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>camera pans up
Literally makes me wish I couldn’t hear

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OP here, you all have gone to far. If one more of you makes fun of me, she pulls the trigger

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>We're gonna have to deal with these faggots for the entirety of Reverie
Fucking Oda why god why. The Charlottes had some pretty great designs, why the fuck can he only draw villains?

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>CG mechs
Why even bother?

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Do it and she pulls the trigger too.

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I just want /a/ to be fun again
It feels like everyone is too scared to be creative because the mods arbitrarily ban simply because they don't like something
But of course fifty gazillion threads about whatever shonenshit is popular these days are perfectly fine even if they're filled with the worst posts imaginable

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>ywn give give Nanachi an eskimo kiss on her snoot

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I won't know until I get there.

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>you've killed thousands of potential lolis in your lifetime

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Death calls to me.

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>you will never hold her hand and tell her how much you love her before holding her close and pressing your lips to her jaws and feel her tongue slide down your esophagus
Life is suffering

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