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The first two rebuilds were mediocre, but the third was unacceptable. The plot was not only nonsensical it was so vague it might as well be nonexistant, but that's not the problem with it. The reason everyone watched eva was for its characters, and 3.0 flanderized every single one of them that they aren't even recognizeable.
>Rei became the literal doll strawman you see in every eva thread
>Asuka became a generic tsundere
>Misato turned into Gendo 2.0
>Shinji lost all his prior development
>Kaworu was just fanservice
>Ritsuko is still alive for some reason despite being a piece of trash

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I get bummed out whenever I think about this
it had SO MUCH going for it and it went to the shitter mostly because of circumstance

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>5 seconds of some half real mind scene
Nah mate, that wasn't good enough to make up for everything else we got. Doesn't count.

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Yeah I had a lot of fun and am able to enjoy it for what it was, it had a lot of good moments, but it was by no means a "great" show. It was a trainwreck, everything in the second half was an unplanned mess that shit on the good things the first half did. The first half was something like 70/30 fun for the show itself vs discussing and shitposting here, then in the second half it flipflopped to 30/70. It was fun enough that I still enjoy talking about it now.

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SAO was as much a trainwreck as this show though, you either don't remember it being so because you watched it long ago when you were more leniant. It just had a better ending. Well bad for you to fall for seasonal memes. I don't regret watching this anime at all. But then again I never spent hours shitposting in threads of a show I like yet alone watching 24 episodes of a show I don't like as well as discussing about it. This show made me a hopeless romantic making me yearn for what I missed out in high school and looking for whatever romanceshit that can get me to feel the same.

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I'm pretty sure 02 never had a sister. Nor was she even following the ruruus most of the time, or even using scythes as a weapon. Although I do wish the sisters adopted the gremlin.

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did anybody really expect this to be better than E7TV? maybe the movie which was at least dumb fun if you felt like removing it completely from the series.

fuck, I think i'd rather watch the movie again.

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A better way would've been Hiro changing to a Klax, as 02 tries to prevent it imho.

Instead we got VIRM alien bullshit

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It wasn't a bad ending I guess, they just deserved better than what they got. If any show needed a happy ending, it was this one.

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>the whole soul thing should've been foreshadowed as well, that was literally the first we heard of it in the show. I understand it's a thing in Japan but still

Foreshadowing in the second cour was poorly done in general. The soul thing wasn't even the biggest offender, the VIRM were. We got zero foreshadowing for that (and no, certain APE members probably not being human isn't enough to get suddenly dropped into a giant interstellar war at the drop of a hat).

As for the souls themselves, aren't they just digital uploads?

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DuMb dino

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Nobody will forget this show, people rarely forget a show that causes this much autism. I will remember this as that show that baited me with dinolove and then became an absolute trainwreck with one after the other gainax twist and jumping sharks.

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I honestly won't be surprised if the first sakura scene of the anime is actually taken from the epilogue.
Mistletinn still has a roof even now, camera conveniently avoids showing Hiro's face or eyes to not spoil klaxosaur features, they walk in a different direction compared to episode 18.

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Holy, so DUMB

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Very dumb

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I forgot how cute this demon is

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>dinosaur babies.
>not dinosaur lolis and shotas

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That's been the case for over a month, basically since the mods starting pruning threads when there were 50 at a time up, back then at least the shitposters were drown out because of how obvious their threads were compared to the rest, but now they just report non-shitpost threads en masse to make sure the only discussion is awful.
Plenty of 300+ post threads are still getting pruned, usually the more bearable ones to be in.
It is what it is though, jealousy breeds contempt as they say, and there's certainly plenty of anons who show a thin layer of shitposter who you can tell are actually super butthurt that DITF has been successful.

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Klaxosaur "Culture"

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Sasuga. I can't wait for them to go Nuclear.

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