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5toubun no Hanayome? More like 5toubun no Ashgabat because I am going to destroy Ichika's traitorous pussy just like how Genghis Khan's youngest son Tolui pillaged the city of Merv in modern day Turkmenistan. This was part of the mongol's Khorasan campaign, whereby some historians believe that over one million people died in the aftermath of the city's capture, including hundreds of thousands of refugees from elsewhere, making it one of the most bloody captures of a city in world history. Similar to the state of Ichika's pussy when I am done with her (but it will be semen in place of blood because I am not into snuff and I love Ichika).
My excessive love for Ichika is akin to the excess gas in the soviet natural oil field site in Derweze, Turkmenistan. It was so excessive that when the soviet engineers decide to burn the gas off when it was at risk of releasing poisonous gases, it continued to burn till today, contrary of what they had mistakenly assumed that it would burn off in only a few weeks.
Ichika's body is as perfect as the landscape of Turkmenistan, where the country is mostly desert apart from the fringes on its borders. This is akin to Ichika's silky smooth body, only to be disrupted by her unshaven muff on her pubic region.
I also love her so much that I will follow the footsteps of the late turkmen president Saparmurat Niyazov, otherwise known as Turkmenbashi (which means the father of all turkmens, just like how I will be the father of all her babies). I love her so much that I would rename the months of the year after Ichika, build a 50-foot solid-gold statue of Ichika which will always automatically rotate to face the sun, build an ice palace for Ichika in the middle of the fucking karakum desert, and write a spiritual book about Ichika whereby it will be prominently displayed in all bookstores and government offices, and next to the Quran in mosques.

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