Sorry for the English source, but I haven't seen this discussed here yet.

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animators in japan work so hard i honestly can't believe someone would do this kyoani deserved better. gonna watch some kyo animes in solidarity for the fallen, what the fuck happened to people man....

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I would wake the fuck up because dreams don't come true

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Pedophiles left right and center can't complain tho it looks like I'm going down that path

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Are there any jobs where I can get away with watching anime all day? Like night shift security guard or some shit.

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>tfw fujos have already taken over
It was fun while it lasted at least.
I saw it increasing as the anime drew near, I guess it was the point of no return.

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never, just give up like the rest of us

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life is suffering

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>5 years
Fuck. I remember when the first season of the anime was announced. Everybody in these threads were so optimistic. Gr*pefags, schizoposters and miriofags didn't exist. What a good time.

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i'm in a similar situation and just grinded out getting my license. i feel like shit most of the time but it's hopefully starting to turn around. you can make it anon, i believe in you.

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>In the end

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>keeping up with sluggishly released manga
>anticipating upcoming anime
>realize the series is tainted by another daughterwife scenario

Damn it, not again.

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> Genre:
> Fantasy
> Isaeki

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>eva dub on netflix
>board gets flooded with casuals, newfags and crossboarders
I wish mods did their fucking job

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>tfw there'll be more annoying drama shit between them for god knows how many chapters

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> that part where she had to shoot madoka's soul gem

fuck that shit gave me some heavy shit feels

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>Oh I woke up again, Another day huh?

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yea that was totally unexpected

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Anytime a manga gets an anime adaptation, that's basically a death sentence for the threads. Fucking secondaries and other trash come in and ruin everything. Every time.

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