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It's her fault for being born with no talent.

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Isn't it obvious? I'm enjoying myself in anticipation of the new chapter. People who need all thread discussion to remain strictly on topic at all times are most likely new to this site and aren't familiar with how things work.

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>mfw never played wanko's route because she didn't appeal to my dick

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Other sites have everything that isn't lolishit right?
Feels good to be a JKfag.

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>both lesbians and gay men prefer genitals over facial and body features
Sure, that's how it works why not

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ikr shounenfags have a mental problem

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she started it

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They'll make her just enough human to convince Shinji to stop chasing the Rei he loved in 2.0.

Of course she's gonna fucking die, that's kind of the point the Rebuild is trying to make.
Shinji needs to stop chasing the thing he calls Rei and face reality, 3.33 already showed him that he can't undo the past no matter what.

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Low power level western hemisphere faggots are afraid their secret club would be exposed while in the eastern hemisphere animu mango have already been normie tier since god knows when

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I am one irl for nipsongs karaoke, would like to be a dedicated singfag for /a/ sings but alas, can't record anywhere in my house without bothering everyone else due to my autistic screeching

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Other anons are saying that the characters were good but the only character I ever gave a fuck about was Lelouch. I'm disappointed more of them didn't die. Especially the more annoying Black Knights and the useless highschool cast.

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all me btw

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The So Ronerys have been largely usurped by the Incels, but they fortunately haven't gotten quite as firm a foothold yet. Shibboleths like "cuck", "jew", "tranny", etc. aren't nearly as prevalent, so there's still hope.
Well, never mind, we're fucked.

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Well at least you learned something useful during your little invasion.

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useless if you are an ignorant like OP

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>tfw thought this was just some bland shonen with pretty visuals and an interesting premise after season 1 of the anime
>then s. 2 and 3 came
>unironically the most kino show out right now
huh, I guess I can still be surprised by some series

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well at least the soundtrack is nice, soundtrack wise Seed is one of the best, if not the best gundam show

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I laughed at the LN's but only smirked at the anime, make of that what you will

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I know this is just pasta, but it's incorrect. DVD and Bluray as formats are not innately anti-copying. Copy "protection" schemes are often added to them, particularly in a commercial setting, but the formats themselves have no such restriction by default.

Hate the law, not the medium.

Go enjoy your anarchist "paradise" somewhere in bumfuckshithole africa, where the only rules that exist are the ones you can enforce yourself (or can be enforced against you by anyone with more guns).

Like just about everything else in the entire history of everything, the middle ground is the right answer. Neither too far down the "no property ever" nor "everything is property forever" rabbit holes. Fuck your extremism idiocy. It makes things harder for the rest of us.

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>"When are you getting married"
Pretty sure 30+ years old single women have it rough while us men can stay chill with our careers and some junior level employees would flock to us when they know we're single

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shinkai was well known for his gorgeous backgrounds ie "cloud porn" before anything else
it's purely a matter of resources/time spent now, just like it was before
shitty thread, OP should sudoku

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Ass is bland. It has no point to play with.
It's like watching Cross Ange, all boings but no nipples.

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Because Japanese have an unlimited tendency towards seeking and admiring youth for the sake of youth to the point of pedophilia.
It's not so hard to imagine why, since they have a fuck-load of elders in comparison to young people and their population lessens. Any girl in her twenties is considered a "hag". Hell, even above 13 years old is considered a "second option" in the face of a 12 year old or younger for example.
It's pretty fucking weird.

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What's wrong with streaming anime?

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It can't be helped

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